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Why You Can’t Remember 9/10

Bin Ladin won. He won at least a major battle, if not the whole war. No, The Taliban didn’t overrun New York. Ocasio Cortez would have a much better set of manners if he’d put her and all like her, back in their cave. But Bin Ladin did change Amerika in ways that greatly empowered the administrative/managerial state that is eating our soul as a people.

I joked around once with a friend about a thing called The Bin Ladin Tax. This was something we paid each time we had to do some pointless security theatre event that we would never have been stuck with on 9/10. It was how Bin Ladin collected his Dhimmitude tribute as our new lord and master. My buddy didn’t laugh. He agreed. Each of these annoyances costs us something, even if we aren’t opening the virtual wallet and filling up Mr. Goat Porn’s posthumous paypal account. Time, patience, and convenience are all assets. They are all assets we lose when we have to deal with ridiculous additional security and admin costs because Bin Ladin and 9/11.

The USA Patriot Act was an overreaction based in primal fear. We didn’t trust our surroundings anymore. We discovered the hard way that trust lowers transaction costs and makes our lives better, happier and free from pointless stress. Living in fear makes us live closer to the level of suffering third world people. It takes us closer to the level of base subsistence that made Bin Ladin’s thugs into zombie thugs. We become more like Bin Ladin because he has successfully made us put up with his screwed-up world.

The USA Patriot Act became a vehicle for managerial state parasitism. I now have to show my driver’s license to buy a box of Sudafed when my allergies piss off my sinuses. God bless the USSA! I’m proud to be an Amerikan. At least I know I’m fee. I won’t be allowed to forget those rights that are being denied to me. It’s all for the collective good, man. It’s all for the collective good except when it isn’t.

And a lot of times it isn’t. It totally isn’t. I’m not wildly pro-meth or pro burner phone. However, I also think that international terrorism has very little to do with either of these issues. Large sections of The USA Patriot Act has nothing to do with stopping violent, ideological terrorists or religious fanatics from hurting regular people engaged in mundane, daily activities. In other words, a lot of the USSA Patriot Act helps bureaucrats grind a personal axe, rather than keeping me alive against Islamic Terror Attacks. This is not accidental. It is by design.

Just as Sarbanes-Oxley allowed for a lot of economic interference without adding any legal gravamen to the USC by which Kenneth Lay could have been strung up by his short hairs, The USA Patriot Act makes it no more difficult for decent-sized caravans of Hezbollah to migrate North from Tamulipas as mission and opportunity dictate. It was a pure power grab. Like the disingenuous manner in which the proposed Green New Deal is really just a giveaway to traditionally liberal voting blocks, the USSA Patriot Act is pretty much a shopping list for the security state. It is an ideal excuse to steal the supposed rights and liberties we Amerikans were promised in the sacred name of National Security.

Successfully flying three airplanes into three famous buildings was never the real goal of 9/11. 9/11 was designed to accomplish two things: galvanize the morale of Middle Eastern Islamic fanatics and turn America more completly against itself and into Amerika. Bin Ladin could die smiling. Mission accomplished on both of his war aims. The well-executed hit against Bin Ladin doesn’t undo these victories on behalf on iniquity and entropy. The pervasive, confining Orwell State is Bin Ladin’s malediction to Amerika. You can’t remember 9/10 because OBL shot it dead the very next morning.

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