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The racism drama continues

A Philadelphia judge yesterday ordered prosecutors to disclose the identities of two police undercover officers involved in an altercation last year with antiracism activists who thought the officers were skinheads attending a Ku Klux Klan rally.

The four antiracism activists – Jared Schultz, 29, and Thomas Keenan, 23, both of Frankford; Jason Robbins, 29, of West Philadelphia; and James McGovern Jr., 59, of Paulsboro – were arrested after they followed the officers, whom they believed were neo-Nazi skinheads, to a waiting SUV, kicked at the vehicle’s sides and broke a rear window.

McGovern pleaded no contest to charges of criminal mischief, conspiracy and harassment and was sentenced by Neifield to three years probation, anger management therapy and $600 restitution.

Krasner and Hetznecker argued that the Klan rally itself seemed suspicious. Both police and FBI witnesses said they learned of the purported rally through a leaflet and through a demonstration permit filed with city officials. But they also said the leaflet no longer exists, and city officials said the Klan never applied for or received a permit.

The violent left — and a federal bureaucracy nervous about racism — come together in hilarious discoordination.

Antiracists, anarchists, and many green protestors seem to want to hurt people and destroy things first, and only second do they invent a reason why, so they feel justified in wrecking things.

That’s the mark of a real bully — needs a reason to beat someone up — as opposed to someone with a plan, who just does what needs to be done without having to have the excuse of “provocation” and justification.

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