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  • Rotherham grooming gang: The child rape brothers given £500k in legal aid

    As usual, a democratic system is more interested in protecting the bad, whom it can “lift up,” than defending the good, who are the people it hopes to take from in order to subsidize the bad. It does this so that the distinctions between good and bad, successful and unsuccessful, realistic and insane, are all erased. That way, we can finally be equal!

  • The biggest bull market ever — yet disaster looms for millions of retirees

    The top 10% of people own 84% of stocks. The voters have trouble figuring this out, but when you raise taxes, the people who are in the middle but above the average are the ones who get crucified. You take everything they have and give it to the really poor, who promptly waste every last cent, and this leaves the middle class cutting what it really needs to invest in. Between property taxes, income taxes, and healthcare, we bankrupted a once-thriving nation, all to pay for… what? People who seem to want to conquer us, hate us, or at least, to erase everything we knew and replace it with the jumbled motley of modernity. Good job, democracy. Good job, voters. You are so incompetent than you should not only be disenfranchised, but probably executed. Oh wait! You did that to yourselves. How does it feel to be so stupid? Now pick my turnips.

  • New German defence chief pledges to speed up race to Nato 2pc spending target

    After much whining, bickering, and squabbling, German democracy finally has a convulsive jerk and becomes semi-functional for a few moments, which led to it approving of the budget changes that Trump demanded. Perhaps after all the posturing and Merkelisms, Europe will simply accept that it has been free riding on American military might and this has caused it to become grotesque and indulgent in its social welfare systems, which are now collapsing as it becomes clear that they cannot be afforded.

  • CBP: Over 1,000 African migrants arrested near Mexican border

    Trump said there was a border crisis. “Oh, no, there’s no border crisis,” said the supposedly mature and sensible people. The media agreed. Academia agreed: no crisis. Then, the crisis revealed itself, and now they are trying to blame it on “mistreatment” by the party in power. It is always easier to blame the party in power. In the end, Trump keeps winning as the Left refuses to acknowledge the obvious, which worked in the past when the obvious was more obscure, but now fails as a strategy because the obvious is evident to even the slower people among us (voters).

  • Hindsight Is 20/20: 4 Out Of 10 Adults Regret Their Life Choices

    Apparently people wish they had worked less and spent more time with their families. They cannot do that, because they need to work more in order to generate more money in order to pay for the diversity that is coming to replace us, since we are so miserable working too much that we have committed suicide. Make sense? No, of course not. Democracy is a circle of people, each pointing to someone else and saying, “It’s his fault!”

  • Wealthy New Yorkers are ditching city’s high taxes for Miami

    The perpetual comedy of humanity continues. When at the cocktail party, the correct thing to say is whatever makes people think you are compassionate, fearless, and innovative, which means that you must deny reality hardcore and then propose instead free stuff for everyone. Those two prongs make up most of Leftism. After the cocktail party, everyone goes out and votes, especially on the basis of your statements. Then a few years later, the bill comes due. It turns out that voting based on appearance and self-image is not such a good plan because the world is a greedy place, and now there are millions of mouths to feed. What is the winning strategy? Blame someone else, and move to a low-tax area. Then all the people who are not as smart as you are can sit around paying the bills, while you live the life of luxury, all the while giving the finger to the rest of your species because really, you hate them. You hate them for sending you to jail-like schools, for raising you in divorced households, for making you attend boring and compulsory work of no importance, and for ruining everything they touch. You want nothing more than to be able to, with your last breath, press that red button that starts a global nuclear holocaust and eliminates humanity. You hate your species.

  • Breaking up is harder to do in Denmark after divorce law changes

    Civilization is dying of freedom. When you give people freedom, they see that there is always some option other than the sensible, and they are willing to take it, just like they are willing to day drink on a Tuesday or eat a whole box of donuts. If you allow divorce, people simply throw up their hands when the relationship gets hard and say, “I want muh freedom!” and flee. In reality, the hard work of a relationship is a necessary part of the process and the only way to get the benefits of that relationship. You make it work; it is work. It is humbling. It can also be infuriating. Sometimes it is gratifying, when you are finally heard and understood. If you bail out, you never get that maturation process. Denmark has realized that human whims are evil because they always favor the path of least resistance, where willpower is cultivated by placing hard limits in place and making people think very carefully about their decisions. We have destroyed our society within just a few generations through divorce, welfare, diversity, drugs, and misery. Slowly, the movement to rebuild begins.

  • Animal rights activists designated ‘domestic terrorists’ in Australia

    Leftists took over your society because there were no penalties for bad behavior. Dueling and Wild West gunplay had become illegal, and the state subsidized huge groups like students and the poor, so soon this created a situation where Leftists went around being badly-behaved and no one could do anything, so the Leftists won. Every time. Now the pushback begins, too late as usual for democracy which screws up everything it touches, where people want the ability to declare certain Leftists as terrorist groups so that they can exclude them from areas where they tend to go to be badly-behaved. A more sensible and naturalistic view is simply to arrest these people for their behavior and deport them because they are useless to us and would be happier in the third world.

  • Iceland tops Europe as most expensive

    Just a few months ago, the proles were jauntily dancing, provocative in their jubilation. “Iceland threw out the banksters!” they exclaimed in glee. “Be like Iceland!”

    Regulation also plays a part and imported products based on things like raw eggs or unpasteurised milk face significant customs barriers.

    The problem was never “the banksters.” It was always government. Government takes from the productive to give to the unproductive, and those costs are passed on, so the consumers pay twice: first in taxes, and second in paying the taxes of others through higher costs of everything from raw eggs to housing. And yet, the internet was seduced by talk of throwing out the banksters. How simple — and as a result, wrong, in a complex world — people are.

  • At least 45 injured as rod-wielding mob dressed in white rampages through Yuen Long MTR station, beating screaming protesters

    Gosh, Leftists allied with organized crime yet again.

  • Israeli crews demolish Palestinian homes in east Jerusalem

    Of what use are Palestinians? They are perpetual victims who seem to spend all of their spare money on waging ineffectual jihad rather than creating a functional society. The honest thing to do would be to relocate them to somewhere where there are people who are ethnically similar to them. Democracy will not do that, so it will commit suicide instead. Jihad will continue until finally there are enough Palestinians to simply seize the vote and brutalize Jewish interests until all of the Jews die out. If the Jewish people wake up to how democracy is killing them, they will swing to dictatorship, which will do something unwise like gas the Palestinians and burn their corpses in modified pizza ovens. No one will do the sane thing because somehow, we are in a time where everyone is mentally drugged by insanity.

  • The Snakes That Ate Florida

    It turns out that invasive species are a terrible idea. They have fewer requirements, being less specialized, so are more efficient than the natives and quickly replace them. Then, something comes along that shows us why the natives specialized, like famine or disease. At that point, there are no animals left except the invasive ones, and they die out, leaving behind a less capable population of no real ability. Humanity will go out the same way.

  • Business Owners Upset Over Increase of Shoplifters Due to Prop. 47

    How do you keep law and order in an increasingly fragmented and dysfunctional society? You change what the laws mean. You go to the voters and show them the crying face of a child behind bars and say, “See, our laws are too strict.” Proposition 47 declared all thefts under $950 to be misdemeanors, which means that shoplifters face a ticket at maximum, if the cops even bother to go there for such a minor crime! In effect, this legalizes shoplifting, and now business pays, which means the costs raise for customers across the board. In six months, the voters will be standing around wide-eyed wondering why everything costs so much. Surely it could not be a decision that they made — no, surely not.

  • Right-wing extremism is a growing worry in Germany after series of attacks

    We did not fix the cause of the problem — class warfare — during the Revolutions. It lived on. We did not fix it in WW1; the wrong side won. There probably was not a “right” side, because everyone was fighting for varieties of democracy, equality, and other French Revolution nonsense. We did not fix the situation in WW2; at that point, there were no “good” sides. The Americans fought for money, the British for power, the French for revenge, the Germans for principle and rage. None of these are sensible policy. Democracy seemed to have selected a crop of morons like Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt who were hell-bent on making terrible choices, and against them it pitted an artist who did the artistic thing and made a canvas filled with blood, ash, and ruined promises. How can anyone feel good about inheriting a world with this much stupidity?

  • Anti-extremism software to be used to tackle vaccine disinformation

    We have now made ourselves into a censorship state because some people oppose vaccines. Free association could solve this. The anti-vaxxers would hang out together, and we would see if they were right about the disadvantages of vaccines. In the meantime, the real story is that people do not trust medicine or science because they no longer trust the official narrative on anything, mainly because the official narrative made promises that did not come to pass. Instead of addressing that root cause, we will simply censor them, confirming their views.

  • Germany’s India envoy visits ‘Nazi-inspired’ Hindu group

    As the Right rises, people are no longer shying away from the extremists. In particular, Hitler has been (wrongly) resurrected because he was right about diversity and, as Jewish groups insist on continuing to defend open borders, the Right and the Left are becoming massively suspicious of dual loyalties. When they understand that this is the condition of all minority groups, then we might have something of hope to look forward to. In the meantime, look for more of a worldwide drift to the Right:

    “The RSS has never made any secret of its love for Adolf Hitler. Both its first Sarsanghchalak [head], MS Golwalkar, and one of the organization’s heroes, VD Savarkar, were admirers of Hitler, mainly for his ‘cultural nationalism’ and his persecution of the Jews,” said Sidharth Bhatia, the Mumbai-based founding editor of The Wire news portal.

    The RSS is a Hindu umbrella group which is the ideological inspiration for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rightwing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

    RSS, which presents itself as a cultural organization, advocates a Hindu nationalistic agenda under the banner of “Hindutva” or “Hinduness.”

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