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Your day deserves a white pill edition of Periscope. Across the globe, the Left has lost control (because their policies failed) and the world is turning on them. Their response, which is to endorse censorship and thought control, is also failing. Liberal democracy, equality, and diversity are in decline. We need to keep pushing to get ourselves out of the toxic cluster of modernity — ideas based on the notion of human equality as an absolute good — so that we can move on past these failed but popular ideas and onto realistic ideas which can restore our greatness and build on it.

  • Facebook Changes Its Ad Tech to Stop Discrimination

    In the latest look into court over-reach, Facebook got sued by civil rights groups who demanded that it stop allowing advertisers to select the audience for their ads “based on characteristics like gender or race.” This concludes the arc of the two Civil Rights Acts and Fourteenth Amendment which took us from natural rights, or stopping government from intervening in your rights, to Civil Rights, in which government is the source of your rights and enforces equality of treatment on private individuals and businesses. This forcing of race-agnosticism, which moronic mainstream conservatives endorse, furthers the Leftist agenda by removing any social order at a level above the individual and creating a de facto enforced multicultural state. Sure, Facebook sucks because they are censoring conservatives, but this court case is not a good development.

  • Europeans see Germany’s global role on the rise: Pew study

    Bigger story: “Majorities or pluralities in most nations want fewer immigrants allowed into their country,” the institute said.

  • Border Patrol catches 400 illegal immigrants in five minutes

    The important part of this article concerns why they are coming: catch-and-release. They anticipate being able to get into the country and then, being released into the local community, at which point they can start participating in our economy and enjoying the benefits of not being in the third world. More importantly, however, they enjoy the differential between the value of first world money and third world money; since money in their homelands is worth less proportionate to our money, having income in US dollars is preferable. That gives them an incentive to come here, work illegally, live ten to a room, use as many free public services as possible, and shift all that money home to Mexico where it will buy ten times as much stuff. We are making peasants rich. It is the type of wealth transfer that egalitarians dream about.

    Europe deals with the same monetary immigration issue:

    The few women who do make it to Europe alive and return to Nigeria with money build mansions, buy cars or find other ways to flaunt their wealth.

    A normal year of working income, upon which no taxes are paid and from which no money is lost to pay for things that social benefits provide, taken out of Europe and stuck into Nigeria or Mexico means a sudden burst of wealth. A Mexipeasant can come to the USA, send home a lot of money, and then have bought himself a mansion or gas station to serve as a source of retirement income. As long as we allow this easy access, it will be abused.

    What they do not tell you is that immigrants cost a lot of money which is then transferred out of European and American economies:

    Using government-generated statistics, Suomen Perusta calculated that an average Iraqi migrant moving to Finland between the ages of 20 to 24 is expected to cost Finland €690,000 ($783,000).

    A Somali migrant of the same age was estimated to be even more expensive, burdening the Finnish state with €951,000 ($1.08 million).

    If child-related issues are included, the costs rise to €844,000 ($957,000) and €1,343,000 ($1.5 million) respectively.

    The second-generation of migrants who have grown up in Finland were found to have a rate of social and economic exclusion and income support 6-8 times higher than native-born Finnish young adults, despite having received basic education in Finland.

    They could not make the immigrants into native-borns because the native-borns are more talented in certain ways, including having higher IQs, which is what you expect would be responsible for one nation rising to first-world status on a globe populated mostly with third-world nations.

    Voters supported immigration on the theory advanced by Leftist politicians that with Baby Boomers retiring, more people were needed in order to keep the tax coffers full so that society could pay for the elderly, who are its most expensive group due to end of life issues.

    As it turns out, it would be cheaper to hire people at first-world wages to do things in the third world — this was the idea behind NAFTA — but that would require strong enforcement here, meaning that any who hired, rented to, sold to, or associated with illegals would be punished.

    Right now, we are paying an awful lot of money to transfer a relatively small percentage of it to the third world only because our governments have cut spending on military, infrastructure, and future investments. We are killing ourselves to subsidize others.

    Wealth transfer usually takes this form since one party has more to lose than the others. The homeless crackhead, universally tolerated out of pity, who broke into my car in Detroit got a pair of $10 sunglasses at the expense of $500 in window repairs and cleanup. Observant readers will note that this is roughly the same ratio of reward to cost for immigration.

  • Hijacker douses PACKED school bus in petrol and TORCHES it – ‘No one getting out ALIVE’

    The 47-years-old man, originally from Senegal, was immediately arrested by the police at the scene.

    No one wants to say it, but the homeless and the third world have insanity in common. In both cases, there is no reward structure for sane behavior because these societies are entirely individualistic, and so the insane can thrive while the sane pay a higher price for wanting to avoid the insanity of others. This means that, over time, traits coding for various forms of insanity predominate and you get low-IQ people with high rates of delusional criminal behavior.

  • Why Germany’s Deportation System Is Failing Everyone

    In Germany, there are two diametrically opposed camps, each of which holds the other in the absolute lowest regard. On the one side, there are people led by the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party who ominously warn of a “population exchange” ushered in by dark forces. On the other side are their ideological opposites, those who eschew xenophobia and national borders and want all government policy to follow strict moral codes.

    In other words, realists versus humanists. The realists point to the results of our actions and what those will likely be, and point to those being bad; the humanists see an absolute and universal morality of equality, and so desire to ignore results and focus on intentions. If you want to know what is eating the West, it is the philosophy of humanism, which is opposed to any order higher than the individual, including nature, logic, culture, and the divine.

  • Disney Closes $71.3 Billion Fox Deal, Creating Global Content Powerhouse

    Disney now manages the Fox brand, which can be expected to become a lot less controversial in the future. In fact, it will probably join in the bourgeois approach that Disney has taken over the last thirty years which emphasizes an “everything will be all right” outlook plus a fixation on trivial interpersonal drama as a source of meaning in life. This formula works with the wage slaves, since they just want some happy escapism so they can go back to their make-work jobs and paying high taxes and rationalize some way of thinking that they like this.

  • Brexit deadlock shows ‘democracy all but dead’ – Donald Trump Jr

    There is the accelerationism you think you want, and then there is the accelerationism that you need. People are learning that while democracy sounds great in theory, it means that people come together in a hive mind and vote for what they think others want, which naturally creates toxic elites who tell pleasant lies in order to distract, deflect, and detach from more complex realities. They call it “mob rule” for a reason; a mob has no mind, and wanders from one desire or fear to the next with zero consistency. We can blame our toxic elites all day but they were elected by the voters repeatedly, and few good men stand for election since the idiots always win.

  • Devout Catholic ‘who used wrong pronoun to describe transgender girl’ to be interviewed by police

    The Left gears up for its endgame: any philosophy other than humanism expressed by its citizens must be punished so that the rest start self-censoring and fall into line. Just as in the Soviet Union, you cannot notice the obvious, but most repeat the ideology or your life will be destroyed by propaganda (media) and government (harassment, arrest, and eventually, confinement to mental institutions and prisons).

  • Ted Koppel says Trump ‘not mistaken’ about ‘liberal media,’ rips ‘Resistance’ reporting

    As it becomes clear that Leftism has lost the battle, namely because all of its policies looked good on paper but have evidently failed in application, the defections begin. Our media exists to sell complacency and fear, restricting the latter to fear of things that disturb the former, and as a result has become a complete echo chamber. This means that we are not getting news but propaganda.

  • LGBT lessons row: More Birmingham schools stop classes

    Leftists wanted to turn the West into an ideological factory. They would import people from all over the world, destroying our native cultures in the process, and then imprint on these equal people the “correct” ideology, view of history, politics, and economic theory. These would then go out and insert Leftism into every level of society, resulting in total Leftist control so that Leftists could complete their Utopian vision of total equality under the benevolent gaze of a strong government motivated solely by ideology and not economics. This future — think Robespierre, the Soviets, and Venezuela — provides not only for a horrible quality of life but a low quality of people who will live in perpetual despair at the futility of everything. A few will rise to the top of the centralized political structure and live well, but everyone else will simply hate life, and the intelligent will die out or cease breeding. The Left now realizes that it must smash down not just our native cultures, but those of the different groups that have come in under multiculturalism, since some of those are resisting like these Muslims who are not fond of the LGBT+ propaganda being shown to elementary school children. The Left will introduce its new idea soon: meritocracy. Everyone must get an equal chance, so we must accept everyone. New dogma, same as the old dogma.

  • Hang White People: Rapper Nick Conrad fined over YouTube song

    In order to make diversity appear to work, any anti-diversity sentiment must be censored. Nick Conrad missed the memo that said that the appropriate role for white people is as tolerant tax cash cows who will gradually die out, get raped, be victimized, or simply rage quit their dying societies. They cannot be told that they are going to be hung; they must be slowly spit-roasted over the fire to feed the swelling underclass which provides our glorious egalitarian future.

  • Jury: Roundup weed killer is major factor in man’s cancer

    Modern agriculture relies on fertilizers, weed-killers, pesticides, and GMO crops to produce the massive yields that it does. Its most powerful weed-killer is about to go off the market. When two juries decide to hand over massive awards to plaintiffs in the belief that an agent causes cancer and the World Health Organization categorizes that agent as a carcinogen, people stop using it because anyone using it will face massive future liabilities. As a result, the 160 countries that use this will stop using it, and modern agriculture will be able to feed fewer people at the same time that supplies of fresh water and wild-caught protein will decrease. The stage is set for the future disaster: China facing economic collapse with Europe to follow, worldwide food and water riots, and the ever-increasing clash of civilizations. Modern society decided that if it was going to burn, it had better pile up lots of kindling so that the pain is brief and catastrophic.

  • Exclusive: Germany to create fund to foil foreign takeovers after China moves

    Europe has slowly figured out that China has been cooking the books for a long time and, on the basis of that presumed wealth, using the funny money to buy up things of actual value in the rest of the world. Not surprisingly, Big Tech has been doing the same thing. Smart businessmen do this when they perceive that their business model does not actually work, which means that at some point it will crash, which in turn suggests that if they want to survive, they need assets in more stable areas. Germany wants to avoid going down with China, but has not addressed the fact that most of its growth consists of selling stuff to China and nations dependent on its economy, so that when China goes, Europe will flip over like the next domino.

  • Christchurch shootings: Jacinda Ardern calls for global anti-racism fight

    Call her the white Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or maybe one of a class of politicians with might call “Clintons.” These people pay more attention to the news than principle, and whenever something is trendy, they act quickly on it in a way that enhances their own power. Bill Clinton was famous for his Excel spreadsheets of recent polls that told him what made the voters scream or coo, and whenever a controversy arose, he quickly took the popular position in vague terms and then later refined those in ways that enhanced his power. The media reported his initial position on the front page, and filed away the details in later stories on the back pages, and the voters never noticed. Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Justin Trudeau, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, and now Jacinda Ardern are all Clintons. They do what is popular and push consistency, principles, results, and future implications to the background. This benefits their party because it takes a decade or so for the disastrous consequences of these trend-based policies to be seen, at which point the other party is in power and can be blamed. This shows why democratic systems reward bad policies. Ardern will not let a good crisis go to waste, so she is trying to energize the base of crazy Leftists worldwide with calls for censorship and repression:

    She said there was a responsibility “to weed it out where it exists and make sure that we never create an environment where it can flourish”.

    All of this serves to deflect from the obvious truth, which is that diversity creates racism and genocide wherever it is tried, and so this Leftist policy has brought about the conditions for the NZ FPS mosque massacre just as it created the Holocaust and the LA Riots. Diversity does not work. Expect more massacres until humanity sluggishly wakes up to the fact that diversity is bad policy and the only way to fix it is reparations-with-repatriation for all who are not of the founding ethnic group of a society, which in New Zealand is the British. Everyone else must Go Back Home. That clashes with the twentieth century narrative of equality for all, but it is what we must do in order to survive.

  • Christchurch mosque shootings: Philip Neville Arps in custody for allegedly sharing footage of shooting

    If you doubt what the future under Leftism will be like, get a load of this guy having his life ruined by an arrest and media shaming for having shared a seventeen minute video on the internet. If that video is so dangerous, we should ask why. Does it make people wake up to the failure of Leftism? Obviously, or it would not be banned and those who share it persecuted. Perhaps the only revolutionary act left for us is to share this video as early and often as possible.

  • Lord Ahmed of Rotherham in court on child sex abuse charges

    Diversity does not work. Each group competes with all others for dominance because there can be only one winner and everyone else will be repressed. Rape, assault, theft, vandalism, and organized violence are all weapons in this war.

  • The contribution of cannabis use to variation in the incidence of psychotic disorder across Europe

    Daily cannabis use “was associated with increased odds of psychotic disorder” across Europe. This is good news, because it points out that there are too many cases for this simply to be the result of schizophrenics choosing to self-medicate with weed. As with all things in the Leftist agenda, making smoking weed a normal part of adolescent life has been destructive.

  • Houston plant fire intensifies on Day 3 after loss of water pressure

    The most diverse place in America bursts into flame just days after its affirmative action mayor announced plans to lay off 400 firefighters in order to save money that goes into his budget of diversity programs and pensions for minority government workers.

  • The World’s Richest Countries Are Full of Anxious, Alienated People

    Reading between the lines, you can see the anatomy of addiction here. People in wealthy countries spend 20% of their economic output on social programs, yet still have fear, not only of being left behind but of the instability of the system. Nonetheless, they want more of the same. In other words, the same programs that have made the first world miserable are popular with voters. This means that the Right must finally tackle this beast in its lair because unhappy people do not reproduce at replacement rates, and dumping money on the underclass will only accelerate that process.

  • Iranian minister says bigotry led to attack

    Our enemies, who want us to be weakened and then destroyed, agree with the left that it was bigotry and not diversity that caused the NZ FPS mosque massacre.

  • German military commissioner, US ambassador alarmed by budgetary restraints

    Merkel did it again: German military spending will fall far short of the 2% of GDP which is required for NATO to be whole. Instead, they will spend that money on diversity programs and immigration, which fits a Leftist agenda despite making their nation and region weak.

  • Study: Ending All Legal Immigration for 40 Years Maintains U.S. Workforce

    Under the influence of wealthy donors, America has insisted on open immigration since the 1960s, seemingly in ignorance of the law of supply and demand which tells us that this will reduce the value of every worker because there is now an oversupply of workers. Add to that sending women into the workforce, and you have a situation where people are earning half of what they need. Finally, now, cracks in this illusion have manifested. Imagine what we could do if we sent everybody back, put women back in the home, and started rewarding people for competence instead of memorizing propaganda, applying known processes, and ingratiating themselves to coworkers and superiors.

  • There’s Rampant Academic Fraud

    People love stories about badly-behaved rich people. These stories allow the rest of the people, who are not rich and envy and resent the rich, to think that the rich are bad people and that the fact that the rest of us are not rich arises from the behavior of the rich, and not our own behavior. In reality, most people are lazy slobs who can barely do their jobs competently on a good day, not even mentioning hangover days like Monday and Friday and all the interruptions their constant interpersonal crises and drama create. The real story, as mentioned in this opinion piece, is that grade inflation driven by affirmative action and dumbing-down to accommodate the under-120s (IQ) people now going to college because the politicians thought it would “end poverty,” has ruined American education. You might as well bribe your kid into Harvard because the people there, despite having high SATs and coming from poor diverse backgrounds, are morons who cannot think.

  • Surprising DNA found in ancient people from southern Europe

    When we say that history is written in war and genocide, this is true, much like in nature the survival of species is written in blood and predation. Sometime ago, bronze-equipped people from the steppes invaded Southern Europe and killed off or displaced all the men, changing those populations forever. This is what the third-world invaders from Africa, Asia, and the middle east hope to do to Europe in the future.

  • Pesticides in food: Strawberries, spinach, kale have the most residue, a new report finds

    Ninety percent of certain vegetables have residue from two or more pesticides. These were washed at the production site, and possibly at the grocery store as well, so this means that hosing them off at home will not save you. Modern agriculture may well be poisoning you over time, since these pesticides tend to accumulate in fatty tissues. Even if you go to the gym every day like the people on television shows do, you will still have fatty tissues, including the brain, where all these exciting artificial chemicals can congregate. Maybe in the future we will find that those accumulations cause Alzheimer’s or cancer, but by that point, the people who made fortunes off of using them will be long gone.

  • Alarm over leaked US database targeting journalists and immigration activists

    These “journalists” are not journalists; they are activists working for Leftist propaganda outlets. This activism is funded by NGOs who pretend to be humanitarian, but really work toward the sole purpose of swelling voter rolls with genetically third world people who always vote Leftist. All of the news is fake, all of the NGOs are fake, and the way we approach this is all wrong. If they are Left-leaning, they work together in a hive mind, much as the theory of Crowdism predicts.

  • Italy’s Embrace of China’s ‘Belt and Road’ Is a Snub to Washington

    The USA basically lives in a mental fog comprised of its WW2-era propaganda. We insist on universal human rights everywhere, and this agenda consists of not only illogical and unrealistic things, but outright destructive ones that offend the same national cultures that humanism seeks to destroy in the name of equality (the opposite of quality). As a result, people are turning away from the American dream and seeking allies elsewhere because at least that way they are safe from American cruise missiles if they decide to reject LGBT+ normalization, mass immigration, the benefits state, and other Leftist ideas that Americans have made into canon.

  • Dutch government likely to lose Senate amid populist surge

    Populist parties experience strong showings across Europe because of three factors. First, Leftist policies have failed to deliver what they have promised; second, they have delivered horrors instead, including dystopian urban decline and people refusing to breed at replacement rates; third, the Leftist politicians show zero inclination to even acknowledge any criticism of their agenda and narrative and instead, have doubled down on repression. As a result, this timely election — three days after a Muslim terrorist event — promises to bring about an upset to the existing order.

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