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Some sanity on the election

Some 95 per cent of black voters backed the black guy against McCain, the white Republican. In the Democratic primaries it had been much the same, with as many as 90 per cent backing Obama against Hillary Clinton, the white Democrat. (If you’re looking for a racist vote, start here.)

Two-thirds of Latino and Asian voters chose Obama, too, but most whites stuck with McCain, 56 per cent giving the white guy their vote.

In fact, you could even blame that reluctance of whites to back Obama for making his win rather modest.

Consider: Obama had twice the cash of McCain, most of the celebrity endorsements, and coverage from the media that was rarely short of fawning.

Herald Sun

This election was about revenge.

All those who did not feel part of the majority — in ethnicity, in values/morality, in ability and in economic success — banded together to take their retribution.

This happens in every society. Civilization preserves all people with no natural selection, and so incompetence spreads and so does doubt. The result is a a spreading wave of social reality, which justifies itself by claiming “liberal” and “Progressive” social objectives, but is actually motivated by a desire to protect its members from the consequences of reality.

And so the civilization destroys itself, as has happened many times before.


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