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Periscope (November 2, 2018)

  • Beto Campaign Appears to Illegally Spend Funds on Supplies for Caravan Aliens

    No one will be surprised to see the Left behind this one. Having a current issue that seems like a crisis that forces their opposition to reveal how “mean” it is helps them by getting their base — neurotic cat ladies, angry minorities, and government dependents — riled up and ready to truck on down to vote en masse for whatever the talking heads on late night comedy shows tell them to.

  • Nationalism Is The Breaking Point For Some Suburban Voters

    The NYT spreading fear again: some of the good obedient wage-slave dummies who live in the fatlands of the dying empire think that nationalism is not “inclusive” enough. These are the toxic cucks who have been penetrating the GOP for years. If Trump drives these people — who alienated everyone by convincing them that conservatives are total morons — out of the Right, more people will come in who do not have these problems, solidifying the Right. However, the New York writers just want to scare the Right out of showing up to vote, because no one wants to vote for a loser, and thrill their neurotic apartment-dwelling audience into appearing in full neurosis to cause problems. Blind leading the blind.

  • The True History Of Millstone Babies

    The Fourteenth Amendment was never designed to legalize Mexicans, Chinese, and Russians who hop the border to reproduce here. Like the claim that diversity is our strength, that is merely a Leftist lie.

  • Unmarked Mailers Seek to Secretly Kneecap GOP Turnout

    Leftists working outside of campaign finance laws again, trying to depress the Republican base so we do not vote. Apparently, the Left is scared about this election. They should be: after almost a century of their policies ruling this country, everything is ruined, and their recent transformation into diversity-driven “far Left” zombies has Americans wanting out of the “fundamental transformation” of America that Barack and the Clintons dreamed up.

  • Finnish soldiers find ‘secret Russian military bases’ after raiding mysterious island

    Russia-China have been planning their invasion of Europe for a long time. As the controversial Norwegian television series Occupied indicated, Russia has planned “silk glove” invasions where it gets its forces into place, then applies economic and cyber warfare in order to convince countries that occupation is preferable to fighting. Their goal in Finland and other places is to have their legions ready to occupy crucial areas before the West can respond.

  • 49ers Cheerleader Takes Knee During National Anthem Before Raiders Game

    The Left ramps up its race-related grievances department before the elections as well. When they sense any weakness, they attack like the parasites that they are. In the meantime, more and more people — black, white, and other — are getting red-pilled to the idea that diversity does not work, it never could work, it never will work, and it does only one thing, which is destroy civilizations.

  • Spain prosecutor seeks long jail terms for Catalan pro-independence leaders

    The nation-states fear nations because they realize that once the defections start, they are not going to stop. No one wants to be dragged into tax-and-spend multiculturalism, which is all that the Left has to offer, and they know that nation-states destroy culture and therefore tend Leftward, so nations have to stay out of those. The exodus is just beginning.

  • Italy’s populist government plans to reward fertile families with state land in bid to boost birth rate

    Terrible idea: you are rewarding the act of breeding, not quality of breeding. Instead, you want to get those intelligent and useful people extra money so that they can afford five kids instead of two. One way to do this is to cut taxes to the upper half of the middle class, but that requires getting rid of your social safety net, welfare state, tax-and-spend, entitlements, etc. And so we see why they are giving out land instead: the entire government is held hostage by the reliance of its citizens on government gimmedats.

  • Police probe into anti-Semitism claims against Labour members

    Scapegoating is a Leftist trope, mainly because Leftists are pathological and driven by symbology above all else. Rightists tend to do things like design sensible policies such as ending diversity and focusing on ourselves, but Leftists resist those because they know that neurotic, criminal, and low-utility people lose out any time there is an actual goal.

  • International Influence Campaigns in the 2018 Swedish Election

    Leftists are claiming that foreign groups influenced Swedish elections through the internet, causing a swing to the far-Right. This is their way of trying to get those far-Right parties out of power despite the fact that their diversity nightmare is crashing down around them.

  • Italy’s League blocks Muslims from buying and converting chapel

    It is clear to many that we are being invaded by Mongols (Chinese) and Muslims again because, bloated and fat on democracy and consumerism, we stopped caring about anything except our ego-drama. That process began with The Enlightenment™ and continues through the Leftism of today. Those who are first to wake up are now doing their best to keep the blight away, which is difficult because Leftism has such control over speech, image, and politics that you cannot oppose diversity without being seen as an enemy of the state. We have to wonder: how many of these Leftists are funded by Muslims and Mongols?

  • Brexit’s biggest campaign donor ‘investigated by National Crime Agency over links to Russia’

    The Left thinks that if they can prove any links at all, they can invalidate the vote, which is the same thing they tried to do to Donald Trump in the USA. In reality, Leftists are the ones funded by foreign capital, and with that funding comes instructions. “The Leftist cries out as he strikes you.”

  • China state-owned company charged with stealing US tech trade secrets

    Our enemies are at the gates, yet we refuse to see them. Democracy makes people stupid.

  • Event Shut Down After Vandals Scrawl ‘Kill All Jews’ Inside Brooklyn Synagogue

    “It’s Okay To be White” is a better message. “Diversity = Genocide” or “No one is equal” might be even more effective.

  • Asia Bibi: anti-blasphemy protests spread across Pakistan

    Diversity — of any kind: religious, ethnic, cultural, racial, social class, political leanings — does not work. People want to be with people like them, first of their social class, then their political leanings, then their religion, then ethnicity, then culture, and finally, race. All of those things must match up for people to be comfortable. Non-conformists destabilize the group by casting doubt (a primal human weapon) upon what others rely on, and so any infringement of any of the above causes great discontent. Diversity is paradoxical because it denies our need for social standards as a civilization, and the need of the individual for both civilization and personal meaning derived from group shared values, goals, tokens, symbols, customs, and events. Choose diversity if you want to die, choose nationalism if you want to live.

  • Canada resort staff were fired for being white – tribunal

    Owner of a Chinese restaurant wanted Chinese faces in the restaurant, which is reasonable as long as he grants the same option to white people, namely to fire other races when we want to see white faces in a Tim Horton’s. As usual, diversity does not work. Around here, Chinese restaurants are staffed 100% with Mexicans.

  • Stacey Abrams: Raising Taxes On Georgia Families Is “Necessary”

    Minority politicians always raise taxes. Egalitarianism means making people equal, and that means wealth transfer, which means tax-and-spend policies: tax the white middle class, dump that money on the third world underclass, then claim that the increased economic activity makes your currency more valuable. It works, for about ten years, and then you have a 2008-style recession. In the meantime, people are already taxed to death in the South to pay for all of these underclass people, with more coming every day. Every state is going the path of California, as long as it has diversity.

  • Furious parents ‘pull kids out of school’ over Snapchat image of a ’30-year-old’ pupil

    Dumb suburban voters are slowly, very slowly, learning what diversity actually means in application.

  • Trump tells border troops to treat migrants’ rocks as ‘rifles’

    Trump realizes that this caravan is nothing more than a Leftist stunt, and so he is respondingly firmly but fairly to it in order to defuse the insanity that makes neurotic armchair voters so excited.

  • Obama-era CIA peeked at congressional staff emails

    If we had a functioning media, this would be front page everywhere. It’s bigger than Watergate: a president used the CIA for his own political gain. Wow. American democracy is deader than mud at this point.

  • Czech PM says he dislikes U.N. migration pact, wants to pull out

    Czechia follows Hungary, Austria, and possibly Poland in pulling out of this migration pact. Those who are closest to the Other know very well that diversity does not work and that immigration is suicide, but the wealth West wants it to pay for the benefits and welfare state it used to bribe its citizens into voting Leftist. If immigration fails, Leftism fails, and with it goes the EU and probably USA. This is why the Left is fighting so hard for diversity: they need it to pay for their larcenous programs, or rather, to pay for what those programs are going to have to spend on end-of-life for the Baby Boomers.

  • Migrants traveling to US sue Trump, government; claim violation of constitutional rights

    More drama, distraction, and deflection from the Left. These migrants do not have the money or know-how to file a suit, but their American enablers who engineered this entire media farce sure do! The lawsuit will be dropped quietly after the elections, with the Left having used a few thousand dollars in legal fees to buy a few million dollars worth of headlines.

  • Bernie Sanders: Trump ‘most racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted president in history’

    No one cares. These terms now mean both “non-Leftist” and “unrealistic,” and that is all anyone wants. Clearly Trump is none of the things that the Left says he is, but clever manipulators like Bernie know that the self-pitying morons out there want a bogeyman and are acting according to their programming. NPCs have destroyed democracy, but that’s why the Left wanted democracy in the first place: they knew they could manipulate these people.

  • CNN’s Don Lemon not backing down for saying white men are ‘biggest terror threat’

    One standard for minorities, and another for the majority. The Left always claims to be defending the underdog when reality what it is doing is destroying unity. America has chosen diversity as its hill to die upon, and clearly this is where the violence will begin.

  • 47% of Americans ‘feel like a stranger in their own country,’ cultural alienation survey finds

    Diversity means no cultural standard because you have to accept everyone. That means that although you were promised that you could keep your holidays, language, and customs, those challenge other groups and so members of those other groups will claim to be offended in order to destroy any power that your group has. Diversity makes different groups go to war with each other, and it first they do it through quasi-legal means, later criminal, and finally, political and then military. Diversity is genocide and suicide rolled into one. In the meantime, America no longer resembles what it was before the Left got ahold of it, and many people are realizing that the new version is really bad. Sort of like USSR-bad, even if the money keeps flowing, and it’s getting worse. We told you that this would happen and result in social collapse and making your civilization into a third world wasteland.

  • Andrew Gillum and the Mystery of 311 East Jennings Street

    Another corrupt minority Leftist candidate trading favors for dollars. Are we surprised? Diversity means every group for itself, so the only goal is to steal from everyone else in order to make your group more powerful.

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