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Left Exhibits The Loaded Question Fallacy On Race

When analyzed, Leftism resembles less of a political philosophy than a series of fallacies that cause people to accept a political philosophy that they do not understand or intuit is not realistic.

For example, Leftists use argument to upload their assumptions into our minds as truths, even if their arguments fail.

We might even say that political correctness, following the early censorship of the French Revolution, is of a similar nature, since it requires us to stop using non-Leftist language on the assumption that it leads to bad things, leaving us with only Leftist Newspeak.

Another tasty logical fallacy of the Left comes to us from the Loaded Question, which we see often in debates such as those raging now:

A “loaded question”, like a loaded gun, is a dangerous thing. A loaded question is a question with a false or questionable presupposition, and it is “loaded” with that presumption. The question “Have you stopped beating your wife?” presupposes that you have beaten your wife prior to its asking, as well as that you have a wife. If you are unmarried, or have never beaten your wife, then the question is loaded.

Since this example is a yes/no question, there are only the following two direct answers:

  1. “Yes, I have stopped beating my wife”, which entails “I was beating my wife.”
  2. “No, I haven’t stopped beating my wife”, which entails “I am still beating my wife.”

Thus, either direct answer entails that you have beaten your wife, which is, therefore, a presupposition of the question.

Consider this question, “Have you stopped being racist yet?”

However, this is what people of European descent (POEDs) worldwide are asked implicitly by the pro-diversity propaganda around us. We are assumed to be racist, racism is assumed to be bad, and therefore — it is assumed — we are either working to end racism, or the worst people ever.

In reality, racism never entered the frame for most Europeans. They were busy with their communities, families, friends, businesses, and careers. They accepted that we could have additional Chinatowns among us, and avoided doing anything “racist” like joining the Klan.

However, the point of diversity was always intended to be as a weapon. The Left exists for class warfare, and so their real goal is to erase all hierarchy and thus remove standards, customs, beliefs, values, heritage/genetics, and behaviors. That way, all are accepted.

As one sadly deluded person put it, we are not equal until the worst among us are accepted and normalized:

Next to the Sermon on the Mount, the words Vonnegut quotes most often in his work were spoken by his fellow Hoosier, Eugene V. Debs, while running for president on the Socialist Party ticket: “While there is a lower class I am in it. While there is a criminal element I am of it. While there is a soul in prison I am not free.” In Timequake, Vonnegut called those words “a moving echo of the Sermon on the Mount.” He quoted them again as an epigraph to his novel Hocus Pocus, which he dedicated to the memory of Debs, “a Socialist and a Pacifist and a labor organizer.”

With diversity, there can be no national culture because it will clash with those of minority groups. Instead we get an anti-culture based on permissiveness, sometimes called “tolerance,” and agreeing to disagree or pluralism, sometimes recognized as a total lack of unity and direction.

The goal of diversity is to erase the distinction between social classes, criminal or law-abiding, prison and daily life. The Left would have us all be accepted as equals so that no individualist can be left out, no matter what their opinions and behavior are.

True to its origins, Leftism serves as the argument for overthrowing the naturally competent and replacing them with the rule of the masses, who choose champions who tell them what they want to hear is true as some form of actual truth, especially when it is not.

Conservatism has many problems, starting with the glitch that most conservatives are mostly Leftist, but Leftism represents a descent into human insanity. No one wants to say “no” and oppose that which sounds like, in a social context, some kind of pro-human activity.

When we see through these logical fallacies, Leftism is laid bare for what it is: an attempt by the incompetents to seize power from the competent. Not surprisingly, the past couple centuries have shown us accelerating incompetence until we finally arrived at Clown World sometime in 2008.

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