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Why People Go “Woke”

For those who are late to Crowdism and its effect on humanity, it makes sense to recognize that a new perspective is taking over in the years of democracy failing.

We no longer look at tokens as real, or even as honest communications. We recognize the primal inversion: that people talk about what they wish were true, and therefore slowly ban mention of what is true.

When people tell you something, it is to convince you, and in crossing that boundary between minds, it changes meaning to its opposite. Someone who says “I am successful” is saying “I fear I am not successful,” but others hear an affirmation, so meaning is lost instantly.

Even more, we are starting to see the world not only as determined by genetics, since this is the blueprint of nature, but as consisting of structures for managing other people on a social level. Politics just runs cover for this.

This requires that we look at the motivations behind political opinions as expressed, which means not taking them at face value, but seeking to discover what they hope to achieve, such as wokeness as a behavioral not political trope:

What is really needed at this point is what the self-described woke only pretend to possess: a credible explanation for their own behavior.

For young black Americans, the underlying appeal of woke ideology—and especially of its case for systemic racism—is the very opposite of the freedom it pretends to seek: an excuse for not having to be responsible for one’s own success or failure.

With little educational preparation for the inevitable conflict between academic ideology and the sense of a deeper reality, Critical Race Theory is clung to with a ferocity that any genuine conviction would never require.

We see a few common attributes of Leftism here: wokeness is unstable, since any working alternative disproves its necessity, which since it is conjectural (“if you do this, Utopia awaits”) makes it less desirable.

In addition, it is messianic, or promises a hidden truth that makes everything better. It is evangelical, meaning that it convinces those infected with it that their only chance of joy involves spreading it to others.

Even more, it conceals a simple simian need to dominate others. If you have the hidden truth which brings Utopia, this justifies you doing whatever you want to others, since you are covered by the aegis of meaning well.

Perhaps something else is at play, however: projection, or how people tell us what they wish were true or intend to be true as if it were actually true in the present tense.

What might wokeness be concealing with its projection? Possibly the reality of what threatens Black people:

For instance, in 2019, 39.6% of murders were committed by blacks (29.1% by whites and 29.3% unknown). In other words, 13.4% of the population committed at least 40% of the murders. And that statistic, itself, is misleading. Young men are far and away the most common culprits. Like it or not, young black men are involved in a disproportionate number of violent crimes. Blame it on systemic racism. Blame it on poverty. Blame it on absentee fathers and the breakdown of families.

At the same time, young black men need to recognize that the real danger is not law enforcement, even though there may be the occasional racist cop. The real danger for the young black man is other young black men.

In other words, wokeness is denial, and with denial comes scapegoating. If the problem is that African-Americans lag behind by every economic indicator and are killing each other, blame Whites like the Nazis blamed Jews, Occupy Wall Street blamed the Rich, or the French peasants blamed their Kings.

Periodically we even see an admission of this frustration in public, as in the case of a particularly pointless shooting:

Rodney Thomas said his 27-year-old daughter, Kadedra Thomas, was shot multiple times in the back but was expected to survive.

“I’m angry, I’m hurt, I’m relieved, I’m disappointed with the Black community, with our young people nowadays, how they just don’t value life,” Thomas said.

In other words, wokeness represents an attempt to explain the failure of diversity as “systemic racism,” when in fact diversity seems to be failing on its own, not only through violence within racial groups but in violence between them.

Diversity causes stress. One group gets to define how society operates, and this benefits that group since they created it for themselves, but other groups behave differently and need different social structures.

Minority groups facing this either have to abolish what they are and behave like a conquered group obeying the behaviors of its masters, or they can resist, knowing that this means that they will be perpetually poorer and weaker.

Since no one wants to be conquered, they opt to conquer, but do it through guilt since they are striking from a position of less power. For this reason, they need to scapegoat the majority for the failures of minority groups.

They will even do this when groups other than the majority attack them. The majority, as the group supposedly sponsoring this civilization, holds a responsibility for the welfare of minority groups and therefore, gets blamed.

Wokism exists as a form of denialism, or belief that our society is on anything like a correct path. Denialists will sacrifice anything in order to keep the mental image that civilization is doing something positive.

Since diversity has become incorporated into our civilization, they need to find someone else to blame — other than diversity, the real culprit — for the failure of this obviously nonsensical policy.

Out of that comes the attack on the “systemic racism” by the woke activists. They must find someone to blame for diversity failing as it always does, and have conveniently targeted those that they want to conquer.

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