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  • Muslim Representative, Democrats Call Prayer About Jesus ‘Divisive’

    They are correct.

    Conservatives do not understand ideology and diversity. Ideology looks at the world and sees one moral right thing that everyone must do to correct the world; for believers, anything they do is justifiable so long as it can be argued that it advances that one belief. Diversity means that different groups come into a society and it modifies itself to accommodate them; since the majority is in power, it is up to them to give up things in order to make others comfortable.

    All of the ranting by obese American conservatives about “assimilation” and “meritocracy” consists of cucks redefining terms in order to make them seem acceptable. Why they want to legitimize the words of their enemies, we will never know, but the other side will nod politely and then go about doing things its way.

    When you opted for “civil rights” instead of “natural rights,” you became a diverse nation where there can be no one standard. This means that you get Muslim prayers but not Christian ones.

  • ‘Long-term security risks’ from Huawei

    The Anglo mind favors political and indirect solutions because it avoids conflict, which is necessary because when you have an unruly group of participants, the “heckler’s veto” becomes a real problem. Any controversy leads to a loss of power. Instead of agreeing with the Americans that Huawei is spying on all of us, the UK chose instead to note that Huawei has had problems making its devices secure and therefore, they should be avoided. This both avoids directly confronting the angry Chinese government raging over the collapse of its economy, and allows the UK to force Huawei to be more open about its code. Anglo cleverness is remarkable, but it also is this same cleverness that distracts them from actual issues, making their culture a confusing mess.

  • Flinders St driver Saeed Noori jailed for life over Melbourne car attack

    Noori was not charged with terrorism offences, but the court heard he had accessed material about car attacks in London and elsewhere.

    The court heard he shouted “Allahu Akbar” (“God is great” in Arabic) several times as he resisted arrest by an off-duty police officer.

    Again, the majority gives and the minorities receive. To invert that would be to admit that diversity does not work because it would force us to accept the inherent inequality between groups, at which point diversity no longer looks like a benefit.

  • U.S. judge blocks Medicaid work requirements in Kentucky, Arkansas

    U.S. District Judge James Boasberg ruled that the Department of Health and Human Services had failed to adequately consider the extent to which the Republican-led states’ plans would cause significant numbers of people to lose coverage.

    Still think civil rights law can work? If you do, you have fooled yourself. Disparate impact style thinking says that if any group ends up with less, a law is unjust, because under civil rights law, we committed ourselves to a Soviet-style all-powerful republic for the purpose of enforcing equality. More terrible thinking by the intellectually and morally lazy voters.

  • Garfield phones mystery solved after 35 years

    One lost cargo container, situated in a remote bay, has been leaking novelty Garfield phones for thirty-five years. Tens of thousands of cargo containers have been lost. At some point, humanity will have to face the horrible damage done by international shipping. To avoid that, we can simply become self-sufficient in our own nations. Diversity and globalism allowed us to outsource the grunt work to the third world, which really benefits whites who should be maids, cooks, line workers, or lawn maintenance people. Now those — not the best among us, to say the least — get to lounge around in office jobs doing nothing. We could have used our wealth for good, but instead we spread it among the monkeys of the troupe, and that has made us dependent on the third world and endless pollution. Do you understand yet how destructive equality has been?

  • Roma in France seek police protection after viral rumours spur attacks

    False rumors that gypsies were kidnapping people spread like wildfire because people hate gypsies because gypsies commit a lot of crime and contribute nothing to their host nations. People have hated them for years. No one will speak up for throwing them out because, in egalitarian societies, you just cannot do that. In the meantime, by the judgment of nature, gypsies have had centuries to prove themselves relevant, and the fact that they still engage in so much criminal activity suggests that they have been unable to do so. Regardless, they belong in their homelands in India and Pakistan, not Europe.

  • Labour Party antisemitism: Three arrested by police

    The West has given up on its idea of open discussion, which means that it has something to hide; most likely, the thing that it is hiding is how vast the decay is, especially in the genetics and behaviors of its people. No doubt what these Labour clowns were circulating was the usual stupid scapegoating that is usually found anti-Semitic material, but the fact that we are now dedicating resources to policing minds instead of enforcing standards and building toward the future shows that we are in full-fledged failure.

  • Europarl Calls For ‘Reparations’ to Fight ‘Structural Racism’ Against Africans in EU

    People of African descent are getting lower grades, so everyone else must pay. In reality, there is no reason for people of African descent to be in Europe in the first place, except that Leftists wanted them there. So: the Left imported a problem, and now blames the rest of us for their problem, and wants all of us to chip in to subsidize the continual attempts to make the problem not be a problem. The West must have lost at least one standard deviation in average IQ for this to be “normal” activity.

  • Poland Bashes Immigrants, but Quietly Takes Christian Ones

    Christianity becomes an ideology for most people because they see it as the foundation of civilization, rather than recognizing that the West was great before Christianity and will do just fine after Christianity fades away. You cannot build a civilization on religion alone, like you cannot build one on economics, race, or politics alone. Ideology is just wrong as an idea; there cannot be “one big idea” that unites a group. Life is more complex than that. Poland is screwing up by admitting foreigners even if they share the same religion, but then again, this explains the Asiatic admixture that we already see in Poland. This approach failed them before, so they will double down on it.

  • U.S. has hit ‘breaking point’ at border amid immigration surge, Customs and Border Protection commissioner says

    Leftists have essentially told illegal immigrants that if enough of them come, the Left will make sure that they can get through, and so they are all coming. This delights the Left, which wants nothing more than to erase our majority culture and replace it with the ideology of Leftism. That way, a symbolic victory is achieved… and to people who think in terms of symbolism, like Leftists, that is the only victory that matters. On the plus side, the Left has created a humanitarian disaster at the border which justifies building the wall:

    In prior eras, most of the migrants were adult men who could be easily deported to Mexico; now, many of those attempting to cross the border are asylum-seeking Central American families and, to a lesser degree, minors traveling on their own. Because those seeking asylum have a legal right to have their cases evaluated, most families are released into the United States to await hearings in clogged immigration courts, a process that can take months or years.

  • City air pollution ‘link to teen paranoia’

    Maybe we can finally start to reconsider our use of industry and the internal combustion engine. City air causes teens to experience psychotic syndromes; this probably affects more than teens, as the behavior in cities suggests. To cut back on this pollution, we need fewer people, which means death to Leftist programs like diversity and entitlements. For that reason, no one will touch the topic, because to get involved is political death. Kings, who had no such restraint, were able to avoid such problems because they refused to indulge in the pretense and fiction that people were “equal” and that having more warm bodies was “good.”

  • Senate gives final approval to legitimate-defence law

    Italy considers a self-defense law like the American “stand your ground” laws. This enables people to use lethal force against home intruders without having to, as is the case in the UK, run away instead. This is part of a worldwide shift away from universal human rights and toward allowing the good to protect themselves from the rest of the herd.

  • Austria Considers Ban on Identitarian Movement After Christchurch Killer Donation

    Fear of losing popularity destroys people. Austria’s supposedly Right-wing chancellor made a mistake by even speaking on this topic or considering it. That the NZ FPS mosque massacre shooter made a donation in 2018 to the Identitarian movement has no bearing on them, since they are a public group. Having police raid apartments and take away computers is obviously not justice but interference. With Leftist ideas, the only winning strategy is to brush them aside, and the Left is having a field day by using this massacre as an excuse to ban, censor, jail, and victimize dissidents everywhere.

  • Israel urges Poland to deny entry to British Holocaust denier David Irving

    It is funny how it did not take long for the democracy of tolerance, openness, peace, love, freedom, justice, etc. etc., to turn to the opposite. People are going to jail for possessing seventy-four pages of PDF text. Legitimate historians are being excluded from academia and blocked from visiting historical sites. Ordinary people are having their lives destroyed for having non-conformist opinions. The Left took over the 1990s; we should probably admit now that they have done nothing but wrong. In the meantime, the correct way to protect Jews has nothing to do with the Holocaust, and everything to do with ending diversity for everyone.

  • Apology for Hispanic judge told to ‘speak English’

    Learn from the Left: never apologize, never back down, and always double down. In the meantime, 20% of the population of Deer Park is Hispanic, so translating for them should never have been a priority. Lina Hidalgo looks Chinese but is Hispanic and speaks Spanish only to encourage the reconquista.

  • Rescued migrants hijack ship, demand it head toward Europe

    We could simply admit that the idea of “refugees” is a lie. These are people who use the chaos of their home nations as an excuse to get to the West for the free welfare. Now that they are officially behaving like criminals, perhaps we should take heed of that.

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