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  • Patriotic millionaire: Don’t just tax the rich, tax more of them

    If we have to choose between pitchforks and taxes, or between pitchforks and living wages, the wealthy must choose taxes and living wages.

    If you are being held hostage by the pitchforks of some group you cannot criticize, you are conquered. It is time to make war against the prole; their class warfare has destroyed the West, and giving them more free stuff is just buying time, during which span our future prospects get even worse.

  • Evidence left behind after botched Pecan Park drug raid raises new questions about shootings

    In diversity paradise Houston, cops get a complaint that some neighbors are selling drugs, so they open fire on the house, break down the door, kill the homeowners, and then claim that this was all in self-defense. In reality, the homeowners had no drugs and did not fire a shot. Diversity can literally kill you.

  • Plastic pollution: Flip-flop tide engulfs ‘paradise’ island

    Nearly half the plastic manufactured since the product was developed six decades ago has been made in the past 13 years, say scientists.

    Technology spread to the third world after the 1990s and now the seven and a half billion people there are using it daily, and tossing tons of it into landfills. Western Leftists were so busy finding ways to make our society hate itself and kill itself off that they forgot to mention this, and they will bury this story as deeply as they can. Solution: recycle Leftists.

  • Austria approves ban on religious headscarves in primary schools

    While these laws are not bright, just like the American abortion laws they represent symbolic pushback, and are designed to force the courts to re-interpret existing law to clarify things like defense of national identity. With enough of them going through, the courts will back down from their Left-leaning conventions, and we can get some exceptions to the equality mania forced through the cracks and use them as wedges to split apart the edifice of conceptual lies crafted by the egalitarians.

  • Marine Le Pen makes ‘OK’ hand gesture used by white supremacists

    4chan memed into reality the idea that the “OK” hand gesture was a symbol of white supremacy and the moronic press bought it. Instead of admitting that they got trolled, they took the story at face value and continue to press it upon us. As a result, the Right uses this as an inside joke, but has to avoid doing so in public, because then the press seizes on this as a chance to call us Hitler and try to get us arrested.

  • Google tends to push stories for left-leaning readers, study shows

    No surprise. Right-wingers consume less media, especially during the day; Left-wingers are media addicts and actually believe what they are told. This makes them ideal recipients of advertising although often bad consumers. More importantly, the Right has checked out of consumerism. We are no longer buying tons of stuff, watching lots of sportsball and television, and trying to find meaning in inanimate objects and social popularity. We have exited the modern illusion; the Left remains stuck there, so all of the nu-television firms like Google and Facebook pander to them.

  • U.S. lawmakers want to tighten visas for Chinese students, researchers

    China — who most likely bought the Democratic Party sometime between the 1960s and 1990s — has been sending over students and researchers to steal technology. When Leftists were in power, or religious fanatics from the moderate Right were in power, they ignored this because it fit within their agendas. Trump and others are trying to stem the tide. Without the West to pull it up, China will be forced to face its own internal conflicts and end up right back at Tiananmen Square.

  • Inequality driving ‘deaths of despair’

    It’s hard to believe people are this stupid, but equality is like a drug that removes human sense, a cross between rohypnol, LSD, and heroin. We have “progressive” taxes because our Leftists argue that taxes hit the poor harder; no one thinks about this on the other side, namely costs. Taxes are business expenses and are passed on to the customer. This necessarily entails cuts from other areas, such as salaries, in order to keep product prices relatively low. The more you tax, the more you punish the small guy and build up the wealthier for the same reason that taxes hit the poor harder. No one seems to realize this; the cause of “widening inequality” is not capitalism but Leftist contra-capitalist reforms. In case you did not know how insane the Left are… now you do. They achieve the opposite of their goals and still find someone else to blame.

  • A decade after the recession, 40% of U.S. families still struggling

    Glad we got that minority housing paid for. As always, the cause of our recessions is our tax-and-spend class warfare agenda. Remove it, and stability returns, even though not everyone will be able to participate. Just like in school or the military, some go on to more advanced stuff while others stay behind cleaning toilets. This is life, and the sooner we stop fighting it, the happier we will all be, especially the guys cleaning toilets who will now have zero illusions.

  • Herbicide Linked to Human Liver Disease

    All of our magic “we can have our cake and eat it too” solutions from the past century turn out to be toxic, and we are now dying of pollution. Who caused this, the big evil corporations? Satanists spirit-cooking on remote tropical islands? The shadowy Eternal Jews™ in their qabalistic temples under the earth? No, actually, it was a desire to “feed the poor.” Egalitarianism is suicide, just like diversity.

  • From Managing Decline to Building the Future

    The Left has a new plan, same as the old plan: since we have made jobs bloated and granular, and overspent on taxes for entitlements, we need lots of new people to work in those make-work jobs and pay those taxes. The solution? Pick up the third world and drop them in America, but not just anywhere… send them to the Republican areas of the South and Midwest. That will shatter the Right-wing vote and allow us to write into law more entitlements, more taxes, and more immigration. It’s like heroin: after the first shot, you need more and more until one day, it suddenly destroys your life and then your heartbeat in short order.

  • Germany sees 20% rise in anti-Semitic crime in 2018, blames far right

    A crucial modern concept is “the pocket,” or the span of time between when you announce something to the public and the real story (data, consequences, effects, implementation) becomes revealed. Germany has a rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes driven by Muslims, but they realize that the full stats will not be available for another year or so, and they can dither on for another year after that by counting Muslims as “white,” and so on. In the meantime, everyone realizes that diversity is not working.

  • Google gave ‘$150,000 in free ads to anti-abortion group’

    If you look at the Big Tech firms nowadays, you will notice that the founding teams have gotten out of the business if they can. They know that the good days are over, and now these firms face the MySpace cycle, or a shrinking audience because by inviting in the general public they drove out those — generally more advanced, wealthier, smarter — people who were trying to escape the general public. That was why we went to Facebook in the first place; we could avoid the defective herd and its weird and yet uninteresting venal problems. Now that the world is using Google, Facebook, et al. these firms are pandering to the lowest common denominator who are the zombies raising on 68er Leftist education, Leftist journalism, Leftist academia, and Leftist entertainment (because to be distinctive, different, iconoclastic, unique, and memorable, you have to act against common sense which means embracing the anti-natural realm of Leftism and its hatred for parent nations, cultures, tribes, religions, sexes, families, and inner selves). Anyone who could get out has moved on to something else.

  • Revealed: Tory links to Steve Bannon’s far-right training school

    What a great idea, a finishing school for Right-wing thinkers. The only problem is that they tied it to religion; religion acts like an ideology because it tries to use universal reasoning, and as a result, it abandons native culture and becomes a quest in itself. Our victory begins when we admit that we are doing what we are doing in order to restore Western Civilization instead of claiming to do it for Christ, the poor, the economy, muh white race,™ democracy, patriotism, etc.

  • ‘Deaths of despair’ rising among middle-aged Britons, report warns

    In another fifty years, they will call these what they are, which is “diversity deaths.” When diversity comes to town, you no longer have a culture in common, but an ideology which commands you to accept all cultures. Not surprisingly, this means that behavior and daily activity have no center. You have no familiar events or people to look forward to. You retreat from the public world and live through your television and internet from your apartment, peering out the window at the chaos unfolding around you. Soon you do everything you can to avoid being part of it. At that point, your life consists of television, TV dinners, mail order, and thinking about how good things were in the past. No point in surviving.

  • Michael Oren Cuts Short a Conversation About Israel

    I think it is our incontrovertible right as Jews to live anywhere in our ancestral homeland…These are our tribal lands. The cradle of our civilization.

    Everyone should think this way about their homeland. It is not a government, or even a place. It is the union of place, people, and culture. If any ingredient is missing, you do not have a home, and you are wandering in a diaspora, a target for and resented by all.

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