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  • Town of Jabiru on Kakadu’s outskirts handed to local Mirarr people in ‘monumental moment’

    People need to wake up to the reality of being human, which is that we are a race (Cro-Magnid) and every other race, including these Dravidians, is at war with us or at least trying to replace us. You can have one race and ethnic group per society, and if you allow even trace admixture, that society gets destroyed. No Irish, no Abos.

  • Wirecard: a record of deception, disarray and mismanagement

    Welcome to your new economy. The internet extended media control worldwide, diversity erased any cultural restraints, and Leftist demand-based economies made hype into profit, allowing even the selling of debt. Now only having enough people believing in value matters, and actual value has gone away with the past.

  • China hits out at Western ‘colonialism’ as it backs Argentina’s claim to Falkland Islands

    Like the end of most things, the collapse of worldwide democracy has manifested as all of the miscellaneous people without purpose — the mutated, impoverished, third world, homosexuals, transgenders, weak men, mannish women, stupid, neurotic, schizoid, and greedy industrialists — against the few sane ones remaining. The third world wants to unite to replace us, so it can be mediocre without competition.

  • How mob attacks on social media are silencing UK teachers

    After years of destroying the livelihoods, families, friendships, housing, and futures of Right-wingers, the Left starts weeping as soon as some of their own find themselves on the receiving end of tweetstorms and email campaigns. Turnabout is fair play, you wimp morons.

  • UK deaths outnumber births for first time in 40 years

    We see the same thing wherever industrialized democracy takes root, including the US. Could it be that living as an equal cog in a machine dedicated to nothing transcendent kills people off?

  • NYPD investigating vandalism of the George Floyd statue in Brooklyn as a hate crime

    Egalitarianism favors the weak at the expense of the strong, which means that people can tear down historical statues with impunity, but if someone does the same to a Hero of the Weak Pets like career criminal George Floyd, who died of a fentanyl overdose while being arrested, panic and “hate crimes” charges result.

  • Amazon and Google probed over efforts to stop fake reviews

    People dedicated to anything other than realism have one strategy: create a narrative, and punish those who deviate from it while rewarding those who repeat it. Just like political correctness, critical race theory, and fact-checking “fake news,” the Leftist industrialists are busy deleting unfavorable reviews.

  • Police thwart multiple terrorist attacks on Tel Aviv Pride parade

    We do not hear about who the attackers were, but the Hazon group joins Lehava in resurrecting actual Judaism to replace the Pharisaic “woke” version that has felt obligated to exist since the end of WW2. Religion tells us to aim for the good, like one father and one mother in a family, because this alone functions consistently. Then again, Jesus would remind us to simply leave homosexuals alone to both enjoy life and face their own lonely fate.

  • Rio Tinto accused of allowing irreplaceable Indigenous artefacts to be dumped in rubbish tip

    It is funny how almost no one seems to care about these heritage sites until they become multi-million dollar mines. Then, since there is money to be taken, the lawyers appear and previously insignificant areas become important heritage sites. In reality, third world populations are living off the first as parasites.

  • Nevada counties join anti-federal government sheriff’s group

    Out there, the mood feels very 1840s. The cities have hijacked the federal government and are using it to make their industries take over the rest of the country, which simply wants the cities to leave it alone. Maybe future generations will make an Amendment saying that cities must stay under 100,000 people.

  • Polish lower house passes bill that will limit Jews’ property restitution claims

    How is that eighty years after the war ended, we are still settling these property disputes? Poland recognizes that if you create a legal claim, someone will show up to participate, and that this will never end. They have tired of the internationalists from the US raiding them coffers for war guilt from decades ago.

  • Taliban gains drive Afghan government to recruit militias

    This should end in comedy. The usual historical pattern: the militias are also Taliban, at which point government gets taken over from within, and after a brief period of mass executions, restores itself as a the “new, improved” Taliban-friendly-but-not-really-Taliban-honest leadership.



  • First COVID-19 case could have emerged in China in Oct 2019

    People on the American coasts — there are three — started getting this weird flu in November of 2019, which is when I had it. It’s nasty, but survivable, unless you are obese or otherwise have one foot in the grave. The narrative unravels now that the election steal is being discovered.

  • Biden says future patriots face lost cause against tyranny; U.S. has ‘F-15s,’ ‘nuclear weapons’

    Typical of his Tammany Hall mentality, Biden has only one plan: seize the power and milk it. Leftists do not see the future, only the near-past and present, while conservatives see a larger “donut” of time including past and future. This means that we have a tyrannical regime which must be overthrown by any means necessary.

  • Dutch PM Rutte: No place in EU for Hungary with anti-LGBT law

    How dare they not follow us in our folly! Do they not realize that this makes us look foolish, or worse, incompetent, if it turns out that they are right? The decaying democracies of Western Europe want to force everyone into the civil rights program that guarantees perpetual Leftist power.

  • Rudy Giuliani suspended from practice of law in New York

    The cities always swing in favor of the industrialists and the bourgeois middle classes who love jobs and want to work for the industrialist corporations. Consequently, they are willing to gamble with their institutions in order to damage those who are pointing out their lies. They think they are clever.

  • Common plant fiber gel doubled rate of tumor eradication

    Traditional diets built up our gut biome so that we were cancer-resistant. Modern food, which is both over-processed and leans heavily toward carbohydrates and vegetable fats, destroys this gut biome, letting in all sorts of horrific diseases.

  • The British couples who paid £40,000 for a child from Ukraine’s hellish baby factory

    Democracy makes people into megalomaniacs. Instead of thinking what fits their needs, they think only of what creates the perfect appearance of success so that they do not fall into the void of conformity, anonymity, isolation, alienation, anomie, and uniformity that equality creates. They treat children like baubles.

  • Teens beating people up in Saratoga Springs for Snapchat fame

    When you have culture and social hierarchy, life makes sense and people live toward fulfilling the culture and therefore rising in the hierarchy. With equality and diversity, we have nothing to live for but our fifteen minutes of fleeting fame on an internet of people worldwide as lost as we are.

  • Tasks, Automation, and the Rise in US Wage Inequality

    Automation taking our jerbs? It already happened over the past forty years as repetition-heavy tasks got replaced by robots. Watch what happens in the next generation, as most of the office jobs to which these people have fled in turn become replaced by computers. Technology has rendered our economy obsolete.

  • US ranks last among 46 countries in trust in media

    In the East, centralized authority seizes control of news agencies and turns them into propaganda organs. In the West, government entitlements and diversity create dependents who then want to read about how the system is working, the propaganda is real, and replacing Whites will save us all. The latter is more effective.

  • US economy grows 6.4% in Q1, and it’s likely just the start

    How do we reconcile this with the terrible jobs reports from our last news update? The economy “grew” on paper because of speculation, as is common with demand-based economic systems like the Left adores; however, this shows profit by selling exist things, instead of production of new, which is why this will go up then down.

  • Elephants’ 500km-trek across China baffles scientists

    This only baffles idiots. When species feel encroachment — noise, hunters, roads, pollution, construction — they set out for someplace new, and there is no point going next door. They make like New Yorkers and move to South Carolina or Californians and move to Texas, not like Detroiters moving to Bloomfield Hills.

  • Russian jets and ships shadow British warship

    Putin does not realize this, but he is signaling weakness. China seduced the American Left, and Russia wants to adopt the American Right, but when these nations break out of the passive-aggressive mold and become active, it shows that they are desperate as their own fragile systems collapse.



  • The risks of introducing an ‘exotic’ species

    Invasive species lack the special adaptations that indigenous species do. These adaptations allow them to be more efficient; invasive species have to be more voracious because they are less efficient, but that also makes them more effective and prone to breed more. Native species get destroyed, then invasive species die out from lack of resistance to variations in the environment. Rinse and repeat.

  • Court tosses lawsuits against store in Texas church killing

    The Left intends to achieve gun control by suing those who manufacture or sell guns and ammunition. Why pass a law when you can simply drive the product out of the market? Texas and other states are realizing that unless they defend the sellers and manufacturers of these products, the Left will backdoor gun control.

  • ‘There’s nothing wrong with being conservative. To call me fascist was ludicrous’

    The edges of entertainment culture realize that their most promising audience starts with the rebels, and once they win those, others will follow. Taking a stand for realism now has more cool than demanding more obedience to the obvious consumerist-communist lies of a dying system.

  • Trump: A ‘Group Of People’ Not Biden, Is Running The Country, And Destroying It

    This man always knows more than he let on. To steal election 2020, a great deal of money and power was required, and that required a cabal stretching between industry, China, and American Leftists. These now stand to be revealed, which is why all sorts of chaos is reigning out there.

  • Global COVID-19 Vaccines Industry

    The panic to steal election 2020 just created a $120bn industry. Who will pay for this? The voters who slept through the last 150 years of Leftist theft, corruption, and manipulation will. They will of course busily vote to borrow the money so their mixed-race, low-IQ, and transgender great-grandkids can deal with that problem.

  • Hundreds protest against Czech police over Roma man’s death

    Everywhere diversity is tried, this pattern plays out: minority groups depend on the majority, but hate them for being in control, so attempt to seize control by playing the victim, but once they get enough power, eradicate the majority. Diversity is a path to death and nothing else.

  • The future of healthcare and bias in genomic research

    Political correctness prohibits mentioning genetic differences between groups, like racial and ethnic groups, and individuals, such as those from different social classes. However, the future of medicine requires understanding these differences in order to get effective treatment to people. Democracy and its pretense of equality yet again stands in the way of quality.

  • Deprogramming of January 6 Defendants Is Underway

    Court-appointed lawyers are forcing critical race theory on January 6th defendants, most of whom were not there for race-related reasons but to protest the Leftist takeover of our country. In the meantime, almost all of the Leftists who rioted all summer have faced absolutely zero penalties. This is a Communist takeover, not a trial and election.

  • Pandemic drives largest decrease in U.S. life expectancy since 1943

    Reading between the lines: COVID-19 killed minorities more, probably because of greater obesity and worse general health, including nutrition, since when you riot and burn down your neighborhood every ten years, all the stores go away. Any flu would have done this; these people had one foot in the grave already.

  • Junk food TV adverts to be banned before 9pm

    Everything is feeling sort of unstable and… fashy… out there. Freedom has failed because freedom encourages the individualism that obliterates culture, leading to predatory industry, bureaucratic takeover, diversity, and eventual communism. The pendulum is swinging back and this time, will break free of its anchor and fling itself toward strong power.

  • ‘Italy is a secular country’, Draghi rebukes Vatican over LGBT bill criticism

    In a traditional society, religion + culture + ethnicity are one and the same, as we see in Judaism today, which is why White people envy it. Now that Italy has adopted a foreign religion from Israel, it cannot say that its faith is inseparable from Italian-ness, and therefore, the country will go secular and support individualistic liberalization of standards.

  • Coke’s make-your-own labels allow ‘White lives matter’ but ban ‘Black Lives Matter’

    Since Coca-Cola has told us to “be less White,” we want them dead, bankrupt, and destroyed. It will take a Fortune 50 company like this going into the abyss for industry to realize that it cannot turn its back on heritage Americans. Never forgive, never forget.



  • European Parliament gives green light to EU Climate Law

    Leftists want another “blank check” agenda that will allow them to seize all power and wealth. First they had anti-poverty, then civil rights, now transgenders. All of these “Wars for Equality” simply serve to keep Leftists in power despite having bankrupted these states and avoided all of the real problems in order to chase ghosts from the past.

  • Cancel Canada Day: Marches protesting Indigenous injustice held in multiple cities

    This year, the Leftist talking point involves replacing national holidays like the Fourth of July and Canada Day with holidays dedicated to minorities, so that Whites serve the State as a conquered group. The people with money intend to rule from behind the scenes with a series of minority-ethnicity leaders.

  • Poorer white pupils let down and neglected

    While government has been busy chasing the diversity agenda, it has systematically neglected the part of its White population which lacks the money to buy its way into gated communities and professional credentials. It wants these people gone and replaced with permanent Leftist voters, since that way consumerism and industry can expand without limits.

  • Vivek Ramaswamy: Woke, Inc: Why I’m blowing the whistle on how corporate America is poisoning society

    Corporate America wants dumb, docile, and greedy people to use as cheap labor and to whom they can sell mediocre products at high markup. Government will use these people to vote for more free stuff, then borrow money to redistribute, at which point more is spent so the economy “grows” in theory. This has created a Potemkin economy with a circular Ponzi scheme.

  • A Black WWII veteran who was denied the Purple Heart due to racism finally receives the honor at 99

    Another one-sided report with absolutely no confirmation from documents at the time. Most likely, this man was injured when a missile damaged the vehicle he was in and received a head gash from that, then did not get his John Kerry style Purple Heart. Instead, this has become a teachable moment for the anti-Whitists.

  • Supreme Court rules for cheerleader in case involving school rules, free speech on social media

    This brings some promise of sanity back to the schools who keep penalizing kids for stuff they post on social media that is unrelated to the schooling, such as criticism of diversity. As more people speak openly about how diversity has failed and equality is nonsense, this issue will heat up again.

  • Covid: Ivermectin to be studied as possible treatment in UK

    COVID-19 served to justify lots of mail-in votes so that Leftists could steal the election, and for that reason, anything that Trump mentioned as a treatment had to be ignored. Now that most people no longer care about the panic, and the election seems safely burglarized, scientists are looking into these treatments that could have ended the engineered freakout too early.

  • Google’s reported ties to Wuhan linked scientist points to one of the ‘biggest scandals’ of our time

    Big Tech realized that with Trump in charge, the internet industry would be recognized as worthless and replaced with actual production instead of more mindless consumerism supported by Communist-style wealth redistribution. They engineered this fraud.

  • Florida students will be taught that communism is evil, DeSantis says

    Perhaps we should simply teach them that Communism murders millions, socialism always leads to poverty, and democracy slowly drives people insane by making them into directionless egomaniacs. Maybe even teach that diversity never does anything but destroy civilizations. Now that the Left has weaponized education, it can be pointed back at them for their failures.

  • Raucous Virginia school board meeting on transgender rights cut short

    Parents tire of seeing schools be used as ideological propaganda platforms. Someone should ask them what they thought that schools attempting to “educate” people with IQs in the 90s would teach (but voters never actually think). When you have idiots, you teach them simple propaganda that they can repeat to get jobs, since they will never have actual skills.

  • Scientists identify 29 planets where aliens could observe Earth

    Aliens probably watch Earth with great interest. They are seeing a species trying to make a crucial decision: does it give up on mob rule and accept a hierarchy of competence, allowing it to get to the stars, or does it insist on fighting like monkeys over crumbs, dooming it to die out in irrelevance and dysgenics in the rotting dystopia made by democracy, diversity, equality, and socialism?

  • First-time socialist candidate India Walton likely to become Buffalo’s next mayor

    When your city gains over 20% of one minority group, that group becomes the swing vote, and therefore controls elections. This is the back door in democracy. With a fifth of the population being Black, a Black candidate will always be elected, and those will be socialist because they will take money from Whites and redistribute it.



  • Hong Kong police arrest man for sedition over protest flag

    The Leftist playbook never changed. The Comintern of the 1930s has become the globalist, capitalist, and yet entitlements state (a.k.a. socialist) New World Order of the present day, and it takes over by declaring anything off-narrative to be taboo and punishing those who fail to obey enough. Protest flags in Hong Kong are like Confederate flags in the USA.

  • 153 Houston Methodist workers out of jobs after vaccine protest

    These nurses brought a clown show of a lawsuit which was too politically controversial to get anywhere, but in the long term they will be vindicated as the side effects of this vaccine come out simultaneously with the realization that COVID-19 was a political psyop that was never a serious threat. Then the real lawsuits begin.

  • ‘Heartbreaking’ conditions in US migrant child camp

    Perhaps the first rule of Leftist Club is never to mention Leftist Club, but the second rule is to throw anyone weakened under the bus, just like (quelle suprise) the rule in baboon troupes and monkey hordes. Sensing weakness, the Leftist press has begun to distance itself from Joe Biden, which may be simply because he has served his purpose already.

  • Hong Kong pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily to shut down operations by midnight

    Ideologies produce narratives to explain themselves because in strict realistic terms, ideologies are conjectural and wholly optional. For that reason, they must be forced upon people. Hong Kong was once a prosperous place. No one will remember, only able to read the official history that says it was always part of China, like Taiwan and Washington, D.C.

  • US Navy’s powerful shock exercise harms marine mammals

    Often the hippies are right even when they are wrong. We need a strong military, but not at the expense of wildlife. The last eight decades have showed us open-air nuclear testing, mass pollution, escaped biological warfare agents, and wastelands of minefields. War will never be good, but we need to find a way to wage it without waging ecocide as well.

  • Sister of woman, 19, shot dead by cop at Juneteenth parade in exchange of fire says he is not to blame

    The organizers of these Leftist protests have a lot to answer for, since they used these protesters as disposable weapons against the remaining functional parts of America, many of which predictably returned fire.

  • ‘Urban green space affects citizens’ happiness’

    Our time has become so rigidly driven by social consensus that we require scientific studies to tell us the obvious. Cities kill the enjoyment of life because they scoop out the middle of life between extreme pleasures and extreme boredom; everyday contentment goes away in the anonymity (oops… “equality”) and fearfully obedient conformity.

  • ‘This is genocide to the first peoples’: hundreds more graves found outside a former residential school

    They always claim that it is genocide, but is it? No one has investigated why these graves exist. If the schools were in operation for decades, and children died from diseases including those related to parental alcoholism, it entirely makes sense that they would have been buried nearby. Claims like “genocide” need strong proof.

  • Millions become millionaires during Covid pandemic

    Those who already owned things during this pandemic saw the value of their holdings go up; those who lived paycheck-to-paycheck became insolvent, even after paying down their debt. In the long term, this means that the Baby Boomers will get a nice fat retirement by selling their properties and stocks, but everyone else will own nothing and like it.

  • Aging Finland seeks to attract skilled immigrants

    Why are these countries aging? First, because they had a Baby Boom which was followed by fewer children as divorce, drug use, promiscuity, megalomania, careerism, alcoholism, rootlessness, and other 1960s innovations hit the population; next, because since that time, people have stopped breeding as much because they have no hope and are being crushed by entitlements taxes.

  • Legal experts worldwide draw up ‘historic’ definition of ecocide

    Our egalitarian legal systems recognize only crimes against individuals, not intangibles like nature, history, culture, genetics, social order, and natural order. Consequently, we have no words or laws to protect nature. How about we just leave half of everything as it was before humanity arrived? That way, we can exist, but so can our beautiful world and its life-forms.

  • Mystery as Chinese spymaster Dong Jingwei ‘REAPPEARS’ amid rumours he’d fled to US with Wuhan lab leak secrets

    These stories vanished quickly. It remains unclear whether Dong Jingwei fled to the US, or whether he was the nastiest of all espionage tricks, the fake double agent who redefected, a favorite tactic of the KGB during the Cold War.



  • Lead from leaded petrol persists in London air despite ’90s ban

    Contrary to the human “out of sight, out of mind” fear of intangibles, pollutants do not simply go away. They linger, and get stirred up again, at least until we find some way of filtering them out or fixing them in an inert form. Despite being banned thirty years ago, lead from gasoline engines continues to plague the UK and almost certainly elsewhere as well.

  • Roma people are fleeing Romania for US-Mexico border to escape persecution

    Humanity works against itself because any time someone makes something nice, everyone else shows up to take advantage of it. We might call this the “California problem” because once California was civilized, it filled up with idiots and grifters fast. America and Europe have become the dumping ground for humanity because democracy has disabled their immune systems.

  • Sludge in the Garden: Toxic PFAS in Home Fertilizers Made From Sewage Sludge

    Once we introduce chemicals to our environment, we either have to wait for them to break down or find some way to seize them and isolate them. The toxic industrial chemicals in our food and commercial products will be with us for a very long time.

  • M&S underwear inspired by George Floyd: High Street giant launches ‘inclusive’ range

    Companies chase trends because their employees compete internally to come up with new and profitable ideas while industry became stagnant long ago. What is “new” in underwear? Not much, so instead of accepting that and downsizing, industry grows large (to deal with costs imposed by government) and keeps churning out “new” headline-grabbing products destined for landfill.

  • How New York City Republicans Profit by Losing

    Republicans gave up on winning after the world wars, realizing that the West was headed into the abyss of democracy, equality, diversity, and socialism. Since conservative ideals reject all of those, there was no place for functional Republicans, and instead the party filled up with grifters who have no hope of winning but take your donations anyway.

  • How farmers and scientists are engineering your food

    Since government eats up a third of everything, the relentless push to lower costs has spurred humans to attempt unwise experiments with food, not just the processed junk we eat but genetic engineering, pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, antibiotics, and hormones. We will poison ourselves in a quest for an affordable life after government takes its cut.

  • Young men in South Korea feel victimised by feminism

    Few people realize that Leftism opposes normal, healthy, sane, and balanced life. It rises from discontent and depends on alienation to perpetuate itself. Once it takes hold, all natural processes cease and are replaced by human social procedures, benefiting industry and those who have the power, since now they have total control.

  • New position statement declares that sleep is essential to health

    How will anyone get any sleep in a land of constant stress, blaring horns, screaming sirens, helicopters clattering overhead, and constant ghetto crime raging all around? Part of the control mechanism involves keeping us exhausted while we repeat slogans which deny reality, such as “diversity is our strength” and “we have freedom.”

  • How Big Tech created a data ‘treasure trove’ for police

    Twenty-first century solutions involve centralized control over decentralized elements. Why have a Stasi, when you can induce your population to sign up to Facebook through their iPhones and track them that way? These companies will gladly hand over information about badthinkers.

  • EU to lift its ban on feeding animal remains to domestic livestock

    Out of a perceived need to reduce the cost of meat and dairy in order to compete with the third world, the EU has decided that animals can be fed the carcasses of other livestock. This practice was banned in the past after prions spread through the meat supply, but we are rolling the dice again because money is at stake and democracy needs money badly.

  • U.S. Military Training Document Says Socialists Represent “Terrorist” Ideology

    Considering that socialists killed a hundred million people last century, the military has not made a mistake, but it turns out that they are simply looking for a reason to bash National Socialists. How about we depoliticize the military except for teaching them to SAT CONG?

  • Juneteenth menu at Atlanta Ikea angers Black employees

    While we all tire of the pretentious passive-aggressive offense taken by minority groups as a means to seize power, they have a point here. “The menu included items such as fried chicken, watermelon, mac and cheese and collard greens.”




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