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The End of Whig History (Winter is Coming)


Winter is coming, but our leading journalistic geniuses are too foolish to feel that biting change in the wind. Roger Cohen writes in Isvestia on The Hudson and perhaps cements his place in The Idiots Hall of Shame and Remorse. He so endeavors by telling us that Liberalism is dead. If only Westeros could truly be cancer free. You see, Cohen conflates the logical end result of the pernicious malady known as Liberalism with its demise. He initially blithers below.

As Communism fell, and closed societies were forced open, and an age of rapid globalization dawned, and the United States earned the moniker of “hyperpower,” it seemed reasonable to believe, as Francis Fukuyama argued in 1989, that, “The triumph of the West, of the Western idea, is evident first of all in the total exhaustion of viable systematic alternatives to Western liberalism.” Therefore, per Fukuyama, the end point of history had been reached with “the universalization of Western liberal democracy as the final form of human government.”

So then he sees the inescapable reality that lays to nines the Fukuyama Fairy Tale. He sees Liberal Democracy retract from impact with the raising disconnect it suffers from traditional cultures that it attempts to subsume and consequently obliterate. Rampant Caesarism, rampaging religious fundamentalism and increasingly successful Caboose Breaking from the losers of open, amoral post-moral society are not in the script written for The End of History.

Like Pauline Kael rolling to disbelieve Richard Nixon’s 49-state electoral victory because nobody she knew personally voted for him, the democrats just myopically assumed without loss of generality that everyone wanted democracy because of its temporary ascendancy over the fustercluck of the CCCP. So Cohen preposterously claims that Fukuyama made a rational argument that the 1991 USA was the epitome of historical evolution. This argument only remains rational when you give partial credit for grounding on a flimsy, limited ratiocination. That flimsy ratiocination is a blinkered view of the past known as Whig History.

Whig History suffers from the same limiting blindness we see in much of Post-modern Climate Scientology. It assumes linearity within insufficient epistemological gravamen to support said conjecture. Take an arbitrarily and disingenuously selected thirty year increase in global mean temperature (if there is such a scientifically valid measure) and run a linear regression on it, and you too can predict that forty years hence the sidewalks in Anchorage, AL will all be hot enough to fry eggs. Compare and contrast the morally dead, war-torn, fvcked-out CCCP to a major nation that had made it through WW II with none of its major cities or factories under prolonged artillery bombardment, and you too can project America Eternal! California Uber Alles! As opposed to Californication instead.

To see past this gob-smacking vile, ineluctable Whig glaucoma, we need the historian who gave his own discipline the same brilliant perspective that Bessel and Fourier gave to physical mathematics. Oswald Spengler predicted what was happening today with a clarity that the brain-washed sycophants such as Fukuyama and Thomas P.M. Barnett could never provide. Spengler comprehended and modeled societal seasonality. In so doing, he vastly superseded the intellects of Fukuyama, Barnett and lesser middling scribblers of journalism such as Richard Cohen who have overinvested in Hegel, Marx and Darwin. The Post-modern democrats compound their arrogant error and assume the ongoing evolution of their own perfect society through a solipsistic prism of their thesis always leading to a superlative, more optimal synthesis.

Fukuyama is the natural philosophical result of the ongoing categorical error that is Whig History. Everything has to have a point. An Alpha needs an Omega. The infinite is incomprehensible to the human mind. We all want the plot spoilers. Tell us how it will end. Don’t take that beer break after the two-minute warning. And Gnon forbid that our game goes into overtime.

So Fukuyama gives us forever after. We get a world connected by Liberal Democracy. What Thomas P.M. Barnett referred to as The Non-Integrating Gap ceases with its silly Caboose-Breaking and plays with I-Phones instead. It is Borg-fused into what Barnett calls our part of the world – The Functional Core. The word of Beelzebub, thanks be to Moloch.

But there is far more to nature than Darwin; far more to societal evolution than Hegel and Marx. There better, more illuminating Judeo-Christian analogs than The Revelation. What if instead it is cosmic Co-sine Function? What if there truly is a time and a season to every purpose under heaven. Then Whig History is a sin*. To knowingly insist on it as a model in the absence of comfortable ignorance regarding its shortcomings would certainly be an act of premeditated malice.

So what Richard Cohen should proclaim is more dramatic than the eminently predictable death of the stupidity that is liberalism. It will be led to its Shoah by dogmatic, tyrannical Progressives if the Dissident Right doesn’t pick it off first with a sniper rifle. What should die and what needs to die is the ideology that trains our intellectuals to be stupid enough to accept Whig History.

We need to understand the seasonality of all human events as the wind blows chill, the leaves of our culture turn to auburn and the grounds of our commons turn yellow and lie fallow. For America and the West, as the motto of House Stark reads in Game of Thrones proclaims: “winter is coming!”

*-In the classic Old Assyrian definition of the term. When an archer missed the mark, the onlookers yelled out “Sin! Sin! Sin!”

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