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The fall of giants


The champion oversimplified fighting into a formula: charge fiercely to pressure, eat a few punches to get into the clinch, and then apply Olympic level judo to finish. This works every time if the opponent plays into those assumptions and is unable to withstand them.

But a skilled opponent and their coaches peer further into this assembly line aggression and notice where substance is lacking, allowing the attack to be evaded, countered from angles at opportune moments, and gradually dismantled. By keeping the fight away from the standard formula that chews up opponents, its strategy is stifled, and gets no help from an inept coach who calls for more of the failing customary attack.

Exerting fruitless effort and taking strikes soon brings on exhaustion. Form suffers into sloppiness and invites more strikes. The final moment soon comes, sending the champ to the ground unconscious. The myth of invincibility is at once shattered.

This same supposed invincibility exists for the political approach that relies on blustering intimidation to control discussions. It has been able to succeed in saying that massive untested changes to society that no one wants are inevitable because laws make them so, and therefore we must change as codified and tolerate whatever happens, rather than crafting the type of society that has proven best.

Modern political discourse is premised on irrational, senseless aims supported by a bullrush of names, accusations, and other incantations:

Racist! Hater! Microaggressor! Privileged Bigot!

But once you survive this initial onslaught, there’s nothing else coming. They will wail like victimized innocents and complain that you have victimized them and hurt their feelings by expressing ideas that differ from their preferences. Don’t be baited.

Circle away, stick and move, and stay true to your winning strategy.

Tactics such as doxing someone, i.e. posting personal information to get them fired and homeless to silence their political opinions, were previously successful methods used by left-wing opponents, but are increasingly familiar and becoming a generic lackadaisical attack. People with anonymity, financial independence, and nontraditional employment don’t even have to prepare defensive counter moves.

Calling everyone racist without cause has spread wide immunity to the term and made it synonymous with crying wolf. By turning the word into a farce, its use for slandering others has become ineffective.

Clearing out those haymakers leaves little in the way of legitimate arguments. The promised results of left-wing activists can be contrasted with the actual results observable when those policies have been attempted. For all their slick marketing, the demonstrated product experience of misery and lowered quality says it all.

Many in media and college campuses hold fast to old slogans and ideology as those lose strength through debunking, inspection, and awareness of better alternatives. Those who stay the course remain unaware their camp is losing the luster of novelty when its grand promises of utopia become repurposed as memes to derisively mock the naive and obtuse.

Bullies fall into utter confusion to see their tactics stop working. Their legs become awkward hunks of rubber and their wild telegraphed swings miss. Their formula has been exposed and countered, and there is nothing they do can save it.

Exhausted, they struggle to stay upright, open for the final strike to fell them and dispel the nonsense they have tried to make us believe by sheer force. The giants fall, having turned out to be puny after all.

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