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  • Teamsters refusing to transport GM vehicles in solidarity with UAW

    “Why is everything made in China?” In the 1950s-1980s, unions achieved total dominance over the American auto industry, which was dead and declining until Lee Iaccoca figured out that if he bought up shares of Mitsubishi and Fiat, he could have foreign workers do the really expensive stuff like engine and drivetrain, leaving the body work for the bloated, lazy, and surly American workers. Ford followed by buying shares in Mazda and General Motors later bought into Suzuki or someone we have not heard of for awhile. The last big union strike was in 1982 and the carnage convinced Americans to send labor overseas. The point was, American manufacturing died; outsourcing rose to take its place. Now that the pressure is on China, here come the unions — inveterate parasites — right on schedule to hold American industry hostage. Our only salvation lies in replacing the worker with automation, since the workers make horrible decisions from unions to revolutions to Leftism, and either buying them off with a UBI or preferably, sending them straight to South America. These people are going to destroy us if they can.

  • Survey: 60 percent of the French population view migrants as a threat

    The study also revealed that 60 percent of French people view migrant arrivals as a threat, while 45 percent think that migrant arrivals ‘deprive French people of social services.’

    As usual the voters do not understand much of anything. The migrants are here because the population is falling and the entitlements state (“social services”) has gone broke; if you dropped social services tomorrow, the migrants would disappear. However, the voters still want more free stuff, apparently having learned nothing from the past two centuries. We will need aristocrats to replace the voters because the latter group has either cognitive or mental problems with facing reality.

  • 3M grilled over PFAS chemicals at congressional hearing

    At least in the case of 3M, representatives from the company said they do not believe PFAS chemicals are harmful, unless people are exposed in extremely high concentrations.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention maintains that certain PFAS chemicals, including PFOS and PFOA, are shown by some studies to increase the risk of cancer, cholesterol levels, and interfere with the body’s natural hormones.

    In 2010, Swanson sued the corporation, alleging the company had damaged drinking water and natural resources in the southeast Twin Cities metro area. “Unfortunately, 3M knew about the risks of the chemicals to the drinking water, the environment, and human health for decades, but concealed its knowledge, subverted the science, and kept pushing the chemicals out the door,” said Swanson.

    People do not understand that corporations are democracies. In them, careerists each want to make the biggest splash they can; controlling them, shareholders always want higher dividends and share value; outside them, local workers always want more jobs and money and the politicians support this with consent of the voters. We are seeing a democracy failure here.

  • Girl, 14, ‘too big’ for school uniform skirt in tears for five days after she’s banned from class

    On the surface, this is a sad story about a girl who is too “husky” (as it was said in the 1970s) for her uniform. Underneath, we see that schools are ejecting people who do not fit within the range of normal, which means that the backlash against “have your cake and eat it too” pluralism has begun. Too many different behaviors means a chaotic environment; schools want normalcy. This is part of a wider backlash against individualism which will culminate in the restoration of strong culture, including facially “cruel” policies like rejection of the fat, disabled, retarded, and so on, but will result in a better experience for normal, productive, and functional people. Ultimately, humanity has been at war with nature for too long, and the sadness of being obese — or retarded, disabled, and dysfunctional — comes from physics, not the rule book.

  • U.S. blames Iran for Saudi oil attack, Trump says ‘locked and loaded’

    Iran pulls this stuff from time to time and it shows why most world leaders want to obliterate Iran. After Iran supported Hezbollah which was launching unguided explosive missiles into civilian areas of Israel, America dropped sanctions on Iran to isolate them. This has crashed their economy, so they want to force the world to accept their oil. To do that, they took out a nearby supplier with cruise missiles, taking out 5% of the world oil supply and causing a massive price jump. They are also seizing tankers as a means of restricting supply. Trump has responded by authorizing the release of American oil reserves to keep prices down. In the end, Iran will find that it did not make a compelling case for the world to accept Iranian oil, which means that Iran will starve and its leaders will be overthrown, which is probably the best option. In the meantime, once Israeli elections are over, there will likely be retribution by some form of bombing campaign. This will disappoint Iran, who would like nothing more than an American invasion, since Iran needs to lose some people and it rallies their impoverished population around Islamic theocracy any time they manage to kill some of the Great Satan. Underneath the skin, these are the same people who invaded Europe and enslaved its people in the past, and we will ultimately have to defeat them if not destroy them.

  • SA slipping down economic freedom table

    As mentioned here before in the past, South Africa is descending into chaos under diversity. Since diversity reduces social trust, unity falls apart, and then the special interest conflicts which arise from multiple ethnic groups being in the same place rise and cause internal friction to replace focus on positive, forward, and affirmative goals. Sunken in infighting, the civilization descends into a death spiral. Few remember now, but South Africa once stood as a beacon of success and comfortable living. Now only ruins remain, but at least everyone was equally represented!

  • Italy’s far-right party leader Salvini vows to return to power and issues warning to EU

    Any time the Right gets in power, the Left starts agitating to unite all of the confused, neurotic, and purposeless people in order to get the Right out of power. The Right, distracted by trying to do the job of governing, loses out to public image and the pro-democracy Left, which seeks to achieve nothing beyond redistribution of wealth, power, and social status. The Left thus represents the inward-looking, self-referential, and past-focused, while the Right — ironically for people who want to preserve tradition — looks toward the goals of governing instead of the means of power. Salvini pushed the envelope, and this has produced struggles; Trump and Farage, by staying within the moderate to libertarian range, instead pushed the Left farther to the Left in order to distinguish itself, allowing it to reveal its inner insanity and drive voters away from its new far-Left position. The question remains whether any modern nations have enough people in a sane state of mind remaining to offset the growing audience of broken, crazy, and parasitic people who vote fanatically.

  • Turkey says Israel becoming ‘racist, apartheid regime’ with annexation plan

    The Left attacks anyone non-Leftist for not being egalitarian enough, which is a begging-the-question fallacy since egalitarianism is the founding and central idea of the Left, but not being found in reality, is not applicable to the Right and anyone else. Thus when you hear people using nasty names like Nazi, racist, elitist, classist, apartheid, and fascist, remember that you are listening to Leftists, and Leftists are either insane or shortly driven insane by the insane ideology that they have adopted.

  • Right-wing activist vandalizes EU embassy in Israel

    Sheffi Paz, known in the country for her opposition to African migrants to Israel, documented herself and a confederate spray-painting “EU get out” and “German money kill [sic] Jews” on the building, according to the publication.

    People correctly realize that globalism is over, and that their group cannot trust any other group. The problem is not groups styled as evil, such as Africans, Nazis, or Jews. It is that if any two groups occupy the same space, civilization falls apart and the groups fight each other to self-destruction. Only by creating a niche for each group by separating it from all others can we continue to evolve and live in some semblance of order.

  • Pakistan blasphemy riots: Dozens arrested after Hindu teacher accused

    India and Pakistan may be on the verge of war. It turns out that part-Arab Muslims and fully Indian Hindus do not get along so well, just like no two other groups can get along. Diversity causes insanity, and the only solution is to give each group its own nation.

  • World must transform food production or face unrest, scientists warn

    We are getting ready for the Food and Water Wars:

    “A small disruption in supply really can do a lot of damage and leads to huge price increases,” said Per Pharo of the Food and Land Use Coalition, the global alliance of economists and scientists behind the study.

    As it turns out, Enlightenment™-style thinking about how precious the individual is, and democracy, its political equivalent, end up creating a ravening Crowd that then grows huge and destroys everything in its path. Acephalous, it cannot address problems, especially ones that are not taught in schools as universal consensus. This means that when nature decides to shrug us off, the bottleneck will become brutal and real.

  • Homeland Security investigating who drew a swastika inside one of its buildings

    Clown world has become merely expensive comedy at this point. Anyone who wants to defeat the USA can just draw swastikas in all the important buildings, resulting in a complete shutdown of the system and billions of dollars in hand-wringing and diversity education.

  • Number of uninsured Americans jumps by nearly 2 million: Census Bureau

    No one would talk about it during the Obama years, but the Affordable Care Act bankrupted the middle class, who ended up living off of credit cards. Trump suspended the penalties in order to save people from bankruptcy in order to fund those who we were told were going bankrupt from high healthcare penalties. In retrospect, it looks like Obamacare was designed to ruin healthcare so that the voters would then run screaming to the polls demanding a fully socialized medicine option, which would have then (further) bankrupted the USA. If you wanted to watch the world burn, Obamacare was a great idea.

  • Muslim, Jewish leaders team up in ‘exemplary’ European initiative

    In public, no one will admit that diversity has totally failed, so these bandaids are popular. What they show us, however, is that foreign groups will unite against the national population so that diversity continues, even as it is destroying minority groups as well as the majority. Each group hopes to have diversity destroy all the others, so that it comes out on top, forgetting that eventually it too will be assimilated by diversity. In the meantime, we see that there are no “good” or “bad” groups, simply the reality that more than one group in the same nation — no matter which groups — will destroy civilization through constant infighting and lack of social trust.

  • Europeans Want the EU to Act Like a Superpower

    Finally the nuSSR admits its real goal, which is to become a superpower to challenge America and China, forgetting that such efforts have historically destabilized Europe and left it in chaos. The Left, however, forever aspires to be Napoleon.

  • 19% of Americans are considered ‘upper class’—here’s how much they earn

    We have too many people with too much money from the wrong things. This means that while people have more money, they can buy less with it; until you have $50m in the bank, you cannot really escape the treadmill because of high taxes, high cost of living, and the need to defend yourself against millions of impoverished and criminal idiots who will try to kidnap you. More people have more money, sure, but it means a lot less.

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