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Sexual competition

I had some truly great teachers, but many of the teachers I have met are burnouts.

When the profession stopped being honorable, meaning in the 1970s when teaching became a political education job and not a technical one, many slackers and do-nothings crept into the ranks. They saw it as a quick jaunt to middle class respectability.

These teachers are valuable because they show you the misconceived view of the world that is common among the middle class. Half of the middle class is hovering above working class, and they want to climb, so they adopt fashionable attitudes. Most of the hipsters in the world are hiding granddads who were unfashionable things like farmers, coal miners, cops and firemen (all decent jobs).

If we want to know what most people think that is wrong, these teachers are a great summary. They pass along half-truths with whatever is covered in the textbooks, and a decade later you find out how wrong they were and wonder why they bothered to mention this stuff.

The half-baked high school burnout teacher vision of Darwinism is this:

It is a dark and cold night; a misty night, with fear and solitude hidden within. Two muscular cavemen emerge from the shadows. They draw weapons and fight to the death! Suffering, blood, and horror transpire. Then the victor carries off the women, and we’re descended from him and not the other guy.

When 98.6% of modern people talk about natural selection, this image is what fills their minds.

Now fast-forward to the super-liberated 2010s and these burnouts are now PUAs who have written successful books on conning low self-confidence women into having sex with you.

In the PUA view, the pub or cofffeehouse is the hunting ground for the new Darwinian man. Not necessarily musclebound, but armed with an array of memes and gambits based on the lowest impulses of human psychology, this man is prepared to duke it out with the wits of America’s lower middle class women. When he takes home the prize, he thinks that he is the Darwinian superman emerging from the mist.

What they forget, like those high school teachers of the past, is that natural selection is a far more complex process. It is based on survival and reproduction, not conflict and subjugation. The third man passing through the primordial mist is the one who watched the other two fight, and vanished into the shadows. When the combatants were dead, one from defeat in battle and the other from infections resulting from that battle, the sneaker in the mist was busy raising his kids, and we’re all his descendants.

In the same way, the true alpha male is the one who has a clear plan for his life. He emerges from childhood sated with those pleasures and ready for different ones.

His counterpart, the true alpha female, is the same way way. She knows that a white wedding and happy married life, plus fulfilling career options for her and the husband and kids, awaits. She isn’t screwing around — she dates rarely, finds herself in an LTR or two if at all, and marries a man of similar outlook.

These are the people who are in it to win it.

If the women in bars honestly thought that the future held for them a white wedding and a man who would love them as much at 70 as he did at 20, they wouldn’t be in those bars. They’d be home studying, or socializing in more constructive ways than consuming alcohol.

If PUAs truly thought they had any future with a woman of quality, they would not be wasting their time with the relatively trivial pursuit of chasing tail. Empty pleasures are what you pursue when your life is otherwise not heading toward a superlative direction.

Instead, PUAs start out with the supposition that no good women exist, so they make that a self-fulfilling prophecy. They screw around for a decade or two, and then finally hook up with some woman who did the same. Their kids recognize that their parents act more like coworkers or porno athletes than people deeply in love, and adjust their expectations of their own futures accordingly.

Sexual competition is not about bedding women who have given up hope. It’s about finding a quality woman and leveraging that find into a long-term satisfying life.

Then again, there’s not a huge audience of underconfident people who desperately need affirmation to whom that message appeals — which is why PUAs target their real prey, the underconfident male. They then take the cash from those lost souls and use it to make a life for themselves. That’s Darwinism at its finest.

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