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  • Migrants disembark in Malta after ship hijacking

    The aid group Sea Watch said the migrants’ actions “were in self-defence against the deadly consequences forced upon them by Europe’s inhumane border policy.”

    In defense of equality, they make the guilty innocent. A hundred migrants swarmed a boat and threatened the crew, who were unarmed and outnumbered. Aids groups (I mean, aid groups) claim that because the migrants — who voluntarily got on the boat — would be sent back to Libya, and Libya is bad, that the migrants were acting in “self defense” against the crew. Upside down world.

  • Wikipedia Editors Paid to Protect Political, Tech, and Media Figures

    Every time a conservative uses Wikipedia, I have to shake my head: don’t they know? No, they do not, as is the case with so many things. Wikipedia is managed by a small cabal of fanatical volunteers who are mostly living off disability or are students. These people are on a power trip because they decide what is or is not important and how to spin every article, so it is perfect for the type of person who would have been an internet forum moderator, someone who has a lot to compensate for in life. However, their vanity makes them easy to manipulate. Anyone who shows up, does some edits cleaning up a few posts, and agrees with them in their moderation chat can become trusted, and can then make edits as they see fit and the others will defend these. In addition, this person can offer back-channel deals like cash for edits because all of the cadre are short of money and have no problem accepting it in exchange for edits. This is why SEO consultants, political operators, and corporate stooges love Wikipedia. Why are you still using it?

  • Biden criticizes ‘white man’s culture,’ role in Hill hearing

    Joe Biden probably wonders why he never gets the top spot. He manages to find the tail end of every trend and ride it while the real winners are onto something else. He knows that white guilt and hatred of majority culture worked in the past, so why not try that? Joe does not understand much about economics or he would realize that the other candidates already offer that. They also are not white. Joe is doomed. The Left has made it clear that Kamala Harris is the frontrunner.

  • EU member states unanimously reject Israel’s sovereignty over Golan Heights, defying Trump and Netanyahu

    Much of human behavior can be explained by differentiation. If your competition takes a position, you need to take a different position. Europe bungles this by turning further to the Left. Trump has said essentially that Israel belongs to the Jews and that the US should not be supporting Palestinians as it did under Obama. Europe, determined to make itself stand out, has come down hard against this. All that does is show that Europe is sticking with the old Obama-Clinton order and not the new way that has come about in reaction to the failure of all those old 1990s policies.

  • Race and religion roiling Malaysian reform

    Diverse state encounters problems from diversity. It doubles down and ejects the majority ethnic group in favor of a mixed-ethnic and mixed-religious coalition. This group promptly begins fighting among itself, dividing the nation further. In a sane time, Malaysia would be invaded and its leadership replaced. Then again, that is probably what has happened time and again to result in its diverse condition today. Everywhere it is tried, diversity fails; it just takes some time to see it.

  • Number Of Illegals Trying To Cross U.S. Border Every Day Hits 13-Year High

    The West will have to face the fact that most of the world is starving and incompetent, and they all want to come here. A third of Africans want to emigrate to Europe and all of Central America wants to come to the USA. If we allow any of them in, we get ethnically replaced. Things have gotten so bad that the border patrol is having to catch and release illegals, which means more will come because there are no consequences for getting caught. In the meantime, Europe is discovering that assimilation does not work because instead of a first world population, it now has a first world country with many third world populations within it. The entire policy of diversity is a disaster, but the Left cannot back down, because if they do so they have to admit that people are not actually equal, and that would invalidate the core of Leftism.

  • Lithuania convicts Russians of war crimes under Soviet rule

    Lithuania is further distancing itself from Russia in a wave of nationalist tendencies. It has convicted 67 Russians of war crimes; Russia refuses to extradite them. This means that if Russia needs anything from Lithuania, the latter country has a strong reason to ignore or not comply. It also means that Lithuania can allow its citizens to do anything they want to Russians in the country, since Lithuanians will not be extradited to Russia.

  • The world now wants to move to New Zealand

    Muslims want to move to New Zealand in the wake of the terror attack. When they see Westerners donning the headscarf, Muslims interpret that the conquest of that culture is almost complete. While everyone in the West is wailing about a mere fifty dead, Muslims — who are accustomed to such body counts on a regular basis — simply see a weak place full of weak people who can be conquered and turned into an Islamic caliphate. Every other ethnic and religious group does the same; only in the West have we so drugged ourselves with democracy, equality, and diversity that we “think” otherwise. In the meantime, in a warning to their new hosts, Muslims from the mosque in question believe that the gunman was funded by Israel to the predictable outrage of Jews but not the newly anti-Israeli Western Leftists. In the meantime, Rightists question whether the attack was orchestrated by the anti-gun lobby. Almost no one seems to be pointing out the obvious: attacks like this in response to prior terror attacks, race riots, ethnic crime, and constant lawsuits are the norm of life under diversity.

  • Texas Senate kicks off fight over religious exemptions

    Natural rights versus civil rights rears its head again! Under natural rights, you can discriminate against anyone; under civil rights, you cannot exclude anyone who is from a minority group from anything. Texas wants to protect the ability of professionals to steer clear of religious crazies, LGBT activists, and others who would harm their businesses; this clashes with the civil rights notion and the human rights propaganda behind it. If you wonder why the Left discovered LGBT+ as a cause recently, the legislation designed to force acceptance should clarify that. The Leftists want to force everyone to accept LGBT+, effectively neutering the moral message of these religions. The Left, after all, dreams of a secular world in which our only loyalty is to equality. Religious people know that this is a disaster and are fighting back by firing people who do not live up to the standards of their religion. Outraged Leftists have forgotten that people at religious schools are there to teach in a religious context, including leading by example, and the people who send their children there do not want any of the sickness of the world to intrude. While anti-homosexual laws are stupid, so are pro-homosexual laws, which restrict any of us from having morality outside of Leftism.

  • U-turn over ‘segregating’ children at London housing development

    We have seen this type of situation before. A nice new housing development goes up and erects a playground for the children there. Next door, the poor kids look at it and want to use it. However, what no one will say in public is that poor kids and nice middle class kids have different standards of behavior, and the middle class wants the others to keep their dysfunctional behavior away. The public gets involved and, as usual, the loudest voices are screaming in outrage, so the housing development gives in. In six months, no one but poor kids will be using the playground; in a year, it will be ruined and almost no one will use it. This is how it goes in democracies.

  • Tory MP criticised for using antisemitic term ‘cultural Marxism’

    The Left manages to be excruciatingly predictable. The term “cultural Marxism” has nothing to do with Jews except that a number of Leftist Jews were instrumental in popularizing its techniques (just like Leftist Jews were instrumental in founding Antifa). However, the Right-wing Jews wanted nothing to do with either. Leftists want a way to stop people from thinking about how the Left has taken over culture, so they are seeking to make the term “cultural Marxism” a forbidden phrase, which means that we should use it everywhere and point out that there is no actual connection to Jews. This might frustrate the Left so much that they show up late to their BDS meetings.

  • Americans spent $48B shopping online while drunk last year, report says

    Why is everyone drunk all the time? Right, because in a dying society, there is not much to do and the pain never really goes away.

  • Italy’s Salvini Wins Big in Regional Election: ‘Now to Change Europe’

    Italy has experienced ground zero of immigration and other problems brought on by the rich Western European nations and their suicidal pursuit of egalitarian Utopia. What the Right always needs is for some of its candidates to get elected, win, and slowly fix problems so that people see the need for these Rightists to remain in power, since if they fix everything all at once, the Leftist monkeys will hop out and shout about free stuff and the moron voters will get that rush of dopamine and we will go back through the tired civilization death cycle loop again.

  • Mueller Is Done. Now Probe the Real Scandal

    The Mueller report has come out and now we know that there was no collusion with Russia. However, we do not know how our intelligence agencies got hijacked — by the “deep state,” foreign powers, NGOs, the Clintons, the Obamas, or some combination thereof — and turned into the instrument of an attempted coup by bureaucrats and journalists. Trump points to the Clinton-Obama gang and Rand Paul agrees, probably because both realize that the people who depend on the flow of free government money will resist any attempts to change that unaccountable largesse. The problem deepens when one realizes that half of America does not care about the truth because they are in victims of a media blitz for an ideology that demands the sacrifice of truth for ideology, and the real culprits are not being investigated because of a media fade-out. Few have mentioned that China bought the Clintons back in the 1990s and that if anything, China was upset that someone else might be muscling in on its territory from which it was extracting vast sums in exchange for holding some debt. We have reached end-stage democracy here.

  • ‘Plastic-eating’ bacteria found in Zambales

    Nature abhors a vacuum, and it pays attention to supplies of energy. Now that humanity has dumped plastic everywhere, nature will produce bacteria to consume it. This could take care of much of our pollution but will also disable much of our technology. If this bacteria spreads, the easy years of human living could well be over.

  • Amherst College backs down on PC ‘language guide’

    Amherst College distributes an outright Communist speech guide, but withdraws it after protest. This tells us that political correctness is no longer considered a good thing and a tool to fight racism, but a means of political control enacted by one side. Thus begins the slide toward the end for PC, if we can keep this going:

    “When the approach assumes campus-wide agreement about the meaning of terms and about social, economic, and political matters, it runs counter to the core academic values of freedom of thought and expression,” Martin said. “I was not aware that the document was being produced and I did not approve its circulation. It cuts against our efforts to foster open exchange and independent thinking. It is not a formal college document and will not be used as one.”

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