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Modernity assaults the female form

I was reading one of my favorite sources of insight on the Gender Wars — which, like the Ethnic Wars and Culture Wars, are brought on by modernity’s attempt to one-size-fits-all us so that we can have absolute rights as interchangeable parts:

The classic hourglass figure made famous by Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe appears to have had its day.

According to anthropologist Elizabeth Cashdan, high-powered working women are less likely to have the classic shape of a tiny waist with wide hips and large bosom due to the stress levels associated with their jobs.

Instead, women who work to support their families probably carry a touch more fat than they would like around their stomachs, rather than their hips, says Professor Cashdan.

The move away from the Hollywood siren of yesteryear towards the more angular
attractions of the likes of Keira Knightley is attributed to androgens, a type of hormone that includes testosterone.

These hormones help women become physically stronger and more able to withstand stress – attributes that are needed to hold down high-powered jobs.

The Daily Mail

Hippies — crypto-modernists — and corporate leaders agree:

If everyone looked the same and acted the same, it would be much easier for business and the Nanny-Authoritarian state to control them.

Masculinize women. Feminize men. Now they’re nearly identical. They’re “equal,” which is how we’ll sell it to the proles.

Treating a baby boy like a girl and vice versa can change the way their brains work, new research suggests.

By tickling a baby female rat’s tummy for hours on end, the team from the University of Wisconsin managed to make the DNA clusters in its brain become more like a male’s.

The research, reported in the New Scientist, challenges the long-accepted belief that the physical differences between a male and female brain are genetic.

The Express

(Here moderns show no appreciation for polycausality, as usual. Suppose the difference is genetic, AND ALSO can be modified after birth, much like our size is fixed but if we lift a lot of weights, our bones get sturdier? That didn’t occur to them. It never does.)

It really is for appearance, though, because modern society doesn’t work so well — it’s just good at extracting profits.

But, as far as I’m concerned, this idea that you have to recover from birth in a matter of days is part of the same cultural phenomena that says the ideal woman should have the body of an elegant 14-year-old boy plus breasts. She should be lean, firm, strong and invulnerable. She should only be momentarily detained by an event such as giving birth.

The Independent

This sounds like the behavior of people who are paranoid, defensive, isolated and aware of just how judgmental the rest of their society can be — because they, too, are destabilized.

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