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  • Trump adviser warns China exporting tech authoritarianism

    A theme for the twenty-first century appears: independence from “tech authoritarianism.” We might see this as part of a bigger picture, which is independence from symbolic control, by which some group of people rules over us through manipulating the masses with symbols of “good” (=) and “bad” (≠). In the meantime, we have enemies foreign in the EU and PRC and domestic in Big Tech and media who want to rule us by brainwashing enough of us that the others just go along with it. Advertising works; media saturation means mandatory exposure to constant propaganda/advertising. Big Tech is abusing its monopoly by using its information power to leverage control over others. In the meantime, the West has finally identified the real “evil empire” and is re-organizing to face it. Undoubtedly, the evil empire will be accused of using tech authoritarianism, and this will be true, but that will be done mostly to conceal our own increasing reliance on facial recognition, CCTV, and massive linked databases.

  • Global debt surges to record high $188 tn: IMF chief

    The world has made itself fragile with a house of cards. If the income goes, the debt triggers a massive unraveling. We also see, finally, how so much of what we consider functional is in fact living off subsidies, either public funds (in turn based on selling debt) or private borrowing.

  • President Donald Trump ordered to pay $2M to collection of nonprofits as part of civil lawsuit

    A spokesperson for the Trump Foundation, in a statement, said, “Since its inception in 1987, the Trump Foundation has distributed over $19 million to hundreds of worthwhile charities with little to no expenses. More than $9 million came directly from President Trump.”

    And so, we see another politically-biased persecution gleefully enabled by an Italian-American judge. How is assimilation working out again?

  • China targets individual behavior with ‘green living’ campaign

    On the surface, this sounds positive, but when we look into it, we see that China has reverted to 1960s Communist methods instead of using the more contemporary methods of regulation and administration. This tells us that strong power has return, and China by backing down from the soft methods of the West, is leading the way.

  • Anonymous author’s ‘Warning’ portrays a presidency on the brink

    Can we recognize propaganda when we see it? This author repeats well-known accusations and seems not to be an actual high-ranking person in the Trump administration, but someone in the mailroom repeating gossip. Some have said it is Kellyanne Conway’s husband, while others have pointed to disgruntled holdover staff from the Obama administration. It is as likely a Republican establishment person with a ROMNEY 2020 sticker on his car who saw a chance to make some bucks by repeating back to the hive-mind what it has been bleating for months.

  • Mysterious hacker dumps database of infamous IronMarch neo-nazi forum

    “Mysterious hacker” probably means a worker at the ISP which hosted this who copied it to a thumb drive late one night while updating the host machine. Nothing much here except a list of Gmail accounts which mix Third Reich, medieval, and Nietzschean themes.

  • Lib Dems, Plaid Cymru and Greens to launch pro-remain pact

    Leftism offers a one-size-fits-all absolute ideology, meaning that they make equality good and everything else bad, therefore safe to be used as a means-to-the-end of equality. That means that when a party is part Leftist, it will willingly give up all other parts of its agenda in order to remain compatible with its Leftist brethren. Brexiteers should look toward emulating this model, meaning that they will need a principle stronger than generalized conservative, libertarian, and patriotic elements. Perhaps a focus on the idea of avoiding symbolism entirely and being realists would help, since realism allows people to reject Leftism without taking on another ideological crusade in its place, and by focusing on what works, they can avoid the whims and novelties of human drama entirely.

  • Prosecutors charge man with hate crime in acid attack

    We need more people out there seizing the vote, taking over local politics, and driving out the neurotics and others who support the Left. We need people agitating to drive the cultural wave further, retaking institutions, firing Leftists, and hiring non-Leftists. These things help us; random retaliation, while sometimes a byproduct of furious frustration with the decay caused by diversity, is less helpful. Then again, the national outrage seems muted over this, where five years ago it would have been a major event.

  • Twitter in India: Why was rival Mastodon trending?

    People are tired of the symbolic control effected by large companies like Twitter, Facebook, Google, Reddit, and Apple, who depend on those symbols to cultivate a user base that is interested in buying their products. After all, the American majority disappeared under the onslaught of diversity, feminism, and class warfare, so now business needs someone to pander to; the SJWs are close enough to the “new hippies” for business to figure that they are trendy and spend all its time going woke/broke to bring them into the new corporate realm which melds Leftist Utopian ideals with the notion of a clean modern lifestyle where the individual is king, in the model of the Enlightenment.™ Mastodon is growing in leaps and bounds because it was designed to avoid the centralization that lends itself to “accountability” to a single audience, a situation which quickly leads to calls for censorship. To join it, hop on over to one of the nodes like Free Speech Extremist or Gab.

  • Academic calls for ‘Anglo-Saxon’ to be dropped as it’s used by ‘white supremacists’

    Someone bad did something, so now we cannot do what they do, which is convenient because the Left wanted to erase any knowledge of history anyway. Ever notice how little we know about the past? The first thing that disordered mental state people do is conclude that the source of their disorder is external, but symbolic, so they need to control how other people think in order to feel good about themselves. This leads to them wanting to erase history, which is why despite our glorious history, there are always crazy neurotic people running around fanatically destroying it because it threatens their own sense of well-being by revealing how puny they are. Now they want to erase our knowledge of who we are so that someday, we can wake up and tell ourselves that we were born of the great democracy and its egalitarian wisdom, and that anyone who does not agree is our enemy, even though the opposite is true. Neurosis causes truth to become anathema and therefore inverts the truth by destroying the most important parts of it, leaving an ersatz imitation which quickly becomes used to preach whatever convenient unrealistic things that the neurotic mass of people are thinking. The best of us spend a great deal of their thinking trying to overcome this neurotic tendency, but the majority of people never undertake that quest.

  • Dopamine fasts: Why Silicon Valley tech workers are avoiding food, TV, sex, music, exercise and eye contact

    Any time dogmatists get control, they eliminate pleasure, joy, and leisure. They want to keep people motivated toward the goal, and in their view, the only method that works is to enforce pain. This manic desire to punish and control reveals how unstable the dogma is, because without it, people work toward what is rewarding and avoid everything else. In reality, what they are addressing is scatterbrainedness, which is what happens when there are too many stimuli that are of seemingly equal importance, causing the person to constantly be putting out fires and never gain a sense of purpose or direction. To reduce that mentality, we need a society of purpose in which people feel a sense of gain for what they contribute. This will result in a simpler life, where people are less likely to join in mass hysteria about symbolic needs like enforcing equality or driving up user numbers, and one in which they look within to discover who they are.

  • Debt bombs lurking: The banking mess that has China on edge

    This could be why the markets are spooked regarding China and the future. A cascade of failures could occur within the Chinese economy, since it has over-extended itself and built itself too much on the idea of conquest of new markets and not enough on making itself balanced, whole, and stable. If China exits, the EU, Russia, and US will be vying for the world superpower title. As it turns out, the EU is talking about re-arming and even Germany aims to revitalize its military, following demands made by Donald Trump.

  • Japan school boards start to rethink ‘black rules’ on everything from underwear to protesting

    The long tail of the rule which demanded that students dye their hair black so that they fit in with ethnic Japanese has erupted. Naturally, the teachers want fewer rules; this makes teachers more powerful, since now the only rule is their arbitrary interpretation of the remaining vague, general rules. In the meantime, few think about how rigid standards often allow a uniformity that forces individuality into the inner self, meaning that it becomes richer and more personal. However, modern society likes outward expression, because if individuality is redirected there, then people become more conformist inside.

  • Billionaires’ wealth falls for first time since 2015

    It turns out that perhaps globalism was a bubble that made a lot of people super-rich while impoverishing everyone who was not part of the system, by which Western societies transferred money to the third world and their own third world underclasses in order to create a reckless consumer spending “pump priming” boom that inflated the value of their currencies, allowing these governments to do a brisk business in selling debt as assets. If government leaves the picture, immigration goes away, and the tax-and-spend wealth transfer entitlements die, we will see fewer billionaires, but more everyday prosperity among the middle classes.

  • Health Minister Wants Full-Genome Sequencing Of Every Newborn Child In UK To Become Routine

    As societies become more fragmented by diversity and social breakdown, governments want more databases to keep track of people. If they can simply swab places for DNA and identify who was there, they might be able to keep order as the decay accelerates. At least, this is what they hope. In reality, it will create a state where people fear going out and touching anything, lest they end up in a DNA dragnet, and so will even more become a place where people work from home, order supplies in via mail, and interact with the world only through internet and television.

  • Italy Holocaust survivor Liliana Segre under guard amid death threats

    People are tired of constant goading by guilt. They do not want to hear about how Other groups come to Europe and have problems; after all, as Europeans see it, the duty of any immigrant is to find a way to fit in. Next level thinking simply says that societies work when they are mono-ethnic and mono-religious, and fail in any other context, so those are initial requirements for even having a civilization, before one gets to other knotty questions like method of government, economic system, and social order.

  • Scientists plan to flood black market with fake rhino horn to reduce poaching

    Solid thinking suggests that instead of viewing crime in a regulatory lens, we should view it as a for-profit enterprise, and find a way to sabotage its center of profit. If no one can tell if the product is real, its supposed effects become debunked and demand drops, which in turn will make it less attractive as a business enterprise. The same reasons that people use to argue for drug decriminalization (but not legalization, which imposes regulatory costs, labor costs, and taxes) apply here.

  • As Taiwan’s economy shines, China suffers exodus

    It turns out that managed Communist centralized economies, even when hybridized with market socialism in the European model, do not work so well. Perhaps this explains why China is so desperate to absorb Hong Kong, because that way it can fund itself with a fully market economy embedded within its greying and desolate Communist wasteland.

  • Florida man pleads guilty to texts threatening Jews

    Apparently this is being interpreted as a legal threat now:

    “I told you how much I hate Jews right? If meeting me for five seconds is not worth the lives of multiple Jews than I have no other option.”

    In reality, this event simply shows how desperate authorities are to keep a lid on the rising tide of resentment against diversity. There is no point hating Jews; focus your hate on diversity. It is a bad policy, created by laws, and we can fix it by removing those laws and making new laws which cause Jews, Italians, Mexicans, Chinese, Africans, Irish, Koreans, Arabs, Amerinds, Vietnamese, and Poles to be deported to their ethnic homelands. There is no point hating these people; they are a symptom, and not a cause. The cause is the tendency of people in groups to converge on whatever is least difficult and therefore, keeps the group together, which creates a situation where every year what is seen as “truth” gets farther from reality until eventually people are talking confidently about pants-on-head insanity like diversity, feminism, globohomo, entitlements, green products, New Age religion, and globalism.

  • A Chilean Activist Explains the Protests: ‘People in the Streets Are Experiencing an Awakening’

    In every diverse society, the people of first world heritage do reasonably well and those of third world or mixed heritage do less well. The latter group eventually decides that it would rather be in power, because then it can steal the wealth for a Roman Holiday before its new regime collapses. As usual, revolutions are 100% nonsense and the people behind them are all thieves and snake oil salesmen.

  • Mario Balotelli on Verona abuse: ‘Problem is that I am Italian’

    The problem is that he is not Italian, but political correctness demands that people call him by the nation where he was born, and not his ethnic origins. Not surprisingly, Italians have a problem with this, since they wish to remain Italians instead of making the unspoken assumption that something is wrong with Italians and thus they deserve to be ethnically cleansed by immigration. In the twenty-first century, if your group wants to survive, it must exclude all outsiders. Even letting in a few means that they will invite more, and soon the deluge will swamp you.

  • Turtle dove flies towards extinction as numbers halve in UK

    This radical decline since 2013 suggests that perhaps bringing in lots of immigrants and building them housing, while it has made many property developers rich, has terrible costs that we can choose to avoid by getting native citizens off the dole and into some kind of functional role, even if not a profit-producing kind. The UK would be better off if every one of its welfare recipients donned a reflective vest and went out to administer order on the streets, and its economy would grow from the stability. Instead, it bribes its citizens to be compliant and depends on a constant flow of low-cost third world labor in order to keep its government agencies like the NHS and private industries which need unskilled labor operating.

  • People puzzled by peculiar texts, and no one can say why

    Surely this has nothing to do with internet and mobile traffic being rerouted by China including recent China Telecom hijacks which resembles other interceptions which seem to have been for espionage purposes. When something like this happens across multiple services, it suggests that traffic was “lost” somewhere and then restored by a third party, possibly by accident.

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