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Remember when people didn’t need airbrushing?

They used to focus their attention on sewing, cooking and home-making.

But modern-day Girl Guides, it seems, have a much broader remit.

They are demanding a ban on the airbrushing of models in magazines and a crackdown on peer pressure to have sex too soon.

The Daily Mail

The rest of their manifesto is liberalized Nanny-Totalitarian State (N.T.S.) bloviation: fight for equal pay, fight discrimination, don’t let your boyfriend carry a knife.

But remember the past, when people were generally good looking, and didn’t need airbrushing?

Everyone today is a mix of parts. Classes, European ethnicities, races, and what I can only assume are mutations induced by fast food, TV radiation, airborne benzene, etc — who knows, but it’s a modern problem.

It seems that each time I see a picture of a Hollywood star on TV without makeup, they stand revealed as the weird-looking, hideous trolls they are — but did I mention they’re slender, and look sexually accessible?

That’s what it takes. Our media doesn’t care about beauty — if they did, why is Amy Winehouse ever covered? — but they care about pitching a fantasy. “If you met her, she might.” And to that end, they keep airbrushing trolls and calling them goddesses.

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