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"Everyone" can be wrong — and they usually are

Everyone thought Reagan was going to be a horrible president. Everyone thought his military build up would lead to war. Everyone was wrong.

Everyone thinks Obama is going to be wonderful. I think everyone is wrong. I think we are doomed.

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Most people are always wrong. They react emotionally and impulsively.

They follow trends, not think through the issues — and the interaction between proposed plans and reality as we know it.

As a result, there’s a small minority who have a clue and everyone else runs a dog and pony show while, behind the scenes, oligarchs steal everything they have.

Obama is an emotionally satisfying candidate. He runs on the idea of the people having more power — who doesn’t like the sound of that? Of Spreading the Wealth — what’s there not to like, on the surface? Of racial reconciliation, of being a nice guy, of being a righter of historical wrongs. All these things look good, sound good, etc. until you analyze their impact on reality.

Probably 5% of voters at most have that ability, and they aren’t voting Democratic.

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