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The Nuclear Option

Perceptive article from a college student:

Shive’s article actually did use this caricature of pasty white kids to draw an interesting comparison between these white kids’ self-imposed isolation and that of the residents of the racially-themed program house. But in response, there has been no discussion of the merits of his argument. Instead, there have just been cries of “racism.”

Invoking racism is like invoking nuclear war. Everyone agrees that both racism and nuclear war are undesirable outcomes, making them easy to exploit.

They claim that their position on “diversity” is non-ideological. Yet when others fail to take up their position on program houses—a hot-button political issue on campus—they label it as yet another manifestation of racism rather than a legitimate position.

Accusing detractors of hating diversity if they do not support the protestors is like saying someone is un-Christian if they do not support Pat Robertson.

There is a tendency to put a blind faith in the value of multiculturalism, not evaluating a work in an objective, scholarly manner, but inadvertently holding it to a lower standard because it promotes multiculturalism.

The Nuclear Option by Mike Wacker

Teaching well-meaning but unscientific dogma as fact weakens all of our knowledge.

Even if you care nothing at all about issues of race, or are a rabid multiculturalist, you owe it to your species to care that we do not obliterate dialogue with political polarization.

If history is horrible, teaching lies and punishing those who don’t uphold them is to repeat the error. Especially if you don’t allow someone to say, as I have said:

“Multiculturalism doesn’t work. There are no historical examples for its successes, and counterexamples that show how shortly after its adoption, civilizations like Greece and Rome collapsed. Multiculturalism, as a subset of pluralism, is the idea that we can build a society on a lack of consensus on everything except that a lack of consensus is ‘freedom.’ This neo-Stalinist denial of reality will lead to obliviousness, and in that chaos the worst of human opportunistic behavior will predominate, causing civilization to spiral down to third world levels of dysfunction.”

You can say the same for any Big Lie that becomes more important than reality itself. We yell at people for taking drugs, but don’t mind drugging ourselves on illusion. Why is that?


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