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Working Toward, Not Against

All of us who live in this time struggle with negativity because almost everything we see outside of our homes is failing or has failed and lives on as a zombie impersonation of its former self, achieving none of the greatness while sucking down attention and money on the basis of its position.

In fact, if we talk about “rent seeking” in the West, the ugly fact arises that almost everything is rent-seeking because we have created a System in which these things are important and cannot be displaced for poor performance.

Thus, you pay high taxes to a government that does nothing to fix problems but creates new problems in the name of ideology; you spend years in schools that are the opposite of education to get shreds of paper with credentials; you labor in offices to prove your loyalty for thirty years before you get any chance to make a difference. The System is calcified because instead of allowing nature to sort us, we demanded equality, and that requires a bureaucracy, procedures, and other methods of limiting nature and providing a carrot-and-stick style control system.

No one can feel good about this, so most go into denial. They focus on hobbies or libertine pursuits (alcohol, sex, drugs, shopping, gluttony). They go skydiving or climb mountains to feel alive. They attend BDSM parties in the hope of feeling something. The harder they try, the emptier they become.

Negativity leads us to focus on what we do not like, and miss the bigger picture, which is that all of those specific things in fact have general causes, and those causes relate to policies and the ideology behind them.

Diversity, for example, guarantees conflict and disunity. If you place multiple groups — of any type: religious, ethnic, cultural, racial — in the same society, they will vie for power. Their choice is to be either conquered or conqueror, and being conquered is a dodgy proposition, so they fight for control by any means necessary, including being constantly offended and victimized so that they can demand more from other groups. All of these groups target each other, but first they target the majority. Diversity tears societies apart, but most critics of diversity see only specific groups that they dislike and complain about those, while pretending that other groups would not do the same.

These negative goals however have us fighting symptoms and not root causes, and miss an even bigger point, which is that until we start working toward something, we are merely trying to run away from problems while the Left creates a dozen more to take their place.

We are entering a time where we must pursue affirmative not negative goals:

We don’t believe we must hate others in order to promote our cause. We oppose the sensationalism and virulent language that unfortunately can be found on some sites that speak of saving white people. White people can only be helped by encouraging them to rise to a higher standard in character, thought, speech, deed, and motivation. A truly great people cannot be cut asunder. Therefore, it is our goal to raise a standard in the land and call our people to a life of nobility. The highest act of nobility is to love and fight for the survival of your people.

In other words, it is not enough to oppose aspects of this time; we must instead suggest what we would prefer instead, and work toward that. We can draw people toward a positive vision of the future, but not toward some endless futile struggle like holding back the wave of chaos unleashed by the Left.

White nationalism failed and was replaced by the Alt-Right because white nationalism had no plan. It knew it disliked diversity, but otherwise was OK with the whole mess of modern society, or at least had no other ideas outside of a general gesture toward National Socialism, Fascism, or 1870s conservatism.

We win when we offer something both symbolic and tangible that people want in their lives. They cannot lose what they have, and must have something to gain. Many of the future posts on this site will concern what we should be striving toward.

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