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What will be the consequences of changing demography for America?

The great demographic replacement project began in 1965. Following our rhetoric during the world wars, where we the “free world” were good because we had democracy and equality, and the other side was evil because they were nationalists who were not democratic or egalitarian, our people followed the ideological cue. That led them to decisions like Brown v. Board of Education (1954), JFK’s Executive Order 10925, and eventually, the Hart-Celler Act which specified that immigration must come mostly from the third world, reversing all previous legislation on the topic.

Even the election of Kennedy served as a teachable moment for the new ideology of equality-versus-nationalism. An Irishman, Kennedy would have been un-electable before the war, but afterwards, people saw him as transformative through being the first minority president, much as Bill Clinton was later touted as “the first black president” and Barack Obama was our first actual African-descended leader. Following that lead, America abolished its preference for Western Europeans and then Europeans at all, and began the Civil Rights era as a means of demonstrating our moral fitness to rule the world. That in turn made us sensitive to accusations of inequality, something the Soviet Union picked up on with its propaganda throughout the 1960s (and starting as early as the 1930s).

This tells us the bare minimum what changing demography will bring us: more of what we have had during the last fifty years on the topic of race relations. To wit, that means race riots, increased crime, corruption, preferred hiring of minorities, public denunciations by the offended, abolition of social standards and values in order to accommodate newcomers, and tip-toeing around mentions of the behaviors of other groups. More importantly, however, changing demography will do what the Left always intended it to do: first, permanently change our electorate, and second, eventually abolish European people entirely, replacing them with a mixed-race group like is found in Central America, West Asia, and the Middle East.

We know what this will look like because we can already see it in minority-majority cities. Combine Los Angeles, Detroit, Houston, Chicago, Gary, New Orleans, and San Antonio. In these cities, Leftists win every election, and most of the candidates are minorities. When you look at judges, representatives, police, city council, and even your local HOA president, expect to find someone from a racial or ethnic minority group. Correspondingly, these groups interpret laws and selectively enforce them in order to benefit themselves. That the laws say one thing, and the officials do another, is a matter of interpretation and will be resolved according to what the voters want.

The Left intended this with the Hart-Celler Act because it means permanent Leftist power, and that they got correct. However, the Left are like Captain Ahab from Moby-Dick in that their victory always involves their self-destruction, mainly because they are denial plain reality (survival) in favor of symbolic reality (get that white whale at any cost). Like the Soviet Union, or even Robespierre, they will gain power and then become unstable, resulting in more killings and destruction until their system finally collapses. This always happens when you give power to those unfit to wield it. In America, which has chosen diversity as the hill it wants to die on, Leftists will win bigly and experience the permanent power that they crave.

However, this will have additional side effects. European-descended people will flee to the country, stop paying taxes, work under the table, buy goods and services through barter, and do everything else they can to drop out of the system, sort of like the Germans in South Brazil or the remaining white South Africans. The cities will go bankrupt, and government will go looking for new things to stealtax, kicking off a civil war. Society will “balkanize” or break into lots of little territories held by warring ethnic-religious groups. At that point, America as a world power will have ceased to exist, and invasion by another powerful group with more unity, like the Chinese, will become inevitable.

In short, demographic displacement means the end of America. We are already in civil war conditions because the country is wholly divided between two extremes. This will become worse and, because all minority groups vote or strongmen who give out free things, lead to a total Leftist takeover which will in turn trigger the fall of our civilization. Eventually nothing will remain except cities full of mixed-race people without culture, with low IQs and high demands for novelty, ruled by foreign overlords who will systematically remove any traces of the great civilization that once existed here.

Originally from Pendulum.

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