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Trump Shines Spotlight On Bad Female Behavior


Democracy is easy. Winning is about demagoguery. Demagoguery is usually used to mean:

A person who appeals to the prejudices and emotions of the people to gain power.

Compare this to manipulation and control. Demagoguery is a sales job, an advertisement, marketing; these are all methods that politicians must use to get elected. That is the nature of democracy itself.

For the Left, victory occurs by energizing their base. One does not flirt with Leftism; some “moderates” and “independents” vote for Leftist candidates when they like the candidate better, or find someone who has made a pact with Mordor in order to have a political career. Those who consistently vote Leftist however usually do so because they agree with the message, which is always a variation on the only idea of the Left, egalitarianism.

With the recent fabricated “leak” of an accidentally captured off-air conversation between Donald Trump and Billy Bush, the Left is attempting to energize their base. They energize their base by presenting fears — Hitler, big evil corporations, KKK lynchings, abusive men, gay-bashing — that allow the individuals on the left to project themselves into the role of victim. This then makes them feel as if their mistakes in life were imposed on them, not self-created; this is a form of scapegoating like Anti-Semitism or witch hunts.

Let us look at two stories. The first contains the comments made by Mr. Trump:

“And when you’re a star they let you do it,” Trump says. “Grab them by the p—y. You can do anything.”

The second contains what the Left are trying to deflect and distract from with a counterattack, namely the ongoing corruption and racketeering scandal involving Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and (apparently) most of Washington:

Newly disclosed emails show top Obama administration officials were in close contact with Hillary Clinton’s nascent presidential campaign in early 2015 about the potential fallout from revelations that the former secretary of state used a private email server.

On one hand, we have a symbolic scandal. Someone said something that offended some group of somebodies.

On the other hand, we have a real threat to our nation. People in power lied on national television, then got caught, then spread the lies to the FBI and other agencies, and now have used the power dynamic to enforce the lies.

This is not a screed against candidate Clinton; it is a serious problem with American politics. People are voting for liars and felons in the name of selfish special interests.

We have seen false scandals of this nature before. It is a standard Leftist ploy.

Candidate Trump may be many things. He may be crude, overbearing, and somewhat prone to brag about the deals he has made and the strength of his companies. He is however two vitally important things:

  1. A Truth Teller. No matter how brutal the method of his expression, he is generally correct in both assessment of each issue and in his instincts regarding what is important.

  2. Motivated By Success. His politics are generally moderate, or half-Leftist, but he wants to succeed which for him means achieve results. He is not a candidate based on virtue signaling as a means of hiding his actual agenda. He wants to be able to point to a thriving nation and say, “This is my victory.

Nothing he has said so far has turned out to be not-true. It may seem exaggerated or extreme, but the basics were true. On the other hand, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (as well as a host of others) have lied about her private email server which was clearly designed to evade oversight and confidentiality rules, his knowledge of it, her taking of favors and “pay to play,” and the ensuing cover-up.

But why is this statement of Mr. Trump’s so outrageous that it energizes the Leftist voter base?

It is also true, and it shines a spotlight on bad female behavior. Promiscuity has created women who seek out wealthy and powerful men to be used by them. The news is full of such people. Trump was not speaking of all women, but of certain women who like groupies orbit the fields of power and wealth in a hope of capturing some for themselves.

We see this pattern time and again: The WAGs in sports and entertainment. The women who Bill Clinton seduced. The celebrities who seem to fornicate and marry at random based on whose career can be advanced. This is a consequence of sexual liberation, and no one wants to admit that their sacred cow — the sexual lottery that might see them having epic sexual good times, but most likely will result in them ending up lonely dipsomaniacs in city apartments with apathetic cats — has failed.

Sexual liberation is essential to Leftism, and to flattering the egos of the people who vote Leftist with the pretense that immorality can be morality because all humans are inherently good, per the idea of equality itself.

If the truth is that (some) women act like whores, why are we scapegoating Mr. Trump for noticing?

The Left conducts war against reality every day. This reveals its individualistic bias: a group demanding “equality” is comprised of individuals demanding mandatory inclusion despite their own bad behavior. This individualistic bias is the cornerstone of the Left, which promises to legitimize bad behavior by erasing the differences between high and low, smart and dumb, good and bad.

This war against “noticing” requires that those who observe and accurately report on the bad behavior of Leftists must be designated as ideological enemies. This is done through a begging-the-question fallacy, or making the assumption that bad behavior should be accepted, and then retaliating against any who do not agree. This is the nature of Crowdism: the mob attacks in the name of the individual to preserve the right of the individual to both (a) behave badly and (b) still receive support from civilization. It is a movement to legalize parasitism.

Like a street gang or peasant revolt, this herd-mob has one ace in the hole. It threatens to revolt if its demands are not met. Its goal is to behave badly, and to force others to bear the externalized burden of that behavior, such as having their daughters grow up in a world where every public figure is a whore.

In 2016, women in the West more often than not act like whores. It is not permitted to notice this, nor to say that sexual liberation was a terrible idea because it savages the family and creates lonely, atomized people.

The Left and the controlled opposition mainstream conservatives will respond with, “Would you want someone saying that about your daughter, sister or mother?” This is another begging-the-question fallacy; not all women behave the same way, and if you see the truth in Trump’s statement, it is likely that the women in your family do not behave that way.

This debacle is reminiscent of the “Slutwalk” disaster from 2011, which started when a well-intentioned police officer offered up sane advice:

“You know, I think we’re beating around the bush here,” Michael Sanguinetti began, blandly enough, as he addressed the 10 students who turned up for the pep talk. Then he said: “I’ve been told I’m not supposed to say this – however, women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised.”

The connection between “behave like a slut” and “get treated like a slut” is what is offensive here, no matter what the Left says. They want to believe they are equal, which means that any intention of theirs — behaviors, whims, pathologies, obsessions, fetishes, excesses — should be treated exactly the same way as if they were virtuous honor students waiting until marriage in order to have a healthy nuclear family.

Instead of achieving what the officer hoped for, which was a decrease in rapes because women are making themselves look like easy marks for predators, his comments set off a chain of outrage. The theory advanced by the Left was that his comments were sexist because they discriminated against promiscuous women; the reality is that he noticed promiscuity and its link to bad results, which offends the crowd who are in favor of sexual liberation and the lust lottery.

We might ask ourselves: where have all of these angry, revengeful and jubilantly crass women come from? The answer is that they are unhappy because their life decisions have not worked out well, and so they are now enraged at the futility of their lives and looking for a scapegoat.

Cue the pitchforks, fires and dunking stools of witch hunts. Recall the ideological purges of Russia and France. Think of the BLM protestors attacking white motorists, or the attack on Reginald Denny in the Los Angeles riots. All revenge-based thinking is the same: the unsuccessful wants to destroy the successful.

The Leftist lives in a cloud of mental mundungus comprised of victimhood, self-pity, resentment and fantasy. To them, all questions are social, because consequences must be removed from consideration because results in reality are not equal.

Not surprisingly, this approach works badly for them, which only increases their rage. This brings us to the point at which current US politics rest, where a massive corruption scandal is less important than calling a whore a whore.

For Donald Trump, this is his version of Mitt Romney’s “47%” moment. Backing down will lose him supporters where doubling down will increase them. Many people out here have perceived that not only is Leftism corrupt, but our society is dying because it has lost purpose and standards, including cultural and moral values. We want someone to reverse that decline, which starts by naming it, as Mr. Trump has done.

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