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  • Couples in Virginia will no longer have to disclose race to obtain a marriage license

    We pursue the whole sign of purity, equality. Before it we bow, and all must conform. Even when not relevant to anything other than awareness of race, the symbol must conquer all reality. That way, everything is under our control, smooth, even, and uniform. Humanity would take the varied landscapes of nature in their wildness and impose graph paper on them, dividing everything into little identical squares. That way, we feel, our brains are in control.

  • Alarming level of plastic in children’s bodies, German study shows

    Plastic from cleaning products, waterproof clothing, food packaging and cooking utensils frequently comes into direct contact with the body.

    Why did we make this stuff out of plastic if we knew it could leach into our bodies? Utilitarianism: more people seem to be more excited about cheap plastic stuff than expensive metal, wood, and glass. Now we all pay for the lowest common denominator standards of the majority. This shows us a dimension that democracy does not consider, namely how an “equal” population influences products, lifestyles, and habits.

  • Illinois man convicted in 2018 booby trap shotgun slaying

    Spring guns are a terrible idea. However, look at what the “victim” did here:

    Thomas Mansfield, Wasmund’s defense attorney, argued that Spicer’s actions are what led to his own death, noting he ignored the “no trespassing” sign, the nailed-shut shed door and the “caution do not enter” sign on the shed, then breaking the lock on the shed door.

    “Those are the acts that caused his death,” Mansfield said.

    Our legal system, in the name of equality, is defending criminals. No, it was not a good idea to set up a spring gun… but this defendant got his man, probably the same clown who was repeated burglarizing the shed. I would have staged a jury nullification defense here and convicted him of the lesser offense of unlawful discharge of a firearm.

  • Auto workers union sets stage for possible strike against GM

    The twentieth century, if it had an organizing principle, possessed ideology: the notion that what the broadest segment of society, a.k.a. “the workers,” thought was more important than reality; this emerged from a The Enlightenment™ notion that the human self should be the organizing principle of reality, and the other way around (essentially: “I am God” by humans, which forgets that to truly transcend God is to need no god). The workers, by following the idea that their intentions matter more than reality, are self-destructive. They want more money; the market cannot afford it; they strike anyway; the jobs go away. Let us hope that General Motors, Ford, and every other automaker simply automates entirely and fires its entire workforce, simply for being stupid and greedy. Already the unions won great victories in the early 1980s only to see that Lee Iaccoca had a solution, which was to make finished assemblies elsewhere and then have the lazy, overpaid, sloppy, and obese American workers only put together those pieces into the final result, so that the car could say “Made in America” but be 75% manufactured elsewhere, where it was cheaper and more reliable (fewer strikes) to make parts. Since our democracy is too cowardly to remove legal protection for unions, we will suffer this problem until we eliminate labor entirely.

  • The autistic children of Donor H898

    Manhattan Cryobank, now part of California Cryobank, said that the donor had over a dozen successful births with zero reports of any children affected by autism.

    If some but not all of the kids turn out autistic, then what is autism? One answer is that it happens when you breed across white ethnic lines, such as when Italian-American Rizzo — dark hair, dark eyes, Asiatic round face — receives sperm from a more Nordic-Germanic donor (blonde hair, blue eyes, long face). The great melting pot experiment is about to get a kick out the door. We already know that mixed-race children are less healthy, but soon we are going to figure out that mixed-ethnic children are also a bad idea. Do what your ancestors did and you turn out well; follow your whims, fascinations, trends, novelties, distractions, lusts, and nonsense you read in The New York Times, and things do not turn out so well. This is not just natural selection, but a moral dimension to existence. Those who place reality first, win; those who place self first, self-destruct. There is nothing unjust in this.

  • Hong Kong protesters hurl petrol bombs at government buildings in latest wave of unrest

    “One country, two systems is dead,” protesters shouted in English under umbrellas shielding them from the sub-tropical sun, some carrying the colonial flag also bearing the Union Jack. “Free Hong Kong.”

    Hong Kong island was granted to Britain “in perpetuity” in 1842 at the end of the First Opium War. Kowloon, a peninsula on the mainland opposite Hong Kong island, joined later, after the Second Opium War.

    Colonialism works better than Chinese self-rule. Of course it was the English, who were not attacked by Mongols and therefore suffered only one of three tragedies (black plague, Mongols, Muslims) unlike central Europe, who rejected the Asiatic system of mass conformity — paradoxically, this is a type of individualism, because it protects the individual against criticism — in favor of a Darwinian system of results-oriented, orderly social order. Maybe China needs to figure out what has gone wrong in Asian history that makes it such a destructive force.

  • Judge blocks attempt to remove Charlottesville Confederate statues

    The city said that law violated the US constitution because the statues send a racist message.

    Judge Moore ruled on Wednesday that the law’s intent was historic preservation, not discrimination.

    Racism is not illegal according to the US Constitution; at best, the Fourteenth Amendment (and related Civil Rights Acts of 1866, 1875, 1957, 1964, and 1991) prohibits unequal treatment, but the language leaves it unclear whether that extends to private acts, although (of course) the Leftist courts have interpreted it that way. In the meantime, until we get some sane jurists in there to clarify this issue, we have to satisfy ourselves with “history being partially ‘racist'” not being equated to “preserving history reflects an intent toward ‘racism.'”

  • Police face protesters in Nantes as ‘yellow vest’ marches resume

    The Gilets Jaunes (yellow vest) protests, named after motorists’ high-visibility jackets, began over fuel tax increases but morphed into a sometimes violent revolt against Macron and a government they see as out of touch.

    It is not a specific government that is out of touch, although surely this one is incompetent as well, but the idea of government itself. The State takes from the productive to give to the unproductive, but this makes life more expensive and less profitable for everyone because they are carrying the State on their backs. Too bad the voters are too dense to figure out that the “free stuff” means a bad life in the end, even though they have a check in their hot fat short-fingered hands.

  • US and Brazil agree to Amazon development

    When roads are driven into the forest it attracts more settlers, who clear land and hunt wildlife.

    People are sheep. If you build a road, they all pile down it because someone else has validated and created the path for them to follow. If you require them to be pioneers, 90% of them crouch in their city favelas or barrios (English: tenements, ghettos) and do nothing but hand-to-mouth feeding while parasitically leeching off any larger source of money, power, and prestige that they can find. Most humans are simply rationalizing monkeys, and if their jobs go away and they starve, nothing of value will be lost. Humanity badly needs a bottleneck where the useful survive and everyone else becomes skeletons for future historians to puzzle over.

  • Pakistan imposing ‘jazia’ on Kartarpur pilgrims, says SAD

    The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) on Friday condemned the Pakistan government’s decision to charge Rs 1,400 per pilgrim as service charge for using the upcoming Kartarpur corridor, saying the neighbouring country is trying to impose ‘jazia’ (a tax non-Muslims pay under Sharia law) on Indian devotees.

    Jazia: a perfect metaphor for how Leftist society operates. The Leftists who get into power charge everyone else for not being Leftists in power, and we pay it in order to avoid conflict, not realizing that our losses are lower if we simply rise up, overthrow the Leftists, and exile them to Venezuela with suitcases full of porn, weed, and dreamcatchers.

  • 70% of married women in Japan support same-sex marriage

    Voting encourages conformity. You want other people to like you, so you adopt permissive opinions because that way, in theory no one is the victim. You want to be on the winning side, so you vote for whatever you think everyone else will vote for. The result is incoherent policy that always devolves to inertia, since no other directions can be taken. That inertia follows the “big idea” of democracy, the equality of individuals, following the individualism of The Enlightenment.™ Democracy is undertow.

  • Mexico Jalisco: Forensics identify 44 bodies in well

    44 dismembered bodies in a well, 44 piles of parts… take one down, pass it around, 43 dismembered bodies in a well. Is it time to end third world self-rule? It does not seem to be going so well, but headlines like this make it — like all democratic government — a form of expensive and elaborate comedy.

  • Two arrested in racist attack on black student at University of Arizona

    Was it a “racist” attack (one in which racism is the motivation for the attack) or a fight during which “racist” language was used? It sounds more like the latter than the former.

  • Facebook removes altered Conservative advertisement

    Added together that makes £14bn, but it is not how spending increases are normally worked out, Mr Cuffe said.

    They did not like that the conservatives used the estimate over three years and not one, so they branded the advertisement “fake news” and banned it. Leftists really are both crazy and incompetent.

  • Former NFLer charged after allegedly staging racially-motivated burglary

    Another fake hate crime for the insurance money. These seem to be more common than actual hate crimes.

  • Brett Kavanaugh is hit with a fresh sexual misconduct allegation

    As Ruth Bader Ginsburg hovers near death, the Left needs a new excuse to take over the Supreme Court, which has been their path to power over the last century or so. Having learned from the Clarence Thomas confirmation debacle, they now produce another accuser with dubious evidence and a fantastical story, following up the last three mental cases who either could not produce details or got them wrong and had to withdraw. They know that they are lying; they do not care, as long as they can fool the neurotic cat ladies, iconoclastic and precious soyboys, people dependent on free government money, and Hart-Celler voters into thinking it might be true. When your assumptions always equal your conclusions, plausibility plus rationalization are all that is required. Leftists are crazy and we are going to have to physically remove them to Venezuela.

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