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The five great taboos for our time

Every age has its taboos. In sane ages, those taboos are destructive behaviors. In insane ages, telling the truth is taboo. Are we in an insane age, yet? Here are five ideas you cannot say in public without extreme censure.

1. We have too many people, and most of them are useless. The idea that any individual can be obsolete because he or she is dumb as rocks, which reflects a failed path through evolution, is massively taboo. We’re all equal. There’s a place for everyone. Granted, it’s a crowded, overpopulated place without forests or fish or clean air, but at least we’re all included.

2. Evolution had different stages, and some populations represent earlier stages than others. See above, but this argument has the additional stigma of addressing groups. Again, the myth is that the genetic, biological and historical differences between us are just accidents of history, and it’s not that history turned out the way it did because of the different actors within. Go read Guns, Germs and Steel, which performs logical contortions to argue that no group has any abilities the others do not.

3. Democracy doesn’t work. Essential to our idea of equality and all getting along is the idea that everyone gets a say in how we do things. How egalitarian. How noble. But how flawed, since only about one in ten thousand people has a chance in hell of understanding something as complex as politics. Look around you. These people can’t figure out how to get through a traffic light in an orderly fashion. Do you think they’re gonna figure out fiat capital, international detente and medical ethics? No.

4. Smart people tend to be happy, healthy, attractive and wealthy, where dumb people tend to be miserable, ugly, of general ill health and impoverished. In other words, poor people got that way for a reason; it’s not just an accident. Either they didn’t have their act together or they are just plain dumb. Wow, that’s really un-PC. But it’s true. After years of living in poverty with under-evolved DNA, they’re basically the bottom of the barrel scrapings. Oh god, that’s so insanely cruel… or just realistic.

5. You can’t educate someone into being smarter or more moral. People do not change intelligence. They are as intelligent when they die as when they are born, and no more. You can teach them facts, but if they’re dumb, they will not recognize the need to act on those facts and will soon forget them. Similarly, if they are sociopathic or oblivious, you cannot educate them into moral awareness. It’s not in their design. Their hardware doesn’t support the software you want to load.

These truths, while blasphemous to what the Crowd would like to think, are essential learning for anyone who wants to succeed in life in the old school meaning — to accomplish something, to have a great family and friends, and to have enough wealth to enjoy life. The Crowd will tell you otherwise, but chances are they’re just compensating for their own lack of success with cognitive dissonance, so when they threaten you for speaking these taboos, remember that these people are cornered by denial and they’re just having a tantrum. Beat ’em down with logic instead.

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