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White Discomfort

Out in the world today, white people seemed to be behaving badly. That is: they were unhelpful to customers at their jobs, either in slow motion or me-first angst frenzies, and generally acted self-obsessed. Knowing those of higher than average intelligence, this seems to be a clear case of a slow tantrum.

Slow tantrums happen when people are nervous and upset more than angry. They are acting out their dissatisfaction with the world through projection and transference, two linked psychological gestures that imply a person is trying to pass on their pain to others as a means to salve it, and identifying in others their own dysfunctions, possibly as a means of diagnosis but at least to escape culpability.

White people are feeling discomfort because the Farage/Trump victories are more than rejections of the past. These upsets indicate that not only was the past unpopular, but that it was having bad effects, just when the liberal elites and their useful idiot herd thought things were going well.

While some millions of people sat around in Facebook Consultant jobs, government sinecures, and luxurious NGO appointments, the rest of our people were hurting. They saw their money drop in value by about 40%, which was visualized as costs rising all around them, and opportunity dried up unless one was from a protected group or part of the Leftist gang, who always seemed to have jobs.

In the meantime, America effectively converted itself into a socialist country under Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. This meant that one of our biggest industries was government and the many roles dependent on government. Armies of consultants to interpret rules, legions of clerks, a cornucopia of private industry to work around byzantine laws.

In addition, the Leftists adopted their favorite trick: confuse us into thinking the economy was doing well by making the economy active. This approach, called “demand-side economics,” requires dumping money into the economy through Socialist subsidy programs at the same time it makes acquiring credit easier, increasing the demand for money.

This creates a tight and fast cycle of demand and discharge which from a distance appears to be a thriving economy, which is why most Americans thought they were “doing pretty good” under Clinton and Obama. The problem with appearance that is not reality, however, is that reality and not appearance arbitrates end results.

For this reason, Clinton skipped out of office just in time before the economic house of cards he created came crashing down. The same will be true of Obama. All that fake economic activity causes our currency to be over-valued, and since this cycle naturally ends, at its conclusion there is a crash as the economy takes the loss of all that ersatz wealth.

This means that white people know that the good times are coming to an end. Not only that, but they know that these good times were not just false but fraudulent, stealing from the future to party today (now… yesterday). And that means that in the wealth recapture, all of those easy jobs available just for joining the Leftist Club are going away because they must go away.

Trump will not do it; the markets will do it. The USA is going to experience a fall roughly proportionate to the amount of money that Barack Obama dumped into the economy through social welfare programs. This means that everything is going to trim down and any extraneous positions are going to be made obsolete, including Facebook consultants (and probably Facebook).

As with most who are not Leftists, Farage and Trump advocate a return to “supply-side economics,” or the idea that our economy is only worth as much as it produces. Demand for money is not equivalent to having productivity backing that money. This is reality, but does not have pleasant appearance, so voters abolish it whenever given a chance so that they can have a prole holiday.

Even worse, for white people, they are going to have to behave again. Our most recent prole field day allowed them to prove their moral goodness through a few token political opinions, and then do whatever they wanted with the rest of their time. Degeneracy flourished as it always does when the herd has its way.

But the teacher is back in the room now. Farage and Trump are not isolated actors; they are part of a wave, and the fact that they are a highly visible part suggests they are not its cause. Leftism has made itself obsolete again, failing as it did in post-Revolutionary France and the Soviet Union. Now it has happened in the West as well.

There is even greater fear that those who were the former beneficiaries of the prole holiday will not relinquish power, and will destroy those who try to fix the situation through a death of a thousand cuts:

Ms. Raggi was supposed to be the anti-establishment Five Star Movement’s prime example of how a nonprofessional politician could shake up Italy’s politics. Instead, the movement’s opponents now point to Ms. Raggi’s administration as proof that the party is far more suited to tearing down government than actually running it, and that Italy’s new breed of politician is no better than the old one — no less tainted by corruption, no less ineffective and no less unpopular.

…No one, critic or supporter, would say running Rome is easy. The depths of the city’s malfeasance were amply exposed in 2014 by what is known as the Mafia Capitale investigation, which showed corruption and tainted bidding for a wide variety of city services, including refugee shelters, sanitation and public housing.

No wonder there is panic. Most people are proles of the soul and want nothing more than a good time today at the expense of tomorrow. They eat the seed corn and burn the furniture. A big correction is coming, possibly if not probably including the default of several Western nations. The resulting instability makes war with China, against who we have fought two proxy wars, highly likely.

For those of us who want to restore Western Civilization, this shows us what we have to look forward to with prole rule through democracy: an endless cycle of the appearance of wealth, during which society degenerates, followed by hard crashes during which good people are ruined. Our problem is at its heart a failure of leadership and direction.

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