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Third Trump-Clinton Presidential Debate

The battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton kicks off at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on Oct. 19, 2016 at 9:00 – 10:30 pm EST. While television is usually degenerate, this can be watched on any mobile or desktop device to raise the level of participation, which cows the elites.

Post-Debate Analysis:

This one was close. Hillary had to defend the status quo, and she failed; Trump raised doubts, knowing that new plans are impossible to defend because we do not know how they will turn out until they are implemented. The main points he zinged her on were her lack of ideas, her bad experience, and her inherent corruption. She came across as having no plan except “keep doing what we are doing now,” and taxing the rich to give to women, minorities and immigrants. No doubt they loved her statements! — everyone else hated them. Trump seemed disappointing at first for merely repeating his plans, but in retrospect, this was intelligent: he will not offer details until the time comes to put the plans in action, and in the meantime will focus on the obvious. America has failed under Obama-Clinton, it failed under Clinton I although it took a decade to see the damage, and it will fail under Clinton II because she has no new ideas. On that basis, Trump won, and won strongly. Clinton came off as an entitled public figure relying on her base — women, minorities, immigrants — to vote for her no matter what she said.

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