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We Are the Silent Witnesses

This was true of my generation and some among the previous groups: we are the silent witnesses to the falling of civilization.

That does not mean America or Europe, but the West in general, since it had the technology and wealth to unify itself, and then like every committee, rationalized from “safety” until it agreed to neuter its methods so that it did not have to gain control of its choice of goals.

All human groups destroy themselves this way. Imagine a man sitting at a table with a book of all the knowledge of history in front of him, a mirror full of cocaine, and a .45 caliber pistol. He will do the cocaine, read the book, then feel small, and after enough repetitions, lift the gun to his temple.

Religion does not solve this problem, or at least, religion with a central god does not, and internationalist religions certainly will not since they aim to replace culture. Culture can save it, but only with reasonably competent leadership.

This is where modern people come in: they will throw tantrums at anything but the idea of subsidized anarchy where government takes care of them financially and solves all their problems. They do not understand that civilization is people working together, not delegating to external forces.

Of course, most of them do the same in their lives. If they fail, they look for someone to blame. If given a task, they demand it be in the form of methods, so that they are not accountable to goals. If something goes wrong, they insist on not being responsible even if it was necessary to have sacrifice.

In this way, all of us are still inheritors of the French Revolution and the Peasant Revolts which followed the arrival of the Mongols. We want individualism, or subsidized anarchy where someone takes care of the hard details, but not an organic civilization because then we face our individual smallness.

The Right at this point has become such a drama of mental defectiveness that it is hard to take seriously. They attack the surface so that they can be led away from the hard issues, and are grateful for a chance to swan around yelling about transgenders and abortion to feel important for a few seconds.

In the meantime, out there almost everyone is insane and unable to think. Trace admixture causes most of this in newer generations, but sexual liberation broke the home, so most grow up surrounded by dysfunction and working parents who have little time for them.

Killing organic culture has long consequences, it seems. Every society that gains success starts trying to manage it with Systems, and these tend to breed the type of people who succeed at meritocracy, good with procedure but terrible with unknowns, or knowing when unknowns exist.

As Donald Rumsfeld famously said, there are known known threats, known unknowns, and worst of all unknown unknowns, meaning those threats that exist but we are unaware of as a possibility. We can manage the known, including the unknown, but not those that lurk in the mist until they hit us in the face.

The Right currently is fighting surface battles of the culture war against forced transgenderism and subsidized abortion. We have to start striking at the root, namely equality, but even saying that is controversial among our current Jacobinized conservatives.

We can look at the two major players as different sides of the same coin:

  • Left (effect->cause): these wish to manage problems by treating the symptoms, hoping this will somehow trickle back to the source, such that the bad might become good and the poor might become rich, but all this does is create a temporary wealth pocket that then implodes.
  • Right (cause->effect): these believe that similar patterns produce similar actions so we can determine what pattern we need in order to have the results we desire, which produces less wealth but affords more independence from the wrecking ball of herd decisions.

The herd always wants to abolish reality and replace it with human intentions. This is enforced with peer pressure, so it gains momentum over time, and they will choose outright insane things because they reflect human intentions squashing nature, logic, mathematics, history, and culture.

Recent history in the West reflects this tendency. The Enlightenment™ (spit) abolished the idea of a social framework rooted in culture and tradition, and replaced it with individualism, something that during the French Revolution got weaponized into the idea of society subsidizing everyone.

We rose by rejecting the third world system by which most of humanity lives. At this point, “third world” simply means “not developed,” which is itself a euphemism and proxy. It refers to the mediocre norm at which most of humanity lives: subsistence existence, tyrant warlords, favor-trading, permissiveness, and symbolic obedience.

In these societies, a few at the top own everything because everyone else is incompetent and fixated on their everyday lives, which are both poor and comfortable because they are not obligated to do anything. Trash in third world countries lies where it fell because most people are too individualistic to stop their own pursuits and pick it up.

The average person in these countries exists in a world of his own ego. He lives in a cinder block shack but has a big screen television and iPhone, and thinks the world revolves around him, a consequence of the DKE because he cannot conceptualize a world beyond his intents and desires.

As the old saying goes, every country gets the government it deserves… in the third world, the people are narcissistic, oblivious, and most of all, entirely unaware of the world beyond themselves. Consequently they get vicious warlords who dole out favors and gifts for loyalty, essentially buying votes once a season.

The end result of democracy is a third world country. It replaces the founding majority and contiguous culture with warm bodies and ideology, at which point the intelligent leave or die out. Then the new tan majority votes itself free stuff until it runs out of money, then lives in poverty until a natural disaster wipes it out.

Remember the herd wants to abolish reality and replace it with human intentions. In the third world it has its triumph: no one is forced to think about anything other than what they want. Their “vibrant cultures” are mostly sexual advertising and parties, their moral stances are an ethic of convenience, and their leaders, criminals.

However, whatever evil we see in the leaders merely reflects the Crowd. A third world society is defined by a lack of people who know better and take care of things. Everyone does what they want in the third world, and high crime and corruption are seen as a small price to pay for the freedom they experience.

You will never find a more individualistic nor free place than the third world. There are token taboos, but these are designed mostly to avoid obvious incidents, while in the darkness people do whatever they please and no one is free enough from obliviousness to notice.

We are the silent witnesses to the Rome 2.0 style downfall of the West. It died in the 1960s when the Left took over by appealing to those who wanted to replace the WASPs, and now it is a third world society in all but name, with its first world elements fading every day.

Maybe this time humanity will learn from the experience what it did not with the fall of Athens and Rome, Angkor Wat and Tenochtitlan, even ancient India and the Yamnaya settlements. Individualism kills societies and diversity is the coup de grace. Then again, knowing this species, I doubt it.

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