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When will the birth certificate drama end?

Daniel John Essek, 47, filed a demand last week that Obama prove he is a natural-born U.S. citizen — one of the few requirements to run for president.

Essek wants Obama to provide a copy of his birth certificate to a federal judge in London for verification.

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The charge that Obama wasn’t born in the United States came up often during the presidential campaign. Obama’s campaign said that was ridiculous, posting a copy of his birth certificate on the Internet to prove he was born in Hawaii.

A Pennsylvania judge threw out a pre-election court challenge to Obama’s birth qualification, saying its arguments were frivolous.

Lexington Herald-Leader

Just provide the birth certificate and get authorities to declare it legit. This is getting tiresome.

The Republicans ran a stupid campaign in which they alluded to his differentness, his race, and his illegitimacy as a candidate, but they didn’t attack the meat: zero experience, obvious race huckster, clear connections to CORRUPTION, and an artful dodger with no new ideas.

If you’re going to run a campaign, it doesn’t need to be soft or hard. Just make it truthful and articulate the core of the issue: conservatives take care of us according to history and science, liberals take care of us according to emotions.

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