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If the ancient world was primitive man finding ways to conquer nature and thus come to dominate his habitat, the modern world has taken things to another level.

The modern state is a construct with interests sometimes at odds with rather than aligned with those of its inhabitants. Some of its minions, the industries, tend toward a parasitic relationship with these inhabitants.

We see this in the medical-pharmaceutical complex where treatment is preferred to cure. Keep buying our costly meds to alleviate your discomforts. But, we’ll keep what causes your discomfort a mystery.

The processed foods industries are another parasite assisting modern states in keeping their colossal population numbers high, at a manageable cost. As a bonus, the cheap manfeed distributed to the masses is a terrible diet for a human being. This in turn keeps the medical-pharmaceutical complex happy with a steady flow of sickly but still living and high paying customers.

We can think of the modern system as a form of autophagy.

Over at In Mala Fide, there is a blog entry called The Paleo Crash Course offering some alternatives to the modern state diet previously addressed. Here are some highlights:

  • minimize grains, corn, soy
  • minimize table sugar, candy, cake
  • peanuts are bad beans not good tree nuts
  • maximize meat and vegetable
  • fill in with fruit and tree nuts
  • monitor your performance with dairy

A simple solution against allowing contemporary society to consume our lives in order to sustain itself is to change our own habits to what extent we are able. By replacing its often dubious products and services with our own knowledge and efforts, we can help to circumvent this false symbiosis.

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