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Watching The Great Replacement In Action

Leftism depends on compliance. Someone sets up a universal rule of what methods are nice and which are not, and the masses are intended to act according to the former and avoid the latter. This bureaucratic method seems to work to humans who are clever but not thoughtful.

A smarter person sees the destruction of order, and a lack of the internal cycles of good fighting evil and competence defeating incompetence that cause societies to thrive. To a shopkeeper, however, making everyone equal and punishing non-conformists sounds like order.

This means that your life must have society at its center because there are constant adjustments to the narrative and the rules designed play whack-a-mole with those exceptions that keep cropping up, as they always do with rules.

Some of the latest signaling involves an obligation to label any notion of demographic replacement as “racist” and a “conspiracy theory” so that no one else will be tempted to look into it. After all, being bad leads to bad social results for the individual, so people stay away from scary stuff.

You can see this war for mind control of a population in media response to the theory:

The replacement conspiracy, which only recently gained attention in the United States, dates back less than a decade and has its roots in Europe, though it draws on age-old xenophobia. But experts consider it to be one of the fastest-growing, and dangerous doctrines in extreme, far right thinking.

Advocates of the theory point to demographic shifts that have seen once ethnically white populations becoming minority groups in some areas of the world. “They basically believe that white, Europeans are being replaced by non-whites,” said Mayo.

As the same media champions the imminent minority status of whites, one wonders what else one could call this but a replacement.

The people who created a country — ethnic Western Europeans — have been replaced in power and demographic majority, first by other European ethnics and later, by other racial groups.

If you start out with a whole bunch of whites, and end up with very few, that is a replacement, and if it happened to any other group we would call it genocide. The Left adores the idea, however, because Leftists have disorganized minds and want to destroy, most of all themselves.

In the meantime, the news today shows us The Great Replacement working in another diverse nation where the founding group of a nation has been displaced through the power of multi-ethnic democracy:

Israel’s Arab coalition appears poised to emerge as the main opposition bloc following Tuesday’s election, a historic first that would grant a new platform to a long-marginalized minority.

In absolute terms, the Arab bloc appears to have repeated its performance in 2015, when it won 13 seats.

But this time around, due to the shifting constellation of Israeli politics, it would be well-placed to lead the opposition if a national unity government of the two largest parties is formed, as seems likely.

In the historic nation of the Jews, the Arabs now hold the swing vote, and their long-term goal is to replace and destroy the Jews. Yet democracy keeps stumbling along, since no one can point out that this system is doomed, since in its theory, everyone is “equal.”

With the swing vote now, the Arab bloc can reject any plan that is too far to the Right, since that will strengthen the Jewish majority. Instead, they will do what minority groups in Newark, San Francisco, Detroit, and Houston do: vote for the majority to pay more taxes to subsidize minorities.

Some will celebrate this, no doubt. Plenty of memes featured the “Open Borders — For Israel” tagline. That does not touch the fact that we are going to see this demographic replacement and genocide-by-democracy happening in any country that is diverse.

Many in the West resent Jews for being both successful and generally Leftist. In a society without a class hierarchy, being successful means pitching products to the lowest common denominator, and that includes Leftism. You do what you must to succeed.

In Israel, Jews are about to find out the high cost of Leftism. Right now, to be a “good Jew” you have to repeat the Leftist dogma because Jews fear nationalism and the Right taking root in Europe and America, so they oppose these things universally.

Without nationalism, however, Israel will cease to exist as a Jewish state very quickly, and the wealthier Jews will be drained of wealth, power, and prestige in order to subsidize the faster-breeding Arabs. That is how The Great Replacement works: it tires you, then kills you.

Some will argue that Jews are not being replaced because there are just as many of them. As the Arab population rises, each Jew will have proportionately less influence over his government and society. At some point, Jews will simply be another minority hoping the Arab majority tolerates them.

We face the same situation in the rest of the first world. Our societies succeeded, so everyone came here, and then in order to support our doctrine of the society without class distinctions (egalitarianism), we welcomed them and pretended not to notice as their numbers grew.

Detroit shows us the future of America. Since most of the voters are African-American, they vote for what benefits them, even though it does not benefit the whites who pay most of the taxes. To egalitarians, this is a fair outcome because the wealthier are supporting the poorer.

If we expand our viewpoint beyond the social circle, in which you say what will make everyone at the pub feel warm fuzzies and a (false) sense of togetherness, we have to look at civilization through the context of history. What will be the results of this action?

As time goes on, that will become clear: diversity plus democracy means minority takeover, which means that the faster-breeding but lower IQ population will displace, outbreed, and then genocide through interbreeding the founding group.

Maybe it is fitting that this happens in Israel, a nation founded three thousand years ago through struggle against other ethnic groups. When the world sees the horror there, even those firmly in denial will have trouble not seeing that the same is happening to all of us.

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