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Strangeloop conference censoring Curtis Yarvin for Moldbuggian opinions


After Kaczynski and Houellebecq, then Varg Vikernes and ANUS, Mencius Moldbug worked his way onto the scene to translate traditional society — hierarchy, nationalism, realism — into terms that post-libertarian and transhumanist audiences could appreciate. His goal was to popularize ideas that suggested The EnlightenmentTM was not the beginning of our future, but the beginning of our end, and that we must find a way around the ideation which it has pervasively and systematically created in all areas of life.

His blog, Unqualified Reservations, poked into just about every aspect of modern politics from a theoretical right-wing view, splitting entirely from the conservative tradition of going with gut feeling and highly streamlined, simplified and fully-developed ideas. Instead, he aimed for conversation points that made people feel intelligent to discuss, and attracted a new audience of tech-savvy nerds who had discovered just how comprehensively appalling modern society is. He attracted quite an audience before going on to different things:

Mencius Moldbug is the blogonym of Curtis Guy Yarvin, a San Francisco software developer and frustrated poet. (Here he is reading a poem at a 1997 open mic.)

Currently a principal at Urbit, an Evola-inspired method of creating an internet within the internet that is more similar to Theodor Holm Nelson’s Xanadu than DARPA’s decentralized messaging system, Yarvin was scheduled to give a presentation at the Strange Loop software conference to be held on September 24-26, 2015, in St. Louis, Missouri. However, the organizers contacted him and requested him not to speak because of his previous political activity, despite the lack of anyone having complained:

From: Alex Miller <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, Jun 3, 2015 at 5:45 PM
Subject: Re: Strange Loop 2015 submission “urbit, a clean-slate functional stack”

Hi Curtis,

When your talk was posted on the Strange Loop site today, I had immediate and vigorous feedback about the fact that you would be speaking at Strange Loop. I do not generally make any attempt to audit or care about the particular opinions or ideology of the people that I accept as speakers; I am generally focused on the content of the talks themselves.

However, in this case it is clear to me that your opinions in areas outside your talk are concerning enough for a significantly large number of attendees that those reactions are overshadowing the talk and acting as a distraction for launching the conference as a whole. Because of this, I am sorry that I must rescind your invitation and I will not be able to accept or include your talk at the conference. My apologies if this causes you any inconvenience.

Alex Miller

The internet reacted quickly, including reaching out to Strange Loop and Alex Miller for confirmation:

It is clear that Miller is lying. There was not enough time for the groundswell of activity he reports such that a “significantly large number of attendees” would have trouble with the talk. In fact, we have zero proof that any complaints occurred at all. More likely, he chatted with a friend and decided he had a good enough excuse to shut Yarvin down, as a means of punishing him for having unorthodox views and with the intent of stunting the growth of his new firm.

This type of activity is typical of SJWs and liberals, who are part of the political movement that has killed more people than any other idea in history, and suggests their instability and revengeful natures operate independently of reality. Stay tuned for more developments as people fight for the right to think outside of the herd.

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