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Targeting The Wrong Foreign Nationals


Apparently our government has decided to wake up and start throwing people in jail who don’t belong here.

Oops – wrong people! Our government wants nothing to do with jailing illegals, sending them out of the country, and building a border fence. But a guy from Calabria (Calabrese people stopped emigrating to America en masse about thirty years ago)? He must be a threat; lock him up and throw away the key!

This guy was here to see his girlfriend, so they lied to him, told him he couldn’t go back to Italy, and left him to rot in a jail cell. Good thing he wasn’t just here to sight-see on his own, or we likely never would have heard about him. And of course the government is not in the business of apologizing when they’ve made a mistake.

This is an example of a perfectly legal visit from a foreign national; our government is too busy locking up the wrong people to realize the true problem: illegal immigrants bring down our economy for citizens (who deserve better treatment), and this “they do the jobs that no one else wants” logic is backward. People would have been fine doing those jobs had illegal immigrants never been allowed to stay here and work in the first place; if you introduce a population of people who are willing to work for less and add the moral hazard of a welfare state for the formerly employed citizens, it’ll sure as hell seem like they don’t want to work. Why would they? They’re getting paid by your tax dollars to reproduce, shop, and build up credit card debt.

This is what happens when economy and industry run society. Mix in a little political correctness and you’ve got a backward system targeting sacrificial lambs to slaughter, while ignoring the real problem.

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