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Why are modern people narcissistic and useless?

I find myself asking: why is it that people online are such irrational, queeny bitches?

The answer: like people in our society, they’re narcissistic and delusional, but it’s easier to do online because you can claim to be a King and no one will immediately know the difference.

People think they gain points by making niggling criticisms, spouting big words, spouting small words, repeating media memes, making dumb jokes, acting “unique,” being dramatic… don’t you realize it’s a trap?

Sick people want you to waste your life. They want to drag you down. Nothing makes them happier than seeing you stumble over your own feet, tangled up in a net of their bullshit. They win / YOU LOSE , and that’s the end of it. It makes them feel better about being losers.

I see a lot of this behavior on this forum, but it’s 25% of the time here versus 55% of the time at the other forums I like.

I see a lot of this behavior in metal, now, and it explains why all metal now is liberal and inconsequential. There is literally nothing good coming out, except the “exceptions” who have been around for decades. Gimme a break. Rock music is just as bad.

Durrrrr… maybe traps take a long time to spring… from 1968 to 2008… making people complete narcissists.

Think of it this way:

Someone learns to do something, like make great metal or start a society. Others who come after can only see the effects, not what motivated this person.

They pretend to be that person and imitate his gestures, not his ideas. How monkey!

Soon you have idiots competing for appearance, not knowing that they’ve killed the goose that laid the golden egg.

No wonder humanity hates itself. The stupidity is oppressive.

For you the person reading: the trap is out there. People want you to think you’re a Big Deal without having done anything important, like having written a black metal album as good as Burzum. You being a Big Deal comes at the cost of everyone else being a Big Deal, so you’re all equal — and equally non-important now. You can trade your MySpace bands and no one is going to care about any of them. It’s a trap.

The only way to escape the trap is to get over yourselves. You can do it through philosophy, but only applied with discipline — not while you’re listening to Portal, playing your ironic WOW character and posting to some dumbass metal forum. You need to get over yourselves.

Some Dumb Forum

The disease of modernity is one of introversion.

Our gadgets do the work; we command them; we master nature; now the question is: what’s in our souls?

Most people have garbage in their souls. So they do stupid unproductive things like drive around in RVs, bang hookers and deal drugs, listen to moron music, and so forth.

Other people, trying to compete with them, start imitating their narcissism. The result is chaos.

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