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Periscope (November 29, 2018)

  • Unilever boss quits after botched plan to move to Netherlands

    The markets have just signaled confidence in the post-Brexit UK. As many of our readers remember, just a short while ago media voices championed the proposed Unilever move as a signal that Brexit would destroy business in the UK. As it turns out, now that the quants have gone through the data, a strong business case for remaining in the UK can be found, namely that this will encourage worldwide trade and remove the high costs of getting lumped in with all the weaklings and ideological nutcases found in the EU. This means that NATO will become strong as the EU(SSR) grows weak, which in turn tells us that central ideological government of the post-Lincoln variety is declining in importance, while the localized and agile responsive national entity based around culture and heritage is gaining in strength. At this point, the health of the nation-state itself falls into question as people revert from the ideological view of life and move instead toward customs, values, culture, language, heritage, and beliefs. Modernity has failed, and even business recognizes this.

  • Dueling employee petitions have revealed a deep divide within Google over China — And it could define Sundar Pichai’s legacy as CEO

    The era of the Indian CEO is over. Pichai has steered Google into dubious waters, and over at Microsoft, Satya Nadella has steered the company into an abyss of dysfunction without a lasting business plan. These guys were pitched as futurists, but they are increasingly looking like fall guys for dying industries. Google has one business plan, which is offering search and selling ads, but it cannot make those ads make money because people steer around them and do not trust them, or Google at this point. Microsoft sells software, with most of it going out the door on new computers, and “software as a service” has not worked out for them. The new guys have no plan, and the old guys left or were driven out because no one wanted to hear that the industry needed to accept that, like the telephone, it had become more of a utility than a dynamic profit generator.

  • Millions around the world support initiative urging Amazon to scrap goods with Soviet symbols

    The Left should see the downside of encouraging censorship. Today we remove Soviet symbols, tomorrow anything associated with violent Leftist ideas like anarchism, antifa, socialism, and diversity.

  • Cities in Illinois eye ‘exit tax’ for pricey homes

    Here is the big secret of the West: we are going out just like the Soviets, namely by taking from the productive in order to support the unproductive, and the result is going to be a massive economic heat-death which ends in collapse. In the meantime, all of our cities are broke trying to fund schools, police, benefits, and healthcare for the diversity, many of whom cannot be fired because of fear of affirmative action and civil rights lawsuits, so even if they show up two days a month they still take home their full salary and pensions. The voters are getting dethroned too because they voted for this stuff time and again and are afraid to criticize it, which makes them an unstable tyrant and not an enlightened leader. Our cities, states, and federal governments are looking for more taxes every day because we cannot afford our socialist-inspired benefits state programs and never could. The New Deal, Great Society, Civil Rights, and Obamacare programs were never something we could afford and comprise 60% of our budget. Europe is in the same mess, which is why their Hail Mary was to import a third world mass to pay the taxes to pay for the benefits from the last generation, but that policy has failed and will end up costing money instead of contributing it. Again, the voters are going to be the ones displaced, because they are the ones who approved this stuff and refused to vote out the morons who kept promising Utopia by using these methods.

  • Students at Oxford University college once attended by Margaret Thatcher votes against flying the Union Flag on the Queen’s birthday because ‘it’s a symbol of colonialism’

    When your society is dying, its people separate into two groups: denialists and realists. The denialists double down on its ideology, which is always egalitarian, and therefore supports destroying everything strong so that the weak are “equal.” This means that you must abolish your culture, heritage, values, families, customs, beliefs, and even inner knowledge and soul. All must be slaves to the god of equality, the opposite of quality.

  • High court likely to say states can’t levy excessive fines

    We keep trying to patch up a justice system blighted with egalitarianism. Civil asset forfeiture came about as a way to take assets from drug lords who might get convicted once in a thousand offenses and still be multimillionaires. What we really should be talking about: exile as a punishment. People who do antisocial and destructive things need to be sent on. That scares people, where jail is just an inconvenience and welfare program that gives them free food, shelter, and a chance to hang out with other criminals.

  • Pauline Hanson praises remote tribe for their ‘strict immigration policy’

    She is far from wrong. The old way — the “New World Order” of the neoconservatives — emphasized everyone in the world being a citizen of the same ideological government dedicated to equality. The new way says that we need to let groups break free and do their own thing because the more people we add to a committee, including those called “democracy” and “free markets,” the more we are forced toward an average instead of a drive toward being exceptional. Too many voices means too many options and not enough agreement on what is actual, real, and important. Utilitarianism — whatever the most think is best for them — has failed, and now the world is getting the heck away from it.

  • The Insect Apocalypse Is Here (non-paywall)

    No one doubts that The New York Times is Leftist propaganda, nor can we avoid seeing that climate change and environmentalism have been used as weapons by the Left. However, the original environmentalists were conservationists, and these were conservatives who saw that industry and the expanding population, especially under “never say NO to any individual” democracy, would quickly cover the Earth and eat up all of the natural species and places, replacing them with dark filthy cities like those that the North defended during the Civil War. Insects are dying out… so are many things. Humanity needs to check itself before it wrecks itself and everything else besides.

  • Suicide, at 50-year peak, pushes down US life expectancy

    No one knows why so many Americans are dying, especially in middle age, and most particularly by suicide. In the meantime, diversity has destroyed social order, taxes are so high that people cannot afford comfortable middle class lives, careers remain horrible and manipulative, our cities are ugly, people are dishonest, and daily life is an exercise in conformity. And for what? In order to support our Soviet-style ideology of equality and diversity. We are dying of that things that “we” “think” are good for us, but in fact are illusions, and chasing after illusions always leads to failure.

  • For the U.S. Economy, Storm Clouds on the Horizon

    Big Tech, auto manufacturing, home building, and agriculture are failing. During the Clinton-Obama years, we relied on the service economy myth that we could sell stuff to ourselves and by “adding value” like cute brands, novelty products, entertainment, and of course having it all work on mobile, we could somehow build an economy. We ceded manufacturing to China for many products, stopped building much of our own basic parts, and imported tens of millions of illegal aliens to do the grunt work, then threw everyone into office McCubicle jobs to do paperwork, essentially. Now somehow it turns out that the hype has died, and so all that false wealth is collapsing. This always happens with Leftist economics, and yet the voters will swear firmly that the Obama and Clinton years were the good times. We only escape this cycle by firing the voters, apparently.

  • Dallas Officer Brings Attention To Slow Response Times In Video: ‘The Citizens Of Dallas Are Greatly Imperiled’

    Is diversity expensive? The post office runs slower, the cops are late, the fire department does a half-ass job, offices are clogged with people who do nothing in particular, and yet there are lots of minorities driving newish cars around during working hours. Could it be that our great diversity project is failing us? Of course it is, because we have created politically protected groups to whom we transfer wealth at the expense of everyone else, and it is choking us out.

  • ‘The word Jew was not a common insult when I went to school…it is now.’

    A number of things happened here. First, you have imported lots of Muslims and other third world groups who hate Jews. Second, the Holocaust industry overplayed its hand, especially given the success of Jews since the war and the huge numbers of other people who died. Third, Leftist governments used the Holocaust as a weapon against nationalism and in favor of internationalism, multiculturalism, and diversity, all of which have turned out to be toxic. They are “slow death” and genocide versus the faster versions used by the Nazis. Finally, we made it politically taboo to speak the truth about diversity, egalitarianism, feminism, and the Official Holocaust Narrative, which being provided by the Soviets and American Leftists naturally is over-stated and wrong in large portions. In addition to that, countries and companies are still paying out billions for something that happened seventy years ago at a time when we are squeezed thin by taxes for diversity anyway. Oh, and the Left hates Jews for not being egalitarian enough in Palestine. The anti-Semites who scapegoat Jews for the problems created by Western individualism/Leftism are morally and realistically incorrect, but they have won this debate, because the official forces managed to make anti-Semitism exciting and interesting again.

    But it gets even more exciting. Anti-Semitism is rising across Western Europe, which thwarts our usual talking point that it is a result of poverty in Eastern Europe, and Jews are afraid to identify themselves which means that our grand vision of diversity has totally failed. In fact, Eastern Europe is working against anti-Semitism because modern nationalists realize that by strengthening national culture they automatically encourage other groups to find their own homelands, and disparaging or scapegoating them is not useful nor is it required. No one trusts divided loyalties. End diversity, solve all of these problems.

  • Payless Opened a Fake Luxury Store, ‘Palessi,’ to See How Much People Would Pay for $20 Shoes

    The consumer economy is nonsense. We made sure that proles had money by going to do-nothing jobs where nothing of importance happened, knowing that they would then spend that money on consumer products and keep the system going. Then we found that we could tax this money, dump the tax money on the underclass, and generate even more fake income. Unfortunately, it turns out that things made of lies must come crashing down, doubtless centuries after their progenitors died rich, fat, and happy. Where were the voters to stop this disaster from happening? Oh, right… they were enthusiastic advocates.

  • Japan to get first aircraft carrier since second world war amid China concerns

    It turns out that we fought on the wrong side — not saying that we should have fought on the other side, because they were wrong too — during the world wars. We fought for democracy, Communism, China, and the right of the average slob to be a slob and externalize the cost to the good people. These have all failed us. Now the world is shifting back to an order more like that which Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo would have recognized, and refuting all that Democracy, Inc. desired us to do. As with the American Civil War, the forces of individualism and equality prevailed militarily but then lost the cultural war, mainly because by focusing on the wrong problems they ensured that the real problems would emerge time and again until people got enough sick of them to reject taboo.

  • Jay-Z says panel is ‘too white’ to be fair in trademark case

    Let’s assume he’s right. That means that panels can be too black, too Asian, too Hispanic, or too non-white for white people. This means that we will have to ethnically separate. So far, so good. As has been apparent since the dawn of time, each group needs its own economy, laws, institutions, and leaders. If you wonder why nationalism is rising, it could be that people agree with Jay-Z, but extend his demands to their groups as well.

  • Trump reiterates demand: $5B for wall funding or face shutdown

    It’s time for a government shutdown. All the parasites cower in fear, and life is easier for the rest of us. The more days the government stays shut down, the more we realize that we do not need it, or at least much of it, after all. The Great Purge is coming and it will take many forms of parasite with it, but the bureaucrats are a virulent form who may be hit hardest of all. Send them all to Venezuela, burn their passports, and be thankful that we shed this lot of people who were born biologically useless and therefore became parasites.

  • N.J. college rejects on-campus Chick-fil-A over company’s LGTBQ stance

    Leftism wants equality, or everyone being accepted no matter how low their performance or how bad their acts. Civilization, on the other hand, occurs through setting standards and rewarding those who rise to them; false civilization, such as dictatorship, exists through control or by limiting methods so that everyone behaves “equally” in the “correct” way. Knowing this, Leftists are inherently unstable, and so pathologically compel the removal of any of what they call morally bad but smarter people recognize merely as their competition. When alternatives to Leftism exist, people realize that Leftism is not the 100% certain morally and pragmatically correct way to live as it claims to be, and they defect from the hive mind and go off to do something productive instead.

  • OC Southwest gate agent mocks 5-year-old girl’s name, posts boarding pass on social media

    Name your kid “Abcde” and people will make fun of you for being pretentious and stupid. The age of the snowflake is ending. We can start with all these precious white trash “unique” names that brand the parents as idiots and make the kids pariahs. Stop naming your kids Jaden, Kaydon, and Freydon, and start giving them names which fit with your historical culture. If you do not know your culture, start finding out.

  • BMW chief says considering second U.S. manufacturing plant

    When you enforce fair tariffs, it makes sense for foreign companies to make their stuff here, which also avoids the massive pollution of shipping it here. If you remove our parasitic unions and bureaucrat- and lawyer-friendly but business-toxic regulations, you will see even more of this. All of those impose costs outside the reasonable cost of doing business which make all of us pay for the benefit of very, very few.

  • Some migrant caravan members self-deporting as frustration grows in Tijuana

    Trump knows how to deal with bullies. These caravan clowns threatened to bully their way into the US because they believed that the US was afraid of “making a scene.” They even got ready to play up tear gas, knowing that it was coming. However, Trump really beat them with border closures and by making it clear that they would wait in Mexico or in tent cities for their applications to be processed, which is going to take a really long time. At this point, the formula of “do this transgressive thing and get this free stuff” broke down, and now many of the criminals and layouts recruited for the caravan are going home to resume sponging there.

  • Trump threatens to declassify Russia docs to counterpunch Dems

    Democrats are used to punching Republicans behind the civility line. They make all sorts of accusations and, in order to keep order, Republicans refuse to lash out. Trump has a simpler theory: the world is ruled by prison ethics. If someone else challenges you, you either beat him down or he will dominate you. If he has to release some documents that embarrass intelligence communities on two shores, he will do it; he would rather burn everything down than let the bad guys win, and that is the only attitude that conservatives can take in the days from here on out. Watch the Left backpedal fast on this while simultaneously getting ready to charge Trump with treason.

  • Dear liberals, don’t assume people of colour will solve all your problems

    This article is actually designed to convince Leftists that things will not change under minority-majority rule, and that “browns and blacks” will keep voting for center Leftists as was the plan when Leftists changed our immigration policy back in 1965. In reality, things will change quite a big deal, but it will not “solve” problems, only make our society into a third world ruin.

  • How Restaurants Got So Loud

    The official leftsplaining says that restaurants got loud because we switched from plush interiors to minimalist design. In reality, proles drove this change because they are louder than the upper-half-of-midddle-class audience who used to be the only ones in restaurants. Then, other cultures have different approaches to noise, as anyone who has gone to the third world can tell you. Finally, look at shrinking margins; restaurants are trying to cram in more people than ever before. Why would the Left tell you lies about this? All of these refute our diversity policy. We are not a nation, we are a rabble. This rabble makes a ton of noise. In addition, instead of being cheaper labor, they turn out to be more unreliable labor, which means that every business is passing on tons of costs to its consumers, being squeezed by both taxes and the high turnover cost of dealing with third world labor.

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