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The Nobel Prize Kaepernicks Itself By Awarding Bob Dylan


The upside of having a state controlled by media is that it is nearly impossible to miss the “news,” and today the babble drama is that Baby Boomer folk-rock songwriter Robert Zimmerman, a.k.a. “Bob Dylan,” has been awarded the Nobel Prize For Rock Music… I mean, literature.

The 75-year-old was honoured “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”, the Swedish Academy said.

This is a great victory — if you love prole drift. The elite organizations have always felt a little thrill in their private parts whenever they could give the finger to sanity and what succeeds, and elect one of the other non-successes in order to make them feel good.

Bob Dylan was the 1960s equivalent of Justin Bieber. In a more innocent time, people liked folky music with Hallmark card style pseudo-profound lyrics. It made them feel important and wise and deep and all of that hippie stuff when really, it was just another product composed of enough random filler to convey a vague feeling.

The Swedish Academy has done one thing very right however: they have Kapepernicked the Nobel Prize. It used to be that people like me, who are from the one-third of America that is WASPy and sane, would walk into bookstores and be inclined to purchase a book that had won an award.

No more. We now know that the awards are, like Colin Kaepernick’s mysterious celebrity, artifacts of an entirely manipulative media hell-bent on propaganda for the Left. They do not care about what is good literature or a fair game. They have an agenda to advance and that is all they care about.

In the meantime, this event also raises the tombstone over the publishing industry. Like the rest of entertainment, it is out of ideas because by being politically-correct, it has excluded any really challenging and thus interesting material. The result is endless smiley Good Communist pap and the occasional 50 Shades of Grey.

As Western Civilization implodes, all of its former brands of value like the Nobel Prize have died. There are no longer good books to give awards to, unless you want to hand one to that sexist fascist Islamophobe Michel Houellebecq… oh no no no (insert “wow, just wow” for added kicks). And so there is nothing to do but whore out their good name for the remaining whiteybucks they can scrounge.

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