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DiversityWatch (February 9, 2024)


  • Transgender woman loses bid to sue ex for throwing out her surgically removed testicles

    In a dying society, people succeed or fail based on the optics, symbolism, and social emotions that their actions generate. For this reason, societies of this nature are driven by pretentious altruism which seeks out sacrificial token underdogs and pity-objects so that people can demonstrate their ostentatious status signaling.

  • Shocker: After Ending DEI Initiatives, High School Has Racism Issues

    This material was most likely already circulating but brought to the attention by the school because the DEI initiatives had been cut, ending lucrative subsidies for educators who could not survive in any other field.

  • Migrant crossings fall sharply along Texas border, shifting to Arizona and California

    Texas enforced the border laws that the federal government did not want to enforce. This raised the cost and risk to migrants, which reduced the likelihood of profit. They are coming here for the free stuff and the easy guaranteed jobs, and every additional percentage of risk cuts into that profit. Their goal is to pipeline money back across the border where it buys more, so they can work here for a time and then go back home to enjoy a life of relative luxury.

  • Did Trump Really Fix the Border? It’s Complicated.

    Trump changed the signals that we were sending to migrants. Instead of saying in public that we did not want them while in private inviting them in, he united the messages and this stopped many, but as soon as the Left successfully opposed The Wall, the signals that America sent reverted to a tacit approval despite public pretense otherwise. A country united against illegal immigration would not send that signal, so as usual the Leftists are being clever monkeys and undermining productive leadership.

  • Trump’s ‘Knock on the Door’

    Remigration is back on the ballot, and this time, people are interested less in pearl-clutching pretense and more in having a functional society, since Democrats have so savagely made dysfunctional just about every aspect of it. As I told you several years ago: Biden is Carter 2 (Electric Boogaloo). Clinton was Carter but Smarter in that he kept paychecks at the center of his focus. It helps to be so thoroughly corrupt that you think of everyone as an articulate yeast that seeks only money and power, since this reflects how shareholders and voters act even if that is not their intent.

  • Irish women’s basketball team refuse handshake with Israel

    The Irish are genetically very similar to the Jews, being comprised of an ancient Semitic population that hybridized with European-descended people, although the Jews got the nice smart ancient Greeks and ancient Etruscans, while the Irish had to make do with neolithic root farmers who communicated through grunts and, apparently, alcoholism. Consequently these groups are competing for being the same ideal and have historically hated each other, despite being most prone to outbreed with each other.

  • UPenn begins turning over documents in House committee’s anti-Semitism investigation

    Until we get an anti-Whitism investigation, no one should support this government. It is comprised of hwites opposed to Whites (WASPs).

  • Tucker Carlson interview: Fact-checking Putin’s ‘nonsense’ history

    While XOG inserts its own nonsense into this article, Putin misses the point that the people in Ukraine are a separate tribe, which is why Russia has been trying to conquer them for centuries. Russians, as the escaped serfs of Germans and French who took on Turkish, Jewish, Chinese, Arab, and Armenian wives, are Asiatics called “East Slavs” to give them an identity despite being merely an aggregate, while the “West Slavs” of Ukraine are closer to Western European but more importantly, have their own culture and identity based in a unique genetic makeup.

  • Government launches investigation into migrants’ Christian conversions as ’40 men on Bibby Stockholm get baptised’

    Organized religion is a virus, like government and business. It only cares that there are warm bodies to sustain it and allow it to reproduce, not whose warm bodies they are. It quickly threw its former host population under the bus to embrace the genetic Other.

  • Controversial Cambridge University fellow sparks another race row after claiming ‘black people would only be famous for sports and entertainment’ in a meritocracy and says Harvard would ‘have no black professors’

    Man points out the obvious about racial differences in average intelligence. The high-performers like Thomas Sowell, Chinua Achebe, Clarence Thomas, Walter Williams, and Osiris Akkebala get drowned out by the thunder of the left side of the bell curve, just like with White people.

  • Sins and repentance – (properly understood) an easy problem, and simply solvable

    “Racism” is the only “sin” that egalitarian societies recognize.

  • The president seized 1% of El Salvador’s population. Their children pay the consequences

    Egalitarians clutch pearls because in order to save everyone from the constant drain imposed by crime, a decisive leader punished all of those who had not taken pains to distance themselves from the gang lifestyle. It turns out that people are more concerned about normal life than avoiding abuses of a few people of dubious value, and this offends the people sitting in air-conditioned offices at their email jobs.

  • The families of a few Israeli hostages don’t want a deal to bring them home. They want Hamas crushed

    XOG finds it odd that some people might want to avoid compromising their eternal principles for temporary “peace,” and instead hope that the racial Other are defeated. And yet, that is the only way any ethnic group survives. XOG is comprised of contrarians who reject obvious reality and embrace possible exceptions as if they were the norm, essentially becoming anti-realist. This makes them seem more powerful to their friend group but lures humanity toward suicide.

  • What do Germany’s migration partnerships entail?

    Bureaucrats only understand process, procedure, and committee-level thinking like compromise. The notion of taking action to achieve a result is alien to their little clerk brains.

  • Is a waning Canadian dream fuelling reverse migration in Punjab?

    If you cut the free stuff, they not only stop coming, but start going back home.

  • Democrats rushing to destroy America before Trump Two

    This week, Democrats admitted that the Biden presidency — if not Biden himself — is senile or perhaps has dementia. It makes no sense and wanders around tearing stuff up because it has no purpose. He will not gain enough votes in 2024 for the vote fraud to be plausible; therefore, he is done. Their candidates to steal votes from Trump, RFKjr and Nikki Haley, are floundering and will not be able to steal enough votes. Therefore, it is time to wreck everything so they can spend at least the first two years of Trump Term Two blaming him for all the damage they have done. These people are manipulators who deny reality and they do not care about the consequences because they are individualists who do not believe in reality anyway. All they see is their own ego acted out through the pantomime of others going through motions that flatter their illusions.

  • Editorial: Time for responsible GOP voices to step up and back Ukraine

    The usual Republican con-men love to grandstand on Ukraine. How can we send this money overseas, they argued, when we have starving people at home? Think of the veterans, man, the starving homeless veterans on the street. They neglect to mention that we spend six times as much on social welfare that generally goes to criminals. They are carrying water for the welfare state by deflecting from the damage it does and its failure to achieve its goals. In the meantime, any ethnonationalist recognizes that Ukraine must be free of the lower-IQ ethnic Other that are invading from Russia.

  • Sounding an Alarm over Spatial Biology

    Laws create properties in terms of rights that companies can weaponize against others at the expense of “the commons,” or their host society and the goals they are ostensibly trying to achieve, as in the case here where IP and privacy law have been used to retard innovation.

  • Soda taxes can’t reverse the obesity epidemic

    Voters fear conflict and therefore, love appeasement, compromise, and other paths to mediocrity. They bought into the idea that taxing things reduced their presence in society. It turns out that this was just an excuse to collect more taxes for the dying diversity state.

  • The Thirdworldization of the First World Is Ramping Up

    They will not admit this, but diversity — starting with the Irish in 1795 — did this!

  • Meta won’t recommend political content on Threads

    The new Leftist censorship regime just dropped! They will filter out all “political” content, but Left-wing narrative will be considered social, moral, or entertainment so it will be declared “non-political” and pushed ten times as hard.


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