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How Tourism Enables The Worst Of Us

Of all the horrors modernity brought, tourism may be the worst. For thousands of years traveling was something one underwent for serious reasons, like trade, pilgrimage, and war, with the short exception during the Roman Empire when upper middle class Romans traveled across the empire to gaze upon the pyramids of Egypt and carve their graffiti into the ancient stones. Even back tourists provoked resentment in the local populations, the same way travelers create ire today in the countries that have to suffer them.

An American stereotype of the European tourist states that he is somehow cultivated and sophisticated. This stereotype grew from the fact that usually only the European upper middle class could travel to the United States. Yet, the Ugly American who visits Europe provides a counter-stereotype: fat, dull, and asks for McDonalds while ignoring the ancient ruins; this arose because the wealth difference in America made it possible for even the lowly plebs to travel across the sea.

By now, this situation is totally out of control.

Tourists, plebs with enough money to press themselves behind a plastic tablet and barely enough patience to suffer a few hours of filtered airplane air, pollute the world.

Encouraged by the selfie posts of strangers that try to impress them despite the likelihood that they will never meet, they trample over the lavender fields of England and France, expose their bare buttocks on tropical beaches, and fall to their deaths trying to take selfies on the edges of canyons and fjords; even the icy tops of the Himalayan mountains are not safe from these empty hedonists and their urge to give their empty lives some sort of meaning with an Instagram post that on a good day will get as many likes as a picture of an Egg or the mongrelized offspring of artificial celebrities.

The whole nature of tourism today seems to be simply the urge to run away. That comes out when you hear dumb sentences from dumb people about how important traveling is for them to discover themselves. There is nothing there to discover. They are merely empty people who are just smart enough to recognize how empty and meaningless they are, and so they travel around to invent themselves anew, but not to discover anything that is not there in the first place.

People who have no control over their lives distract themselves from this situation by running into more situations that they can not control in foreign lands where they don’t speak the language, where they are racially alien to the natives, and of whose customs they don’t know anything about. This was captured so typical in the popularity the sort of picture gained where the viewer from perspective of the camera is led by the hand by a young woman. It is the emasculation of the tourist summarized. In search for distraction he follows the siren’s call to his doom.

Most tourists are also mentally unfit to deal with reality, meaning the state of affairs outside of the Western Bubble where the useless get subsidized and there is profit in pandering to the feelings of the neurotic. And so you will have situations where a British tourist attacks a street vendor because he keeps chickens in cages, a fat German woman brings a stray dog puppy infested with botfly larvae to a veterinarian under tears, where middle class activists wanna protect the venomous and poisonous jungles of South America because they like their pretty flowers as desktop background pictures.

These people have no business being there.

And so resentment grows into anger and into hate. The locals ask themselves why these people who have clinics for their pets and who feed their cats and dogs with extra processed meat while they are dying of tetanus and whopping cough come down here and get into their business. Meanwhile the profits from tourism in those countries seldom do anything good for the locals besides creating inflation. The degrading wealth and income in the Western nations has even created a new sort of tourist, the bag-beggar, the spoiled middle class college student who begs the locals for money so that he can go on posting Instagram selfies from distant lands.

If your country becomes a tourist attract, your culture has totally jumped the shark. Spengler’s Universal Law #14 states: If your civilization sticks around long enough, it will turn into a theme park.

When your country and culture require the profit margin from tourism they are done. Your country has to pander to foreigners and their money and either your local population is reduced to serving drinks and providing prostitution, or you import cheap labor and sex for those purposes, which means you are basically doubly doomed anyway.

But it is not just the tourism receiving country that is in demise when tourists infest it, the pitching country is also in dire decline if its people prefer to go abroad for a good time instead of taking delight in their native land.

An example of this is British tourism. British tourists are notorious among the worst and a great example for how it looks when the underclass can afford to travel and for what purposes they do. The underclass British pleb is the stereotypical boy-buggering sex tourist in Thailand. The British female is the stereotypical drunken skank on the Mediterranean islands of Mallorca and Ibiza. No depravity is too low for this filth, from accusing other tourists of rape after a night out whoring about in Turkey nor Cyprus, or sucking fourteen flaccid cocks for drinks in Mallorca’s Party Resort Magaluf. Usually it would shame a country if its subjects would behave this way, and the British people are by definition subjects and not citizens, but the pathetic rump state of great Britain has no shame anymore because it has no honor. And so the former empire wanders across the world sucking flaccid cock either for naval support from the Americans, or for £4 drinks.

Then there is the do-gooder tourism where spoiled middle class dummies spend their summer building schools and roads in third world wastelands while at home their society collapses. This sort of tourism — missionary tourism — is one of the worst scams of all and would be worthy of execution by exposure on the wheel if it would aim at the stupidly naive, pretentious, and otherwise useless people.

There are entire agencies who organize these trips for these morons so that they can build a school for apathetic locals and after a few years when the school is either demolished, collapsed, looted, or turned into a barn for livestock the scam starts anew. Sometimes the locals simply chase away these do-gooders for their presence is an affront to a self respecting culture and they don’t see any profits from that scam anyways. You might think this would cause people to ask what could be the point in traveling to the third world as a Westerner when Western cities are overrun with people from the third world anyway.

So: tourism is bad. What is the solution you may ask yourself? The same solution it was last time: the collapse of peace provided by an empire.

When during the crisis of the third century Rome could no longer upload its pax Romana, banditry emerged everywhere across the empire. And banditry emerges now. Tourists were kidnapped and taken for ransom and sometimes just murdered in a run-of-the-mill mugging situation. The favela criminal who shoots a tourist from the West is for one people a bandit who cuts into their profit margin, for another group a patriot and resistance fighter protecting culture and the remains of dignity they have from the prying eyes of outsiders who take temporary pleasure in their poverty for selfies and Instagram likes.

When large amounts of tourists get murdered by common criminals or religious extremists everywhere they go, the hedonistic and escapist people of the west will be thrown into a situation where they have to look inward and ask themselves why they work the whole summer in an office cube so that they can afford to take a vacation during the winter and then repeat that cycle until they die. They need to realize there is no place for them but this one they have. A people who cannot control its own streets have no business traveling. If they, backs against the wall, would manage to re-take these spaces back for themselves, traveling abroad for selfies and pictures of exotic food would as feel pathetic and escapist and meaningless for what it.

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