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  • Migrant surge overwhelms Greek islands

    The flood continues, mainly because Europe cannot seem to muster a strong response to anything. Democracy signals weakness.

  • Record 32 million Hispanics ready to vote, the largest minority in 2020

    The percentage of Hispanics eligible to vote in the upcoming 2020 presidential election has surged nearly 20% since 2016 when Hillary Clinton took 66% of the Latino vote.

    “The 2020 election will mark the first time that Hispanics will be the largest racial and ethnic minority group in the electorate, accounting for just over 13% of eligible voters,” said Pew’s FactTank.

    Your Leftist leaders want to continue helping themselves to power, status, and wealth without contributing anything actually beneficial to society. For the same reason they buy votes with welfare, they buy allegiance by helping out minority groups who want to take over our nation. Now this situation has become a crisis, but no one in the media will talk about it. Could it be that the “real news” is actually the “fake news,” and that our political apparatus works entirely to hide what is actually going on so that it can seduce us with symbols of drowning children, starving migrants, cop-beaten minorities, raped women, and sad poor people? Democracy means that whoever gets the most votes, wins, and we assume that people have equal “reason,” but in reality, humans in groups make terrible decisions. Now we have to deal with the consequences of that, and we can see how this is already making America unstable. Minority-majority cities are without exception disasters. The same will apply when our diverse society goes to vote and focuses on special interest groups fighting each other instead of any kind of long-term goal.

  • Hate crimes double in five years in England and Wales

    Somehow, the more diversity we get, and the more that diversity attempts to take over from the founding group, the more ethnic conflict we have. The public narrative tells us that we are seeing “hate,” when in reality we are seeing the clash of civilizations occurring within our society because we insisted on importing diverse groups. Only one group can win, and to not-win is to be dominated by another group, so every group wages war on the others. Since our society sees minorities as victims, it refuses to record most of their warfare as “hate crimes,” and since minorities know they are protected by law, they specialize in passive aggressive activities designed to make other groups lash out at them.

  • Online hate blamed as researchers find homophobia is increasing among young people in UK

    Special interest groups include racial and ethnic minorities, but also other groups who are outside the majority (which is not a synonym for “mainstream”) such as sexual minorities, including sexual preference minorities. Our egalitarian dogma holds that we must enforce equality upon everyone so that no individual is left without a share of the power, wealth, and status; this is why we understand egalitarianism as a form of collectivized individualism. This mania for finding exceptions, or people who have not been made equal, causes society to seize on anyone who is not succeeding and to use that person then as an excuse for tearing down more social order and replacing it with more anarchy. Right now, egalitarians are using LGBT+ as their battering ram, forcing everyone to accept them so that all behaviors can be legitimized in the name of moar equality. Not surprisingly, like other forms of diversity, this provokes a backlash.

  • Undercover entrepreneurs: fearful Mexican tech startups shun spotlight

    Mexican startups seek to avoid the spotlight because they fear kidnapping and extortion. First world societies are both Darwinistic and moral, meaning that they promote the productive, realistic, and creative. Third world societies fail to recognize good, and therefore allow bad to take over, even if unofficially. That strangles any attempts for them to rise above the third world standard.

  • Trump vetoes measure voiding border wall emergency declaration

    While keeping the Left distracted with peach mints, Trump keeps steadily moving forward on eliminating the open borders which will secure a permanent Leftist majority in America.

  • ‘Deletefacebook’ trends after Zuckerberg backlash

    The hashtag deletefacebook is trending on social media after it emerged Mark Zuckerberg held informal dinners with conservative politicians and right-wing commentators in the US.

    In a post on Facebook, Mr Zuckerberg said he had “dinners with lots of people across the spectrum”.

    Hearing different viewpoints was “part of learning”, he said. “If you haven’t tried it, I suggest you do.”

    In the meantime, Facebook is still deleting conservative posters because it operates on a complaint-driven system administered by poor terrified low-paid low-IQ workers. This trend tells us that the Left has entered their endgame: diversity is the means by which they seek permanent power, and they have dropped the pretense of coexisting with the Right and simply want to destroy all of us. This fits within the French Revolution and Soviet Union model rather solidly, so we cannot say it was unexpected, although conservatives slept through it thanks to William F. Buckley and his libertarian “fusionism” that caused conservatives to abandon immigration and diversity as issues.

  • Outrage as far-right politician tells woman to take off veil at French council meeting

    Different cultures have different standards. Does that mean that the woman should wear the veil, or that when in France one should behave as the French do? Leftists, who see the world in the context of a universal ideology, or one that applies to all people everywhere, cannot handle the idea that France might be different from their great grey race hive-mind and thus remain France. In order to make people equal, Leftists will abolish all distinctions, including those that are harmless and allow us to have actual French people and French culture.

  • City Charges Trump $500K, Obama $20K For Rally Security

    Recently, Leftists were wailing about how the Trump campaign has not paid its rally bills. It turns out that Leftists, par for the course, are simply charging conservatives much more money than was charged to Obama for his rallies, which is an in-kind donation to the Obama campaign. Not surprisingly, the Trump campaign is refusing to pay these bills and suing instead, which mostly shines light on this bad practice, which benefits Trump since he is courting “moderates” and knows that the Leftist base will never, ever vote for a conservative.

  • Manchester University students attempt to block plans for Gandhi statue ‘because he’s racist’

    The group says that Gandhi “saw himself as a ‘fellow-colonist’, theorising Indians as a superior race”.

    Every race and ethnic group, if it is healthy, sees itself as superior. For the purpose of being itself, it is correct. Indians need to believe that they are a superior race and throw out everyone else from India, or the Indian race gets outbred and destroyed. Even small amounts of trace admixture change what they were into something “new” that suspiciously resembles all the other human experiments in making something “new,” ending up instead with a formless and talentless grey race. Humans are inherently solipsistic, and they try to make everything into one thing for their own mental convenience, which inevitably leads to disaster. Diversity, globalism, universalism, and egalitarianism are all part of this spastic mental impulse.

  • Gov. Cuomo uses n-word in radio interview

    Italian-Americans talk about how much they were mistreated by the majority, and demonstrate that they still resent this majority and always will because they are different. Assimilation is a fantasy repeated by conservatives who are more interested in their stock funds than having a functional nation, a state of affairs which ironically contributes the most value to their stock funds. People are monkeys. If the fruit is not in their hands, they imagine that it is not real, but if they see it, they want to take it, and they ignore the consequences for anyone else or shared things like civilization, culture, learning, values, aesthetics, social order, and goodwill between people in a tribe.

  • Former Nazi camp guard to go on trial in Hamburg

    Between August 1944 and April 1945, Bruno D is accused of having been an accessory to the murder of 5,230 people. The figure includes 5,000 prisoners who fell victim to a typhus epidemic due to being denied access to food, water and medication as well as catastrophic hygiene conditions, 200 people who were gassed with Zyklon B and 30 people executed with a device specially built for killing with a shot in the neck.

    This is as close as the mainstream media comes to admitting that the Holocaust was not about gas chambers, but starvation and slave labor, as Albert Speer wrote (in addition, there were barn burnings and open pit executions, mostly in Eastern Europe and the Baltics). If the gas chambers were an actual force being used, they would be responsible for more deaths; most likely, the captive bolt pistol and gas chamber narratives are purely hearsay. This does not change the fact that while diversity is a horror, the only way to end it is relocation. Genocide is more expensive, destructive, and pointless than people think, but they crave the chance to act out emotional validation.

  • Ancient ‘Lost City’ of Khmer Empire Rediscovered Hidden Under The Cambodian Jungle

    Your daily reminder that amazing, next-level civilizations can just vanish and that internal conflict such as class warfare always does it has arrived. Angkor Wat was as far ahead from the rest as we are today, but still, it vanished rather quickly and left behind a mass of starving, illiterate peasants.

  • Naval Academy midshipmen seek Satanic Temple space

    Welcome to diversity, which means that culture and religion have become arbitrary, so there are going to be lots of different groups that offend each other. This even extends to political diversity, as we can see with the norming and mainstreaming of white nationalist ideals.

  • Chief: Officer’s Proud Boys membership didn’t break policy

    The Left is accustomed to having its hive-mind get its way. If they say something is “white supremacist,” that means that all good people must back away from it and shun anyone associated with it. Collective fear is their weapon. In this case, the Chief simply reads up about the group in question and realizes that it is not racially affiliated, causing the Left to scream in outrage but ordinary people to shrug and move on. They are losing their grip, both on reality and on mass opinion which they once kept in a stranglehold with the near-total ideological conformity of our media.

  • Trapped body causes 14.5 million gallons of Tijuana sewage to leak into US

    Third world countries produce waste and side-effects for those around them. Their excuse invariably proves to be that they are poor, therefore they can do nothing about it, when — look! — the other guy is rich so he should fix it. In the same way, egalitarianism says that because the poor are both impoverished and human, someone else should fix this situation for them. This creates a formula for destruction because the many clueless, aimless, lost, sad, neurotic, depressed, schizoid, criminal, and perverse simply gang up on the few sane ones. If we have any principle that works here on Earth, it is “good to the good, and bad to the bad,” meaning that we reward the good, punish the bad, and give nothing to everyone else. It is more important that the best rise, producing works of genius, than that the herd be pacified.

    That being said, we can find an interesting solution here: the United States should purchase all of the property in Mexico for fifty miles south of the border and turn it into a nature park. This buffer zone would benefit both the United States and Mexico, which upon being forced to stop externalizing its problems, would find itself looking inward for fixes instead of fixating on external scapegoats. Not only that, but all of those border species that Leftists suddenly discovered could have a safe habitat, and Mexico could take pride in preservation of its native wildlife.

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