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Sudden lack of modern historical good guys

We move from illusion to illusion, seeking the absolute that will make us safe and make life seem to be, by The Rules, exclusive of that which threatens us.

Some 1,800 corpses that authorities believe to be German civilians killed during World War II have been discovered in the Polish city of Malbork, daily Bild reported Wednesday.

“They are the remains of women, men and children,” public prosecuter Waldemar Zduniak told the paper. “A portion of the corpses display bullet wounds.”

The first skeletons were uncovered in October in Malbork, which before World War II was part of Germany and known as Marienburg.

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Seems like this thing is cropping up more and more, now that a new generation feels no doubt from guilt about the era — it was so long ago:

For over 50 years, the inhabitants of Treuenbrietzen, a small eastern German town, kept quiet about a World War II massacre that happened in the final days of the war. And many today still have no wish to revisit the past.

The long-forgotten slaughter of some 1,000 German civilians occurred after Russian Red Army soldiers occupied the town, some 25 miles south-west of Berlin, in April 1945.

Christoph Lange, a spokesman for the Potsdam prosecutor said an official request for information about the massacre was forwarded to Russian authorities in November. “It’s our last chance to find those responsible. We’ve already gone through all the relevant German documents,” said Lange.

Even his grandmother, who lived through the events, “refused to discuss it,” the mayor said.

According to witnesses, the massacre took place two days later, possibly because a Soviet officer had been shot dead in the town. Men were gathered together, taken to nearby woods, and shot. A number of women were also raped and killed.

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What they taught us in school: to make the world safe for democracy, America, Britain, the Soviets and the remnants of conquered Europeans came together to defeat the Germans.

The more likely truth: facing the possibility of declining prestige, America and Russia like two stumbling drunks decided to support each other and use their superior numbers to crush those who threatened modern society.

This is not a defense of the Nazis — we all know what horrors they wrought — but it’s an anti-defense of the “good guys,” including the USA and UK and USSR, who turned out to be just like the Nazis, only fake. Internment camps. Nuclear bombings. Massacres. Starvation of POWs. These are the “good guys”?

The enemy is modernity itself.

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