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More election fraud: coercing the mentally retarded vote

[B]us loads of mentally retarded and severely handicapped patients from a state funded facility called The Caswell Center were being transported to the voting location and their black democratic state employee aids were voting for them. They claimed they were assisting; but, how can institutionalized mentally retarded patients know how to vote much less make a reasonable logical decision? Most of them cannot read or write and many of them are also blind.

Daily Paul

Here’s The Caswell Center in all of its glory.

What a dirty election, and so close! — the candidates must not be that different. Yet one ascribes to an insane Neo-Stalinist denial of reality, and the other is basically a party man and conservative in the sense that he won’t deviate from what has worked for the last eight years — which most of the nation does not believe has worked.

Yet it’s clear it won’t solve anything because the system itself is so entrenched: lobbyists, media influencing votes, the vast armada of clueless entitlement-seekers, and so on. This country is awash in parasites, like a dying dog.

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