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Why the American Civil War Was Inevitable

History may not repeat exactly but its patterns do because the causes of conflict and decay remain the same, while what is needed to ascend requires both the same approach and a flexible response to changing economic and political conditions. People do the easy, which means conflict and decay.

As we look at a new series of conflicts brought on by the bankruptcy and failure of liberal democracy, it becomes clear that the causes of our future doom have been lurking for a long time, but have been suppressed by those who would rather patch a leaky boat than find a new one.

Our present stage of history is that of mass rule. This means we no longer have aristocrats to mediate between the different needs of different groups, but rely on lottery systems like democracy and consumerism to choose a one-size-fits-all approach that is best for all.

This not only applies to diversity and the fragmentation of nation-states, but to the division of nation-states by types of industries in use in local areas, mirroring the inevitable start of the American Civil War:

By requiring only a Majority to make all commercial & navigation Laws, the five Southern States (whose Produce & Circumstances are totally different from that of the eight Northern & Eastern States) will be ruined: for such rigid & premature Regulations may be made, as will enable the Merchants of the Northern & Eastern States not only to demand an exorbitant Freight, but to monopolize the Purchase of the Commodities at their own Price, for many years: to the great Injury of the landed Interest & Impoverishment of the People: and the Danger is the greater, as the Gain on one Side will be in Proportion to the Loss on the other. Whereas requiring two thirds of the members present in both Houses wou’d have produced mutual moderation, promoted the general Interest, and removed an insuperable Objection to the Adoption of the Government.

George Mason wrote this long before the war started as he formulated a criticism of the original Constitution, but his point stands: nine out of ten people enjoy gang rape. If you put it up to a vote, the victim is outvoted.

In the same way, once the cities become more numerous, they seize everything around them in order to fund their lifestyles. Since they have the numbers and the wealth, it is just too bad for everyone else; whatever the purality wants consumes everyone else.

Following the same pattern, for the past century democracy has captured the vote with the relatively small group that wants collective reward systems paid for by socialized cost, and now that they have spent the various first-world countries into near-poverty, they want full socialism.

Our species suffers from a lack of structural and transcendental thinking. When one views a nation as a structure, and not a series of disconnected events relative to how convenient they are right now for hte individual, the need for different industries being independent becomes clear.

The narcissistic human ego however, afraid of the risk to the safety of its mental state, lashes out with the demand that risk itself be abolished through collective reward systems like egalitarianism, socialism, and democracy.

These raise marginal costs to the point where the productivity of the center is eaten up, impoverishing the group, at which point it turns to war so that it can take in more loot and subsidize itself for another day. That weakens the group by crushing its internal variation.

As we come out of the age of democracy, people will suddenly catch the drift that every vote suppresses variation in order to enforce a one-size-fits-all rule on everyone, and this causes us to lose sight of a goal, at which point we fight over marginal activities until they drain us.

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