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Oh Grow Up, America

So here are the “devastating” revelations regarding Donald Trump:

The graphic comments, which Trump made in 2005 on a bus and on the set of a soap opera, feature him bragging about his sexual pursuit of a married woman.

“And when you’re a star they let you do it,” Trump says. “Grab them by the p—y. You can do anything.”

And… that’s it? He stated the obvious about pursuit of women looking for sex. This pales in comparison to, say, the sexual conquest with violence by Bill Clinton, or even Hillary Clinton’s “principled” defense of certain rapists.

Grow up, America. Sexual liberation has made people into whores. If someone is willing to state the truth of this, the embarrassment is ours, not his.

In addition, we must view this as what it was: a comment made for the entertainment of the audience, within the entertainment media. It is not a policy statement.

The hype over this comment — in light of the greater violations of the Clintons — is nothing but hype, lies and the usual drama from the mainstream media, who are desperate to distract from the actual issue: the decline and fall of Western Civilization.

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