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Outliers (#70)

  • It’s a New America: don’t talk to the police

    When dealing with the post 9/11 Orwell State, the best strategy is to minimize your dealings with them. Everyone has done something illegal. The laws have deliberately been written to make that so. Voluntary cooperation with them only hastens your demise. Larry Kummer explains how this works below.

    Five of the seven convictions of Mueller’s RussiaGate probe resulted largely from stupidity plus hubris. This includes, incredibly, General Flynn – a senior insider of the Deep State. They were foolish and spoke to law enforcement agents without an attorney’s guidance. They were convicted of making false statements to Federal agents. Every year thousands of people make the same mistake. Like Flynn, they believed police assurances that no attorney was needed. One of the few things police procedural shows on TV get right: people do confess during interrogations. People’s confidence that their superior will and intelligence will defeat non-violent questioning by police often falls before the advantages of police: the power of training, experience, and techniques. This is one of the major reasons not to talk to police without an attorney.

    If you aren’t a criminal yet, then as far as Elizabeth Warren is concerned; there oughtta be a G-D law! You don’t have to rage against the machine. That just plays into their hands. You lounge against it, you use its own mechanisms against it, and then you disconnect.

  • Does LGBTQ Cultural Supremacy Enable High-Risk Behavior?

    Ms. Waggoner’s article illustrates two tenets of LGBTQ cultural supremacy. One tenet is that tragedy befalling LGBTQ people and their families is more important and pitiable than tragedy befalling non-LGBTQ people and families. The ascendancy of this tenet has drained away compassion from the American character, especially compassion for children. The other tenet promotes moral exceptionalism, in effect a distinctly lower moral standard for sexuality minorities than for the majority.

    Cuckservatives are both factually and morally wrong. They are factually wrong because they do not directly connect the ascension of LGBTQRSTUV….etc morality to the destruction of civil decency. They are morally wrong because half of them are butt-pirates themselves and therefore never want this connection to be made. By LGBTQRSTUV…etc morality is a control device. The managerial state thrives on pliable morality. If you can’t discriminate, you cannot protect yourself from evil. There can only be one morality. Try to live under more than one conflicting code thereof, and you can’t even define evil, much less seriously avoid it.

    The real purpose of making everyone accept perversion is to make everyone a loathsome, frikkin’ pervert. Once that is accomplished, nobody can really love themselves. Once nobody can love themselves, they don’t try too hard to protect themselves either. Question why people who push this heinous garbage want you and the people you care about to be unprotected. The Cuckservatives are morally wrong because they are too compromised to ever defend a morality. You have to do that. It’s a necessary condition to your continued survival.

  • Resolution of Arizona Democratic Party to Censure Senator Kyrsten Sinema for Failing to Uphold Tenets of Demcratic Party Platform

    The hard left knows how to keep its minions in line. Sinema attempted to effectively skinsuit Greepeace and several other far left groups. She used them to get a start in Democratic Party politics and them attempted to Barack Obama them as if they were ACORN or Jeremiah Wright. They say no way. They are here to remind her who’s DNA she carries. Her days of hanging around with Boeing and the corporatists may well end. Say what you will about the hard left, but they do police their own. Cucking only happens in one direction.

  • Thoughts On Civil War

    Civil War has become a new bogeyman. It’s threatened to induce a forced conformity and civility. You can’t say that. It could lead to civil war (and several other bad Guns N’ Roses songs soon thereafter). It’s a way of shutting down that which The Central Scrutinizer finds to be ideologically unpleasant. It works by moral and physical intimidation.

    The moral suasion involves the potential guilt of being the one who triggered The Trigglypuff Brigade to chuck snack packs at Ft Sumpter. I mean how could you live with yourself thereafter? We are all supposed to just behave and take it because we just can’t control what some ideological John Rambo will do once the happy pills and Wild Turkey have worn off. Their lack of decency and self-restraint becomes a shackle on your liberty.

    The physical intimidation is obvious. Who could be responsible to what happens to your cute, little five year old kid if you do or say anything that gets civil war started? Anyone the Orwell State wants to scare into gutless compliance had better watch what they say or do. Otherwise, it could be total civil war. Antifa is the new mau-mauing of the flak-catchers.

  • Michael Flynn Graymails the Government

    Discovery. One of the last powerful weapons left to use against the machine. Keeping two sets of rules for two different types of people, is a bit like keeping two seperate sets of books. It’s all fun and games until a forensic accountant gets involved. Then, like anything involving the word forensic; it’s too late for the person getting examined by the forensic accountant.

    Saul Alinsky knew one big thing. The worst thing you can do to a powerful enemy is to take away their rules shortcuts. Get that corner-office hot shot out on the links without any mulligans. Let’s see who’s Tiger Woods this time… Take that Code of Honor some #SJW brutes about you not following and let’s see if they can survive playing by those rules. People who have gotten by on cutting corners aren’t up for an honest race. Make them have to follow the rules now, and they won’t even know how.

    And that is how graymail discovery tactics work. They force the prosecution to weigh the benefit of proceeding with its case against the pain of being humiliated or otherwise harmed by public disclosure of its most deeply held embarrassing secrets. This brings us to the inspired and recently unsealed motion to compel production of exculpatory evidence filed by Sidney Powell, former Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s new lawyer. As you may recall, there are many disturbing questions surrounding the federal government’s investigation, arrest, and prosecution of Flynn. Although he has pled guilty to a flimsy and corruptly contrived charge of lying to the FBI, that plea came about after he had — according to media reports — bankrupted himself by paying $4 million in legal fees to the Washington law firm that represented him prior to Powell. In short, it appears that Flynn pled guilty because he couldn’t afford any more justice.

  • Wrong Again: 50 Years of Failed Eco-pocalyptic Predictions

    Why so serious?” Asked The Joker. In the case of climate scientologists, they are doing what they are paid for. Climate doom, like civil war, is just another dishonest threat to make you a slave. The people who tell you that you are doomed are the same ones who arrive places in private jets. !SCIENCE! has been reduced to nothing more than hi-tech prostitution.

  • Debt-Wracked Chinese Companies Dump US & Other Foreign Assets, Become Net Sellers Overseas for First Time

    Real estate speculators will not successfully invade Amerika. Apparantly, the Chinese are no more likely to buy up all of California now, than were the Japanese were in the 1980’s. They are choking on it and have begun endeavoring to spit it back up while it still retains resale value. We’ve seen Pacific Rim economic wunderkinds break themselves on California’s rocky shores before. Perhaps the South Koreans are on tap to suffer the same quixotic fate in the 2050’s. Nothing is new under the sun.

    In the US, Chinese conglomerates have dumped $26 billion in assets so far in 2019, up from $8 billion in the full year of 2018. Globally, Chinese companies have agreed to sell about $40 billion in overseas assets so far this year. This now exceeds the already heavy pace of selling for the full year of 2018, which totaled $32 billion, according to data from Dealogic cited by the Financial Times. But the buying hasn’t totally stopped: So far this year, Chinese companies have acquired $35 billion in assets globally. This made Chinese companies a net seller of overseas assets for the first time in the data going back to 2009.

  • Drama in the Oil Markets, But This Isn’t 2007 Anymore

    Oh, how the sophisticates laughed when Sarah Palin was leading chants of “Drill Baby, Drill.” They weren’t laughing quite so much when Saudi Arabia’s crude fields were drone-striken. There was a $13/per bbl insta-spike, but then calm reasserted itself. “Why?” The Sophisticated Investor asks.

    The US is stuck in an oil bust that started in mid-2014, after years when WTI traded between $90 to over $110 a barrel. By early 2016, the price of WTI had collapsed to $26 a barrel. The Fed pulled back from the four expected rate hikes in 2016 because the oil-and-gas sector was threatening to collapse, and credit was already freezing up for the sector, and bankruptcy filings occurred in rapid-fire sequence. The Fed was worried that the collapse of the industry and the freezing of credit could spread to other industries. That was the opposite scenario of today. Today, US shale oil drillers are seeing a modicum of relief from the 13% price spike. But it’s not much of a relief. At $62 a barrel, WTI is still $6 (9%) below where it had been last year at this time.

    And this comes from the interested perspective of commodity traders who used to “kill it” on oil speculation. This stops happening when a resource is no longer scarce.

    …the US has become the largest crude oil producer in the world, and imports from Saudi Arabia have shriveled to about 450,000 barrels per day. China, Japan, and South Korea are now large customers of Saudi Arabia.

    This is a far cry from the 1970s when OPEC could make the US gasoline ration. We are almost at a point where OPEC could be blown up tomorrow and we would just pick up a lot of the slack and make money off it. Why do so many Neo-Cons want war in the Middle East again?

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