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Thoughts on the Health of King Charles III

The greatest source of stress that most of us experience is invisible to us. Living in a dying civilization means constant uncertainty about the future, despair at how each day is worse than the last, and lack of anything to aim for because all is for nought and will be swept away in the collapse that systematically destroys everything good.

No wonder most people live for jobs, shopping, casual sex, wine, and television. There is not much else to do! If you strive within the system, you must accept and repeat lies. If you drop out of the system, you end up impoverished and ignored. If you just suck it up and accept the mediocrity, at least the decline is painless.

Monarchs link us to a past where not everything was in full downfall. They presided over a time that, compared to the centuries to follow, was relatively unexciting. There were plagues, invasions, famines, and religious wars, but these were far less devastating than the revolutions and world wars for democracy that followed.

In their age, life did not change much, and this meant that people were never disoriented in society. Culture ruled; you knew what to do to make others esteem you, and what to avoid. Everything else got correctly written off as eccentricity, at least until the religious authorities had the power to enforce conformity.

The aristocracy represent real strong power. This is stronger than what dictators have because society is organized around central principles to which authority is bound, and so power does not need to defend itself for its own sake. The kings generally acted to better their populations.

Over time, a polycrisis beat them down. The middle classes rose and got wealthy; the invaders killed many; the plagues destroyed huge swathes of each population; finally, the symbolic goals of religion and religious wars distracted and obliterated many of the best people in these societies.

Over time, societies face many such challenges. The point of living is not to run from conflict, challenge, and struggle but to view them as opportunity to make things right. Somehow, in our need to manipulate a growing population, we forgot about the “why” and focused on the “how,” missing the ability to see the big picture.

King Charles III, for whatever you think of his policies, is a continuous link to the origins of our people. Like other aristocrats, he shows us a way past the dual threats of love of money and peer pressure. He shows us a way to view striving for the light, beauty, clarity, health, and sanity as our purpose instead of mere reactions to material stress.

Many of us will be praying for him, and by this we mean intense meditation to focus our thoughts on his significance and to provide a path forward through that recognition. We cannot directly save him; that is a choice for the gods. We can however salvage and promote what the institution of monarchy stands for and in doing so, improve our own mental states.

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