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  • “The Great Replacement” by Brenton Tarrant 1 2

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  • The share of Americans not having sex has reached a record high

    We made sex and dating a minefield and now people, especially twentysomething men, are simply not participating. As with all things in the Western Decline, this one involves our best intentions leading us to democratize something, at which point the lowest common denominator rules and everyone else gets clobber. Sort of like in Communism how the most vicious end up leading and everyone else lives in cinderblock shacks and eats rotten cabbage. Or how in the Capitalist societies, we all go off to work at pointless jobs just so that we can pay taxes to fund the underclass. Everything is destroyed when humans take over with good intentions.

  • Mexico braces for new caravan of Central American migrants

    As Mexico could not fail to realize, America sends mixed messages about immigration. Half of the country is encouraging them to come, and the other half is saying to stay, but to the wannabe illegal immigrant, that means to come and roll the dice. If they had a decent chance of being arrested and dropped back over the border that night, they would stop coming, because there would be no reward. Instead, for them it is a vacation. Cross the border, get arrested, get released, go work somewhere for ten times what they could in Mexico, and all the Modelo Especial you can drink. This excites Central American Amerinds. Mexico, itself in the midst of a massive crisis brought on by third world corruption, wants out of having responsibility; this is nonsense because the migrants are traveling through Mexico, but sensible because Mexico can barely enforce existing laws and is effectively owned by cartels, corporations, and probably the spy agencies of a dozen former third world states. Some of the migrants have gotten the message because with Trump stepping up enforcement, they run a higher risk of ugliness at the border. The Left takes great delight in them coming, and does not care if some get turned away, since it costs the Left nothing. Trump, whose opposition have just proven themselves to be insane, is doing the sensible thing and threatening to slam the door which would mean that migrants would lose the money they spent on the trip and still have to get back home. A few months of that and the flow, which is absolutely massive, may slow to a trickle, at which point industry will seek other labor options, prompting a further decrease in immigration and a net outflow as the easy jobs dry up. Many on the Alt Right might be whining because Trump has been playing politics instead of building the wall — this reflects a lack of understanding of the American system of government, and democracies in general — but now he has a clear mandate to build his wall and close the border as the humanitarian, economic, and criminal crisis builds on our southern edge. If he is able to cut entitlements, we will see a different rush at the border as our new friends flee from the sudden lack of free stuff.

  • ‘Paramedic’ caught on film attacking IDF soldiers during riot

    High-IQ populations believe in rules, duties, and privileges; the rest of the world believes that if you can get away with something, you should do it if there is a chance of advantageous results. As a result, they take us to the cleaner every time because while we are worrying about making things work, they are in full parasite mode, thinking “me first” and viewing everything in their power as a means to that end. The third world is filthy, disorganized, and ineffective because of this basic corruption, which emerges from the Dunning-Kruger solipsism of populations that are enough smarter than apes to have better methods of behaving like self-destructive little animals. In Israel, the Palestinians wail every time a medic or protester gets shot, but in reality, these little guys have been initiating the violence. The same is true with blacks getting shot in American cities, Muslims getting beaten up in Germany, and lower-IQ populations in conflict with higher-IQ populations everywhere. The solution is to keep them out.

  • At rally, Trump says Russia probe backers tried to steal power illegally

    The media will wail and clutch pearls, but to anyone who is not an elite in the system, it is clear that Trump is telling the truth. This was an attempted coup. The Left wanted another eight years of Clinton-China collusion backing their plan to transform America into a Communist state — as the old saying goes, “A Communist is just a Democrat in a hurry” — and when they were denied, they figured that they would bully Trump out of office and then find some way to get rid of Pence, call for an election and saturate the people in a media blitz, causing the guilty and neurotic voters to pull the lever for the “safe” theft-as-usual candidate. We all now believe that the deep state exists, that our elites are bad people, and that democracy is routinely gamed from the inside. This will accelerate the current balkanization as Left and Right pull away from each other and view the world entirely differently. Any thought of making us all get along has gone out the window.

  • A Judge’s Ruling Against Medicaid Work Requirements Shows The Difficulty Of Scaling Back Entitlements

    Entitlements are any payments made directly or in kind (free stuff) by governments to their people. Entitlements exist because we are egalitarian, and we believe in tax-and-spend in order to achieve wealth transfer from the successful to the unsuccessful, on the theory that this way we will eliminate poverty and achieve “equality.” This is protected by civil rights law, which says that government must intervene to ensure that everyone is treated equally, and this means that if anyone loses benefits, the Leftist judges will squall and scream until the change is overthrown. We will have to repeal the Civil Rights acts and possibly the Fourteenth Amendment in order to fix this disaster, because entitlements take up at least two-thirds of our budget and are bankrupting us, in addition to not ending poverty or achieving the mythical unicorn of equality.

  • Rammstein video: German rock band causes outrage with Nazi clip

    Another taboo slowly falls. Maybe someday we will be able to talk openly about the war, such as how the push for democracy and multiculturalism basically triggered it. Maybe someday Americans will wake up and realize that we allied with the Soviet Union and dropped nuclear weapons on two cities full of civilians. It will take time, of course, because so many people make so much money from guilt and diversity. However, faith in those is falling fast, and so now this video can come out and elicit a dozen angry articles but no action.

  • Jewish Councilman May Be Removed from Immigration Committee over ‘No Palestine’ Tweet

    Jewish guy says the obvious: “Palestine does not exist.” It was a name for a Roman-occupied territory, and the people in it are ethnic Egyptians and Jordanians. This offends the third world groups who want to believe that their problems started because the first world got rich, and that somehow this was taken from the third world, and that the solution is for us to give them everything. That cretinous and parasitic thinking explains why their societies were poor long before we arrived on the scene: they reward moronic, individualistic thinking. In the meantime, Israel realizes that the “Palestinians” mean to take over the same way Mexicans in America and Muslims in Europe hope to take over, namely by showing up, taking all the welfare money, then breeding like crazy and voting out the natives. Any sane person realizes that this will simply make another third world country instead of lifting up the third world. If you want to save the third world, go in there and gas everyone who is incompetent, idiotic, or corrupt. The remaining 50,000 people could build a pretty nice country in another five or ten generations.

  • The Two Americas Have Grown Much Fiercer

    Balkanization falls upon us. The Right and Left are near to accepting that they want two entirely different types of civilization. The Left wants socialism, the Right wants the Wild West. The Right has now figured out that the Left never wanted to just get along, but having always desired total power, and that they have used guilt and shame to kick open doors and take over our institutions. As a result, people on the Right have essentially seceded within their hearts from the public life in America, and are stocking up on guns and cheating on their taxes. They do not want to feed the beast; they want it to die. Two years ago, they just wanted some changes to make government more sane. Now they want the System dead. The Left, on the other hand, wants to subjugate the Right and use them as tax cash cows before it fully enters its endgame and starts the usual Leftist activities like guillotines, mental health confinement, torture, propaganda, and gulags.

  • Only black reporters allowed in Georgia mayoral race event

    Most of the Right still take diversity and civil rights at face value, so they are sitting around grumpily complaining about how this is “the return of segregation” and “racism.” In reality, the plan was always to take from the people who had stuff and give it to people who did not because this is what egalitarians always do. There are no historical exceptions. The point of civil rights was not to be fair to white people, but to take revenge on them, and use that revenge as an excuse for taking their stuff and dominating them. This is what Leftists always do, and the Leftists of various races behind the civil rights movement knew that. They did not care, because each of them was planning to get his cut. Leftists, it turns out, are the ultimate bourgeois; they care nothing about perpetuating civilization and only want “their” share of the loot. They will say whatever they want, lie about anything, pretend to be victims, or do anything they need to in order to make this come about, and in their minds, this equality is the only good thing that humanity can do and is much better than a state of nature. This means that all the whining about how “racist” or “unfair” it is to exclude white people will fall on 100% deaf ears. Even more, moron conservatives have failed to notice that the right response to this is simply to say, “Great, and we’ll do the same” and then sue anyone into oblivion who challenges it.

  • Notre Dame students hold ‘Leggings Day’ to protest letter from mother criticizing clothing choice

    A mother at a Catholic school points out that the young women are dressing like whores. This provokes outrage. In the meantime, everyone else out here is saying, yes, people behave like whores now and we are sick of it. It is effectively vandalism against civilization. The prole hubris of insisting that something is good simply because it is the choice of the individual, and that there cannot be social standards or higher modes of behavior, has proven massively destructive despite also being massively popular. The backlash is now beginning. Soon, people are going to be known by their behavior again, but this information will come last to the proles, who will wonder why people are treating them like inferiors all of a sudden.

  • We’re Jews, We’re Not White, We Define Ourselves

    As diversity fragments, different groups are finding their own voices. This proves positive because it will further shatter diversity, and allow each group to seek its own destiny.

  • Quebec to ban public workers from wearing religious symbols

    This includes Muslim headscarves. To make diversity work, society cannot accept any one religion or culture, so soon as sorts of things will be banned. This will not deter the third world; their cultural practices are a matter of convenience and signaling, and so they will desist while loudly proclaiming themselves victims and demanding further reparations.

  • Antidepressant prescriptions in England double in a decade

    It is as if living in a diverse, egalitarian, and democratic society is good on the outside but rotten on the inside, and so everyone is depressed. Well, we did warn you.

  • NoHo school budget cuts due to high white student percentage sparks outrage

    Watch equality in action. In order to spur development at minority schools, the courts demand that schools with white populations below thirty percent get more money. This seems good on the surface, except that the minority population is huge, so now the schools with too many white kids get starved. Equality goes from “helping the unfortunate” to “penalizing the successful” very quickly, every time.

  • Black church member pleads guilty in ‘Vote Trump’ arson

    Another day, another church arson, and just like in the 1990s, these turn out to not hate crimes but usually, simply thefts and insurance fraud. As long as we have diversity, minority groups have a blank check to write on the account belonging to all white people, because we assume the media/government narrative of white racism keeping non-whites down, when really it is the behavior of members of those groups that keeps them impoverished and self-destructive.

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