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Genesis Of An Economic Ethnostate

A number of alt-right thought leaders have come to the same conclusion since Charlottesville: the alt-right has proven very adept as navigating the virtual world, but it has been nearly impossible for identitarianism to break into “normal” spaces. It is not hard to see why: the price for open political advocacy of anything that benefits whites is too high.

A few notable e-celebs provide an exception to the rule. These figures rely mostly on anonymous donations, which is not enough to spark a national following. And yet, if there really are twenty-two million Americans who find alt-right views acceptable, how is it we can’t field pro-white candidates and thinkers openly?


I am not a political theorist. My expertise is in the cold realities of return on investment, marginal costs, and tax rates. However, it occurs to me that if the goal of our movement is to secure the existence and future of white peoples, then an obvious first priority is to assure their economic well-being.

We must do this because the price of white advocacy in the real world appears to be economic ostracism and public humiliation, so we are never going to get a movement off the ground until people are made financially comfortable so that they can finally speak their minds. We saw how Donald Trump was able to tell more of the truth simply because he is a billionaire.

Fewer brave the frontier of nationalist politics simply because they fear for losing jobs, friends, mates, and social status. When the scales of cost and benefit are applied, the brave ones see the end of existence as too large a price to pay for inaction. Our greatest moments were where a lone voice exclaimed truth in defiance of dogma. Socrates. Galileo. Martin Luther. Jefferson.

Therefore, we must build ourselves a place of economic safety.

Before a political state can be achieved, we must build an economic ethnostate. There must be a plan. Those who walk into an investment with no budget are planning to fail. I propose a project of this magnitude be broken into stages, with each stage representing an achievable goal.

Stage 1: Individual autonomy.

Presumably, if you are interested in the alt-right, it is because you consider the survival of our people important. You are one of our people. Therefore, it is necessary that you take adequate care of yourself. You should have goals that accomplish the preservation of your own existence, namely:

  1. Economic existence: You should have the goal of providing for yourself (and your family, if you have one). If you are unable to find sufficient employment, you should have a plan to learn an adequate profession.
  2. Physical existence. You should be in relatively good shape. Exercising regularly, and eating healthy.
  3. Spiritual and mental existence: You should have a plan to sharpen your mind, and if you believe in a higher power, your spirit.

Stage 2: Basic Collectivism

The alt-right should be looking to form economic cooperatives based on geographic region. Because doxing is a significant threat, I have developed a plan that will circumvent the traditional paradigm of meeting at a physical location in a traditional setting. We start by creating a professional class dedicated to our cause.

Members of the professional class with legal restrictions on revealing client information are needed: i.e. lawyers, accountants, etc. A person in any of these professions can take clients, and will be legally obligated to keep those clients confidential.  To the professional, the business relationship will be useful in that they will have paying customers. To the client, the business relationship will be useful for advice on how to advance their career professionally.

This initial professional class will not be political; they will merely sell services to those within the pro-white communities so that these people are protected from the world. Their confidentiality requirements will keep these names secret. This means that our people are no longer naked against the legal and financial assaults of the others.

Stage 3: Intermediate Collectivism

With a client list in hand, the professional becomes a temporary new elite. They can guide our people in pursuing business relationships among their group. The plumber you hire should be a white nationalist. As should the dentist, the dry cleaner, and the investment advisor, even if those people are employees rather than business owners.

Many employers give referral fees for new business. This concentrates our wealth within the group of those who support us, and transition the client base of normal businesses to be white people who are aware of the need to be pro-white. This turns those businesses away from supporting those who oppose us.

Somewhere within this stage, a client base will have sufficient critical mass that it will allow our people to break off from their employers and form their own businesses. We can encourage these new businesses by patronizing them during their beginning months while they gain popularity in the larger normie community.

Stage 4: Advanced Collectivism

At a certain stage, we will grow beyond the small business. At this point, we should be able to fund and support competitive industries through collective investment. And these new businesses will thrive because they will already have a client base.

We can start opening gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, etc. The very staples of commerce will become industries for our people to thrive. At this stage, the cost of doxing disappears, because at any time a person can simply be absorbed into the collective economy.

Stage 5: Economic warfare

(((Investors))) will be interested in buying outright the things we have built. We should encourage this, because we already know the true value is in the customer base and the expertise of the people within these industries.

Once we sell a grocery store or restaurant chain, it is a simple matter to inform the collective to patronize some other one, leaving (((them))) with an investment that looked good on paper, but that had no value. It is here that we will start to exert our own ostracism as a weapon.

Advantages of the economic ethnostate:

You can retain your anonymity. Your participation can be as limited as solely receiving customer recommendations, or as active as openly organizing business relationships.

There is a profit incentive. At worst you get a discount on things you buy anyway. At best, you inherit a customer base that is loyal to you just for being one of us.

No participation from (((our enemies))) is required. In fact, we don’t want them. Those that will be trying to stop us will be on the outside looking in. Our success or failure in this endeavor is entirely up to us.

Low risk. A dox is not fatal. You can simply say you didn’t know that the doxed business was ours.

Organisms either collectivize, or they die.  Interest in this program should be directed to [email protected] From there, I can start to organize you according to the plan above.

Immediately needed are CPAs in each city that can start to organize people into an economic collective. With this professional group, we can begin to conserve money within our community, and make our people stronger.

Hail victory.

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