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  • Borat actor: Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter are ‘the greatest propaganda machine in history’ for hate groups

    As usual, the Left cries out as they strike you. Social media created the greatest propaganda machine in history because it made mainstream news stories seem like word-of-mouth recommendations from your “friends” online. However, it also backfired because people lost faith in democracy, a process that really began in the 1990s once we defeated Communism only to find that the last twenty years of insane bureaucracy had created a similar system here, except that you could buy more stuff. Every time humans get in groups, they converge on the same ideal of safety and universal acceptance, but this requires sabotaging the productive in order to subsidize the unproductive not just in financial but social, political, and legal ways. That in turn makes a mess of red tape and legal parasitism that drives out anyone with a brain or soul.

  • A cryptic meme splashes the usually benign rock of Snohomish

    Jeffrey Epstein died and produced an event like 9/11. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, at which point it became clear that Communism was dying and our market socialist liberal democratic human rights regime would be the last man standing, we staggered along through the vapid 1990s until a bunch of random Arabs looking like all the other Arabs wandering around here flew some planes into a couple buildings. That woke us up to the fact that our 1990s order had failed, and that diversity was a threat, but no one could articulate this because of 150 years of civil rights being the “progressive” and “daring” thing to do. You know, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? and Save the Last Dance territory: humans must demonstrate universal acceptance so that we can all be a crowd pushing for… universal acceptance. It is a mental loop, since the solution to all your problems also becomes a replacement for all of your normal healthy activities, and soon you find yourself marching in uniform as slogans repeat through loudspeakers and planes roar overhead. Plato pointed out this problem in The Republic when he noted that once you assume control, and take over from nature, you have to then fully take over control, which means that you will become a total state. The death of Jeffrey Epstein showed us that the total state was here and incompetent, since he either managed to hang himself while every level of control at the prison simultaneously failed, or was killed to quiet him. Either way, the promises of our market socialist liberal democratic human rights regime have turned out to be lies, and so there was a great loss of faith with the death of Jeffrey Epstein. It is also just a funny meme since it offends adults, who have thrown away their lives on this failing System, without them having any good reason to be offended, sort of like “It’s OK to be White.”

  • Protesters call Gandhi a ‘racist misogynist’ and call for statue to be ditched

    We might view Leftism as fundamentally a form of outrage culture. It looks for reasons to be wronged and eliminates them, which conveniently leaves only those who conform to its ideals. Like all cultures based on fear, it looks for problems rather than attempting to set up a functional society, and it justifies this outlook with the idea that when all the scapegoats are dead, Utopia will remain. Yesterday, they toppled Confederate statutes. Today, they thrown down Gandhi. Tomorrow, only statues of Communists and female transgender minority civil rights leaders will remain. Humanity is consuming itself in the quest for eliminating its fears. This process accelerates because none of our methods are working. As it turns out, equality and individualism make for an anarchic and crass society of equal parts Communism and Consumerism where everyone is important and therefore, no one is, and all must obey lest the pretense (“the Narrative”) be revealed as illusion. If not given guidance by naturally talented geniuses with an aggressive drive toward beauty and order, all human Crowds converge on this same point.

  • China aims to usurp Australian politics: ex-spy head

    How could democracy be failing? It seems to have taken over the world, and as of 1991 when the Soviets made their undramatic and tawdry exit, it is the last man standing after two centuries of wars (Napoleonic Wars, WW1, WW2) for democracy and equality worldwide. Human rights has won out over the idea of ancestral orders, traditions, or even any obligation to anything but what the individual chooses and desires. However, democracy is a very sick patient and will soon die, mostly for two reasons: first, everything that it has attempted has failed to solve the problems it intended to fix, and has left behind even worse results including negative side effects in other areas; second, elections everywhere are being manipulated by lobbyists, foreign governments, NGOs, absentee ballots, social media, and “experts” from academia and science who are just as purchased as the media talking heads. Apparently the Russians are manipulating American elections (possibly by buying Facebook ads and sending phishing emails to the DNC like last time) and China is influencing Taiwanese elections. Perhaps we have simply reached peak democracy, at which point we realize that we can no longer trust it, and we humans have yet again made a monster which has escaped our control.

  • Boris Johnson said that seeing ‘bunch of black kids’ makes alarm bells go off in his head, in old column

    People need to be honest about what they want, which is to live among people like them. For an English person, this means other ethnic English people of the same social class. Minorities are like the kids who came to your school halfway through the year, were from another place, and were salty about being outsiders. They did most of the vandalism and disruption because they hated being in a strange place under the control of people who were not “their” people, in whatever way that means. In a diverse society, minorities wage war against the majority through crime because minorities resent being in a subordinate position. The thought-trap here is that they will only be happy when they are in a dominant position, and that cannot occur under diversity, so they either need to take over and kill off everyone else — a prevailing theme in human history — or Go Back Home and rule their native lands at least as well as we are doing here (and there is much room for improvement). Diversity is a path to death, just like democracy.

  • Light pollution is key ‘bringer of insect apocalypse’

    All environmental problems boil down to humans taking over land and setting it up for human use, assuming that nature will just keep on doing its thing despite the changes that we have made. This fundamentally solipsistic view — that the world exists within us, therefore bends to our will — leads to disaster because it turns out that nature needs spaces to do its own thing, and the human vision of those spaces like parks, lawns, and little bits of forest next to industrial parks does not fulfill what it needs. Nature needs big and wide, deep and tall spaces for its ecosystems to function. That means no humans can be there. National parks? We need nature reserves totaling at least half of the land on Earth. Only this will prevent ecocide.

  • ‘Global epidemic’ of childhood inactivity

    Worldwide, children are not exercising. Could it be our modern lifestyles, or the fact that modern living is so alienating that no one trusts allowing their children out to run, play, and goof off? Or even that we are so controlling as a global culture now that we keep children like we keep cars or other gadgets, storing them in fancy rooms and polishing them when visitors arrive? Possibly we have simply created a life for ourselves that is so ugly that staying inside and playing with glowing gadgets is more fun.

  • Activists get violent during Reservists on Duty event at York University

    BDS and Antifa work together now, and were spotted chanting “Intifada, Intifada, go back to the ovens” at Jewish students at a recent event. Jews are slowly realizing that the diaspora was the first case of diversity for most nations of the world, since Jews rage-quit Palestine over the Roman occupation and were driven to all corners of the globe. Diversity means death. It seemed like a good idea to support diversity because Jews figured that they could hide in the resulting chaos and not be bothered by nationalist sentiment; they saw nationalism as a problem, and wanted to destroy it. Now they see that diversity will destroy them too and that nationalism is their only hope of survival.

  • Not a single refugee was resettled in the US last month

    Trump understands that while the economy is not everything, economics is the master science of human motivations. People come to America because it is a path of least resistance. Why stay in their broken countries when they can come here and take advantage of our already functional institutions and the free stuff that our Leftists are handing out? Trump aims to reduce the advantage to coming here while reducing the risk. By cutting various immigration programs, he has raised the cost of coming to America. By making the free stuff less available, he reduces the benefit to coming here. That makes immigration to America expensive, unstable, and of little profit. If he really wants to go down in history as a hero, he will reject any budget that does not slash our entitlements programs to zero, because only by cutting that three-quarters of our budget do we have any hope of paying down our debt and restoring real value to our currency. That will provoke a government shutdown, but those always end in favor of those who want to cut government anyway, since government workers flee into the private sector after the first thirty days. To really be free from the horrors of diversity, Americans need to stop what brings people here, which is the free stuff, policies which coincidentally are bankrupting us and causing a proliferation of useless, angry people who hate us and want to destroy us.

  • Greenhouse gas nitrous oxide emissions have ‘increased substantially’ in the past decade, study finds

    It turns out that our fertilizers, one cornerstone of our agricultural “miracle” that allowed us to defeat Malthus and expand our population, are causing an environmental holocaust. We are going to have to step back to more primitive methods of agriculture in order to survive because this problem, like all environmental problems, is larger than the proxy of “climate change.” If we do not roll back our industry and agriculture worldwide, we will soon live in a toxic climate with nothing but squirrels and crab grass.

  • Sweet spot: Norwegians cut sugar intake to lowest level in 44 years

    The Left wants to use this to argue for sugar taxes because the Left always likes taxes as a means for its wealth-redistribution programs, but the bigger point presents itself in the knowledge that reducing sugar consumption — and most likely, processed flour and other items which convert quickly to sugar — leads to better health. We cannot now deny this knowledge, since we now know that science was lying to us for decades about the health effects of sugar. Maybe we should tax “science.”

  • Centuries of Christian anti-Semitism led to Holocaust, landmark Church of England report concludes

    Everyone wants to blame the Christians, but Leftism was present in the West before Christianity in ancient Athens and Rome, and anti-Semitism arises simply because majorities recognize that minorities come there to displace them, and resent them as a result. You cannot “fix” anti-Semitism, racism, sexism, etc. They are inbuilt into humanity because they reflect hard realities of our existence determined not by our choice, but by logic. No two groups can occupy the same space without one dominating and eventually destroying the other; no two genders can be equal because then they compete and will destroy one another. Humans rage at this logic because the human ego wants to be solipsistic and in control of its reality, when really what it needs is to accept its place and thrive within it.

  • Radar finds 145 graves buried beneath King High School in Tampa

    African-Americans rage because their cemeteries were sold and schools were built on them. They claim “racism,” but really this was just common sense: when a cemetery is not maintained, it becomes unused land in the eyes of others, and they build right over it, just as they have done to hundreds of white cemeteries. African-Americans need places where they can maintain their own cemeteries, and they will only find that in Africa where they have control. Do they think the Chinese will blink twice before plowing over their current cemeteries in order to build more factories and shopping malls?

  • Police: White teen girl aimed to attack black Georgia church

    More attacking the symptom and not the cause. Diversity is our downfall, but it cannot be managed by eliminating the Other, only by reversing the civil rights and entitlements laws that create diversity. We will have to disenfranchise the voters, who seem to approve all things diversity-related, in order to fix this mess, which is ultimately going to involve repatriation of all who are not ethnic Western Europeans. Nations with a single ethnic group work; anything else fails. Do we want to succeed or fail?

  • Chinese infiltration of US labs caught science agencies off guard

    Clueless, sloppy, and bloated democracies have no defense against foes who have clearer minds. The Chinese understand their goal well: dominate the world. They will use our own institutions against us, and in fact have done so quite successfully in the worlds of science, academia, and media. They recognize that societies which choose democracy have given up on possessing a goal or purpose, and are simply shuffling around the wealth. That makes them dying businesses in need of a takeover. China thinks that a Chinese world order will be better. To some degree, they are correct; once the Chinese take over and kill off everyone else, diversity will no longer be the constant bleeding wound on society that it is now.

  • United Auto Workers president resigns amid corruption probe: source

    Unions have always been corrupt because they represent a way to have money without producing wealth. Instead of simply being more productive, workers gang up on owners to demand more money through the terrorist threat of shutting down production. Owners give in because it is cheaper than fighting, and the cost gets passed on to consumers, who then find that their salaries are not enough. Repeat ad nauseam until society exhausts itself and dies of frustration. There is no victory here.

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