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Who Sent The Bombs? Theory #2

Why Some Lefty Might Have Sent Them
See Also Theory #1: Why A Crazy Rightist Might Have Sent Them

Someone mailed bombs to a number of Leftists and yet these bombs all failed to go off, or even be in a state where they could detonate. My apologies if being repetitive represents a poor writing technique. My immediate question wasn’t “Are the dearies Ok?” It was more along the lines of an epitaph that supposedly graced a tombstone up on an Old West Boot Hill. “He kept on asking for it until he got it.” Of course they didn’t really get it. They got the Obama Stimulus Plan equivalent of terrorist mail bombs. Like the Obama Stimulus Plan, they got lots of media and had no legitimate positive effect.

This is truly the work of a saboteur or an idiot. If it were a Leftist, it was the most obvious and over-the-top False Flag every run up the media flag pole. Why the psy-op right in the middle of this huge, unstoppable Blue Wave? Umm, about that Blue Wave…. Here is why a Leftist may have attempted to pull this off.

  1. The Left has a very low opinion of the intelligence of most Amerikans. I understand this more than some other Leftist beliefs There are a veritable herd of NPC morons out there waiting to be programmed by the Chyron beneath some disingenuous “news” program. The world gets more enstupidated on an annual basis. We will enjoy the advantages of modern plumbing and sanitation until we intellectually degenerate to the point where not enough of us will be capable of maintaining them. The Alt-Right sees a problem, the Cuck Right bows to inevitability, and the Left sees a bongo fugging marketing opportunity.
  2. Stupid can be useful. Particularly in a system that equates popularity to power. You program the nose-picker NPCs by getting that big lie all over cable news and The Drudge Report. Get all of your polls into the RCP average, demoralize your enemies and win every election! It’s so simple even a Leftist can do it.
  3. But the problem here is that the Dems are looking like the obvious bad guys this time out. People are thinking that maybe Brett Kavanaugh could be their son, their husband, their brother, or their dad. They take one look at the growing migrant caravan and see Alaric and The Visigoths coming to alter the definition of what it is to be a Roman. The RCP Average isn’t stocked with their pet polls anymore. You have to reverse this and bring back the propaganda meme of the Big Orange Pussy-Grabbing ¡HITLER! What would a Nazi do? Mail out bombs to all the Leftists he didn’t like. The only one this guy missed was Rosie O’Donnell. But have patience. The false-flag is still young.
  4. So we need to change what is being said in a loud manner. The Left needs to grab the mic and reassert their usual media dominance. The bad news had to be ripped from the screens. We need to talk about what The Left needs you to talk about. How else do learn to properly love Big Brother? You can’t program the NPCs without the proper lines of code.
  5. So therefore we get these unworkable, highly-symbolic bombs getting sent to targets that they could never actually endanger. But it sure got lots of attention.

    Crude pipe bombs targeting Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama, CNN and others were intercepted Tuesday night and Wednesday in a rash of attacks two weeks before nationwide elections that could reshape Congress and serve as a referendum on the first two years of President Donald Trump’s presidency. The devices, which officials said shared a similar design, were aimed at prominent Democrats and a cable news network often criticized by political conservatives. A similar device was found Monday at the New York compound of liberal billionaire George Soros, a major contributor to Democratic causes.

So in conclusion, there is non-zero probability that this was entirely a Leftist False-Flag operation. These bombs effectively detonated something every Leftist would like to see destroyed. They blew up a news cycle that was running counter to their electoral interests. Here’s my theory of how this all went down.

  1. The Left is having to work a lot harder than it is used to to maintain their narrative. They are victims of entropy that eats away at their Cathedral.
  2. They are running out of lies and people are more adept at sniffimg out their gaslighting. Kavanaugh would never have gotten onto the USSC back in the 1970s. The real Trump factor involves a GOP that actually fights back against these tactics and reveals the lies in a public setting.
  3. The Left needs a big election win in 2018 to refute and contain Trump. Six weeks ago, they had it. They were talking a sixty seat gain in the House of Representatives. They had the momentum until the day Amerika learned to loathe Christine Blasey Ford.
  4. So the Democrats and the rest of The Left in general were out of ideas, low on air speed and running short of political altitude. It was either throw a Hail Satan Pass or eject, eject, eject. Let’s all hope that their parachute is as defective as their last-gasp political “mail bomb spree.”

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